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When you are preparing for the arrival of a new baby there is lots you need to think of. Of course you want a beautiful nursery, a pile of gorgeous little clothes, a nice and practical pram and not to forget a stylish nappy bag to take with you wherever you go. But what makes the ideal nappy bag? Everyone is different which is why Australian label gr8x has designed a large range of baby bags so that every mum can find the right bag to fit her style and needs. Today we are taking a closer look at the gr8x Madison Hobo Bag.

The Madison Hobo baby bag is made of soft PU leather and is available in black or taupe. This bag is a decent size, not too big and not too small. The two zipped front pockets with stitch detail are perfect for your car keys, a dummy, lip balm and anything else you want to keep within reach. Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap your bag will always be at the right length/height for your shape whilst the protective feet on the base will keep your bag clean and neat, away from the dirty floor.

Because gr8x knows mums like everything to match the Madion Hobo comes complete with an insulated bottle bag and padded change mat with matching black or orange accents, depending on the bag colour of your choice. They also know that mums dislike having to adjust the shoulder strap every time they want to hang their bag on the stroller or pram, so they have included two super handy stroller straps too. It is as simple as clicking them onto each end of your bag, easy and convenient for busy mums on the go.

On the inside the Madison Hobo offers plenty of room for all your personal belongings and if you keep your phone, wallet and spare change safe and neatly stored in the handy mobile phone pouch and zipped coin pocket you’ll never have to dig around when you need them. With your stuff tucked away on the sides there is lots of room left for all the things you need for a day out with baby.

To find out more about gr8x, to take a closer look at the Madison Hobo and to order your favourite go to www.gr8x.net or visit a retailer near you.

For your chance to win a Madison Hobo Bag (RRP $169.95) in your choice of colour (subject to availability) visit www.gr8x.net and answer the following question: What are the main features you look for when selecting a nappy bag?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends May 17, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. I’d pick the black – I love this style its awesome!

  2. I make sure there is plenty of room, a cooling section for the bottles, a change mat and plenty of pockets for bits and pieces

  3. The main features I look for in a nappy bag are that it has a place for everything and looks stylish (Just like Gr8x nappy bags!)

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  11. I like to knoew that I have lots of storage compartments and zips. Also functionality and size is important.

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  17. It needs to be a good size with some sections and maybe a place for bottles etc

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  21. I am always losing things (my phone, keys, etc) so I look for lots of little zipped compartments to keep my things organised. A change mat is an added bonus for a mum who is alway son the go!

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  23. I look for plenty of room and pockets for all the bits and pieces that mums carry.

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  26. A protected bottle space, not just an outside pocket and zippered pockets for wipes and wallets that are easily accessed and most of all a bag that screams style…, NOT hasn’t slept and gave up on my looks.

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  29. Love Outlet shop for kids Milky Skinny Leg Jeans with the elastic waist. My boy is tall and skinny and most pants don’t fit lengthwise.

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  31. How gorgeous is Little Obsessions Seedling The Little Fairy Peg Doll Kit

  32. Shop for Tots have some cute little Tug Boats that my little men would love

  33. Love the Organic Cotton Dandelion Little House Sorter at Gummi Babies.

  34. Compartments!! I like a nappy bag with special places and spaces for every little thing we need to bring along to make life happier for all of us.

  35. It has to look good, fashionable and gorgeous & not at all Mumsy or frumpy. It has to suit my style. All the other features I can deal with!!

  36. It has to be dark to cover up all the baby stains!

  37. Style, colour & functionality

  38. Good Size, functionality, quality, colour & great style.

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  42. Has to have lots of room, separate compartments and has to look good too!

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  44. I need loads of pockets and space. Easy to clean. If it looks great too – bonus.

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  48. definately space for storage, ease of use, and size!!!! are all important features for me

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  52. sustainababy – Bluebelle New York Knee High Socks – Navy Spot

  53. shop for tots – Little Red Riding Hood doll

  54. little obsessions – Seedling Build your own Erupting Volcano kit

  55. outlet shop for kids – Mud Pie Polka Dot Princess Tea Set

  56. Look for good sizeable compartments for bubs and other pockets to fit my things

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  60. My ultimate nappy bag has to big enough to accommodate everything that I need to bring along plus more. I can hang it from the pram/stroller or over/across my shoulder leaving my hands free for baby and me.

  61. I look for style, one that doesn’t exactly look like a nappy bag.
    It has to have a big zip so no losing babies things when bending over.
    Side pockets for easy access bottles.

  62. Main feature has to be that it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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  67. I look for easy to reach, easy to open pockets. Often trying to open/grab things with one hand means the easier the better

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  69. This one looks good enough to do combat with in shopping malls. Thankyou.

  70. The most important thing in a great nappy bag is the organisation of the pockets. You need to be able to reach want you want with one hand. 🙂 I also needs to be gorgeous!

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  72. liked on facebook, i,d pick black and i look for awesome storage space and style in a napy bag

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  75. Lots of storage and very stylish!

  76. I require a comfy strap, some zip pockets, easy clean, stylish look and value for money.

  77. Handy storage compartments, an insulated bottle pocket and a wipe-clean change mat are GR8 features to have.

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  79. the look, it has to look modern but also able to hold a lot of items and have great compartments.

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  82. sponsor 1 — love the “Magic Happens Original Canvas Art – Reach for the Moon” @ budburstkids

  83. Sponsor 2 — Loving the “Babushka Doll Chalkboard” @ Bright Star Kids

  84. Sponsor 3 — Really like the “30 Image Mini Gallery” at Art Eater

  85. Sponsor 4 — Love the “Doorway Theatre by Fiesta Crafts” @ Bright Button Toys

  86. Looks trendy and handy

  87. I like a stylish looking nappy bag with lots of pockets/sections (internal and external) so I can access my babies essentials as quick as possible. There is nothing worse than having a crying infant and not being able to find nappies, wipes or their favourite toy as your bag is a big mess – I am sure the gr8x diaper bags would solve this problem!

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  93. Portability, plenty of pockets, and outside ‘looks like a handbag’ stylishness!!

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  95. Lots of room for wipes and nappies,
    To keep those little bottoms happy,
    Well disguised as a stylish tote…
    The Madison Hobo gets my vote!

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  96. i like to have lots of pockets to put things. a handy pocket that is easy to get to for keys and phone. pockets large enough for a couple of cloth nappies and a separate area for some snacks and a drink bottle.

  97. Lots and lots of pockets, then I can be organised and know where everything is

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  103. A place to keep bottles is most important to me

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  106. visited Havoc denim and adore the Girls Maceio Crop Hooded jacket

  107. visited avidiva and promptly fell in love with the kicky pants bamboo dress

  108. visited Budburst kids and think the AbbeyJ itty bitty non slip hair clip is a terrific idea

  109. visited little obsessions and love and want the Sparkle T candy House

  110. I choose a nappy bag based on size and compartments

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  112. I look for plenty of compartments for babys needs, plenty of room of other bits and pieces i need with a toddler in tow.
    It has to look Stlyish too.
    A bag that can be used many years later would be an added bonus

  113. Room for my things as well as bubs, its got to look nice and be easy to carry too.

  114. A stylish bag with different compartments for all of my essential bits and pieces.

  115. I love the Faux Fur Vest – Humble Bumble from Nelly Jean

  116. I love the Ulubulu – Mute Button on Glitter Purple Silicone pacifier on Little Yoyo Styles

  117. I love the Little Tee-Tee – Arielle Dress from Bubzyboo

  118. I love the Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama

  119. A bag that not only holds everything needed for a baby/toddler but is stylish, comfy and big enough to hold all the essentials, nappies,wipes, bottle compartment, nappy change mat, lots of zipped pockets big (food, drinks, books, toys) and small (phone, keys, wallet) but is also durable, fashionable for years to come and wont be outdated quickly, easy to keep clean, outside storage compartments.

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  121. I look for plenty of room but not so big and bulky it is hard to carry, and lots of pockets for little things

  122. I look for a bag that holds everything.. not just the baby wipes and a nappy.. but a place for phone, wallet, snacks for the older children. Awesome bags

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  126. My nappy bag must be practical, easy to keep organised and stylish too!

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  130. Love the baby blue Swaddling Wraps on the Earlybirds website they’d be great for keeping my baby boy all snuggly and cosy.

  131. The 30 Image Mini Gallery from Art Eater is such an innovative and stylish way to display my little budding artist’s masterpieces!


  132. Mimi The Sardine Organic Children’s Apron in Flora Pink from Sustainaby would be perfect for my little helper in the kitchen!

  133. My little fairy princess would simply love a Melissa and Doug Decorate Your Own Wooden Princess Wand from Little Obsessions.


  134. My Nappy bags need to have a comfortable & adjustable strap, making it easier to carry. There are some really uncomfortable ones out there!
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  135. Style, functionality and lightweight + sturdy materia. I’m a hard one to please when it comes to bags

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  137. Size, style, quality. I really do like to picture myself carrying the babybag, as I will be carrying it alot! Will my bag last the distance?

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  139. I love my nappy bags to have lots of pockets and hidden pouches! Great for storing dummies,bottles & all those bits & pieces you need for babies (and Mum!)

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  144. Sustainababy-Baby Legs Cotton Socks in Jurassic Stripes

  145. Little Boo-Teek- For Walls Alphabet Canvas

  146. Bright Button Toys-Discoveroo Wooden Deli Set

  147. Badburst Kids-Baobab Starburst Pocket Dress

  148. I love a bag that is big enough to comfortably fit everything but with plenty of pockets so you don’t have to sift through everything to find what you need

  149. I look for a stylish bag that doesn’t look like a nappy bag, but still have lots of room and lots of compartments, so that I can find everything easily. And an adjustable strap that can make the bag fit both over my big pram and my stroller (I usually struggle with this one, because the two are so different in size).

  150. I love lots of different pockets and sections to keep me organised.

  151. This Maddison Hobbo is beautiful indeed,
    perfectly sectioned for what baby may need.
    Stylishly stunning, who’d ever guess,
    it’s not just a nappy bag but it’s the best!
    My daughter is now expecting her second,
    a gift it would be this beautiful Maddison.

  152. has to have matching accessories 🙂 like a change mat! And to be stylish and discreet looking

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  156. When looking for a nappy bag I look firstly for style and the type of compartments inside. I also gravitate towards leather nappy bags 🙂

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  162. My Neice (due 28 sep 2012) needs one of these so together my sis and her complete the yummy mummy n baby look xx

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  165. I look for lots of room to fit in all the necessities, seperate areas so its easy to find things, insulated bottle compartment, adjustable straps so can wear or hand over pram, comfortable and above all stylish!

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  168. love the Right Now Military Jacket on Hootkids sale on ladybub.com.au!

  169. Love the ErgoCocoon Zip Up Baby Swaddle Sleepbag 0.2 TOG – Natural on sustain-a-baby!

  170. I would get the black one, it will be able to handle all the mess, plus a good back needs to have alot of space to put every thing in it

  171. I have 2 little ones both in nappies so I look for internal space & practicality as we have to take alot of stuff with us on every outing!

  172. I’d pick the black. My ideal nappy bag has lots of different pockets and compartments to help me stay organised, and know where things are when I’m in a ‘sticky’ situation!

  173. When I look for a nappy bag, I look at the appearance, amount of room inside (I have 2 in nappies) and whether it is functional.

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  179. My favourite at Shop for Tots is the Party Dress- Red Dot by Oobi. Gorgeous!!

  180. My favourite at Bright Button Toys is the Janod Chic Wooden Maxi Cooker (Kitchen Set)- hours of fun to be had with it I’m sure!

  181. My favourite item at Whimsy Child is the Mini Munster Winners L/S tee 🙂

  182. At Little Boo-Teek my favourite is the Designer Kidz Layered Vintage Dress

  183. My perfect bag will come in different colours,
    Would have different compartments to make things easy to look for
    Insulated bottle sections and waterproof

  184. Roomy enough to fit both the baby related things (bottle, nappy etc.) and personal items.
    Adjustable wide comfortable shoulder strap.
    Functional, comfortable but still stylish.
    Comes with a sturdy bag bottom for stability when taking things out.
    Plus easy to clean.
    Love the black one!

  185. A zip pocket big enough to comfortably fit a purse and phone. My current nappy bag doesn’t and it drives me insane when I don’t have enough hands to wrestle it out of the compartment and I’m holding everyone up at the check-out!

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  188. lots of room is a must!! It needs room for my 21month old boys` nappies and drink bottle and my 7week olds nappies also and his bottles 🙂 So different compartments are good! Style i consider important as well. I have a nice large handbag i use as a nappy bag also because its hard to find a affordable nappy bag that looks good, but my handbag is really ratty and falling apart now. *sulks*

  189. alot of pockets and able to carry all the essentials for a nappy change

  190. Functional, Practical & Portable!

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  192. A good nappy bag must be ‘unstickable’….. I sit them in goop, milk gets dribbled on them, creams and salves get accidentally rubbed on them. I want it to be easily cleaned and still looking great at the end of the week.

  193. Lots of different compartments so that everything has its own special place. I do not want to constantly search for everything in an endless bag

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  198. I just love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset – Beach Villa from Little Obsessions… perfect for pretend play and creative imaginations!

  199. Travel Nests by Earlybirds are great little inventions to keep baby warm whilst you and baby are on the go!

  200. Just love the dolls offered by Australian Girls! What a great idea! All too often dolls are so americanised however these dolls are purely Australian with their own little stories

  201. Love to be able to personalise height and reward charts from stckybiz.com.au.
    Makes it that little bit more exciting for the little one to see their own name and theme!

  202. I look for a bag that is so stylish someone would want to steal it, but functional enough they wont find the dirty nappy until they put their hand on it.

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  205. Taupe is the colour for me. What I want in a nappy bag is for it not to look like a nappy bag – well done.

  206. I just love leather and so a leather nappy bag would be perfect.

  207. Lots of room but also has to have sections/pockets to keep everything in order for easy access, I love how they now look like regular bags sometimes even better

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  211. My biggest consideration is always the size. It has to be big enough to fit everything we need but it can’t be unwieldy. I walk everywhere so it’s not a matter of just lugging the bag to the car and forgetting about it.

    Love the black one!

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  216. Looked at more then 4 sponsors. Favourite is Avidiva because they have such a huge variety!! Easy for first time mums.

  217. What are the main features you look for when selecting a nappy bag?

    Pockets are the first thing, how big are they, can they hold everything.. Next is the strength. Can it hold everything you want? and lastly – We never want an ugly nappy bag, as it is basically your next big accessory the way it looks is always a must have!

  218. Lots and lots of pockets and compartments so I can get organised!

  219. Black please. A nappy bag must never look like a nappy bag. It needs to be stylish enough that you can still use it long after the kids are at school.

  220. liked gr8x on FB

  221. I always need a bag with adjustable handles as I’m short

  222. Vistied Australian Dolls. Mathilda doll is really cute

  223. Gummy Babies website have some amber necklaces that I really covet!

  224. Had a look around
    Lookingatyoukid and would love to buy the MT Cooper hooded jacket

  225. Checked out Havoc denim’s gorgeous boys Janeiro skinny jean

  226. i love lots of pocket then you aren’t digging to the bottom of the bag every time you need something

  227. Little Obsessions Seedling Build your own Erupting Volcano kit looks like so much fun

    Always look for an area for the milk bottle bottle that’s covered so Cooper can’t see it and spend the whole day asking for it

  228. I look for practicality and style in a nappy bag

  229. Got to hold all the stuff for baby and have room for mum’s stuff too
    Then I can get away with one stylish bag instead of having to cart around two!

  230. Versatility and being able to hold heaps!

  231. The most important thing for me is to have enough room to not only take the things you know you need, but the little extras- like the teething ring!

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  233. Bags that have tons of style,
    And that will last a while!
    A bag so I can look like me,
    Whilst still carrying things for three!

  234. Functionality and durability. I would love this bag for my little boy due in August (:

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  238. Visited http://www.brightstarkids.com.au – love the ‘iron on clothing labels’ I have to cut the tags out of my 4 year olds clothes as they irritate her. These would be perfect for labelling her pre-school clothes.

  239. Visited http://gr8x.net – the stroller strap is such a great idea – perfect for hanging the Madison Hobo bag on the back on the pram.

  240. Visited http://www.avidiva.com.au/ – I think the keep cup is such a neat idea for warm drinks on cooler days. Perfect for a picnic. The fact that it’s better for the environment and that they don’t contain any nasties like BPA / Phthalate / PVC and Polycarborate make it even better!

  241. Visited http://www.mummabubbajewellery.com.au – what great teething products I especially like the Tulip Necklace Range. Being around my neck it takes away the chance of bub dropping his teething toy on the dirty floor and putting it back in his mouth ….!

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  243. The features I look for in a nappy bag are compartments that I can easily find things. I’m also after a bag that doesn’t look like a nappy bag, has a long strap and isn’t too big.

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  247. one handed access without tricky zips and clips and easy clean plenty of room for baby things stylish like a handbag

  248. I look for quality. Love real leather bags, they look so much better and last much longer.

  249. I follow you blog via e-mail.

  250. Love Bumbo – Toilet Training Seat – PINK at Avidiva.

  251. ‘Cindy’ Double Zip Satchel at the Gr8x!

  252. Matilda Doll at Australian Girl.

  253. Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies!

  254. important things:
    Durability – must be leather
    Pockets – must have a tonne!
    Colour – i use black bags
    Accessories – i always look for one that has a bottle warmer and change mat

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  262. A nappy bag has to be functional and stylish. have heaps of compartments , be easily cleaned and look amazing.

  263. I have completed all above tasks and i love the the sunnydays collection tjacket at earlybirds

  264. i look for as many pockets as i can and a washable surface

  265. The main feature i look for are easy accessibility to items that i commonly reach for, like bottles, nappies and wipes. I also like my bag to have an insulated compartment for bottles and food items. Also the bag should be easily cleaned because there is always a spill around the corner.

  266. Some of the best features of a great nappy bag are having an insulated bottle bag, a well padded change mat, strong zip, adjustable shoulder strap for carrying and hooking onto your pram.

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  273. Amber Teething Necklaces @ Gummy Babies

  274. “Magic Happens Original Canvas Art – Reach for the Moon” at bud burst kids

  275. Love the Bumbo Toilet Training Seat at Avidiva.

  276. Extra stitching! Nappy bags get very full and need to be tough!

  277. I believe it would be versatile and sturdy throughout all my children

  278. Love the dedicated pockets for easy use and stylish Black goes everywhere!

  279. Stylish enough that Dad will want to carry it!

  280. My nappy bag is my mobile filing cabinet containing nappies, bum cream, baby wipes, change mat, hand sanitizer, spare clothes, talc, dummies, small toys, bib, picture book, plastic spoon, suntan lotion and a sunhat!

    And for mum….phone, keys, money, lipgloss…..if there is any space left!

    So lots of pockets are essential!

  281. I make sure there is plenty of room for all essentials but that it is stylish and has easy access!

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  287. I look for practicality and a design which hubby won’t mind carry when needed, gr8x ticks these boxes 😉

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  290. Twinkle twinkle little star
    hobo nappy bags the best by far
    up avove the world so high
    I love all the pockets
    so I’ll never be “piled up” to reach the sky

  291. Twinkle twinkle little star
    Hobo nappy bags the best by far
    up above the world so high
    I love all the compartments
    so Im never “piled up” to reach the sky.

  292. Change mat, pockets, sealed compartments and space
    my ideal? the gr8x compendium where everything has its place

  293. I look for a stylish, UNISEX looking nappy bag, because in this day and age the Dad’s take the littlies out just as much as the Mums. It’s fantastic to see that Gr8x has their own “Dad” bag, although the cream and red coloured Hobo Deluxe looks terrific too.

  294. I look for a stylish, UNISEX looking nappy bag, because in this day and age the Dads take the littlies out just as much as the Mums. It’s fantastic to see that Gr8x has their own “Dad” bag, although the cream and red coloured Hobo Deluxe looks terrific too.

  295. All done twiter Mumma Fasshauer lierk al both pages judith mumma fasshauer on facebook suscribe to both !! thanks alot

  296. must have plenty of compartments for bubby through to 6 year olds

  297. I want a section for my belongings…keys, wallet, phone.

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  300. with nappy bags, big is better with lots of pockets and zippers to hold everything you need and everything you think you need. love the style and material as well, good for baby mess.

  301. Not too big, but well organised.

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  304. I look for real leather and style. Just because it’s a nappy bag it doesn’t have to be boring.

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  312. i’m looking for a nappy bag with insulated bottle compartment and plenty of pockets for wipes powder and other essentials

  313. My nappy bag must look sleek and stylish – and be easy to wipe down!!!

  314. Something easy to access whilst holding my baby

  315. Heaps of compartments to keeep everything organised and in it’s place

  316. I hope I can still enter this, I just came across your page, what a fantastic idea!! The main features that I need in a nappy bag is an insulated compartment, roomy yet organized pockets and something stylish and very durable. A gorgeous one like this!! Amazing 🙂

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