Apr 282012

With just 3 months until our holiday and 4 months until the twins start kindy I am starting to feel a little unorganised. Several times a day I think of bits and pieces I need to do, pack or buy and I know I am still forgetting half. Sometimes I quickly jot down a little note on a piece of paper but more often than not my scraps end up in the hands of my little munchkins, never to be seen again. Luckily I spotted these fabulous chalkboard stickers at Bright Star Kids and I put my order in straight away.

Bright Star Kids range offers a range of chalkboard stickers in lots of styles, sizes and colours. I personally really like the look of the Chalkboard Dots Wall Stickers, they are perfect for making notes for multiple family members or different occassions. Once I have one dedicated spot for notes about the holiday, one for shopping and for kindy I will feel a lot more in control I think! There are three colour combinations to choose from.

My plan is to use up everything in our freezer before we go on holidays and menu planning is super easy with the Chalkboard Panels Wall Stickers. Simply write down your meal ideas for every day of the week and under each day any ingredients you might still need and you will have an empty freezer in no time. You can join both panels together to make one long chalkboard panel or use them as two separate stickers.

Now you probably know that blackboard chalk can be a little chunky to write with, and I am not even mentioning the smudges, dust and how quickly chalk breaks. You won’t have any of these problems if you just grab one (or a few) of the Stabilo Chalk Pencils when you place your Bright Star Kids order. They are available in white, red and yellow and you can sharpen them like an ordinary pencil.

To find out more about Bright Star Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit www.brightstarkids.com.au.

For your chance to win a $50 Bright Star Kids voucher visit www.brightstarkids.com.au and answer the following question: If you were to be our lucky winner what would you spend your voucher on?

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends May 28, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  187 Responses to “Bright Star Kids giveaway”

  1. I am totally sold on those chalkboards. They look so neat. I think I will need them in every room!

  2. I would spend it on the School Labels Value Kit, ready for next year 🙂

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  5. The first thing I’d buy would probably be the Robot Chalkboard Wall Sticker as my daughter LOVES robots.

  6. I love the idea of their photo frame wall stickers. What a great way for kids to make a changeable display of their favourite memories on their bedroom wall.

  7. i love the photo frame wall stickers and the chalkboard wall stickers! (and the chalkboard pencils are GENIUS!!!!)

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  11. Chalkboard wall stickers and chalk pencils would be so handy at the preschool I work in!

  12. I would buy Stick On Name Labels. Containers & lids just don’t return home – at least NOT together.

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  16. I would spend it on the School Labels Value Kit

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  19. with so many great products to choose from and 2 young girls one who is having a bday in 3 weeks! I would choose her the name labels for her belongings cause she is always losing stuff and being the youngest she gets all the hand me downs so something special for her birthday would be fabulous! I like and shared you on facebook!

  20. I would get a Round Labels Value Kit. Such gorgeous designs and colours

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  22. oooh think id have to go with the Chalkboard Wall Stickers… they would help me sooo much!!

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  27. sustainababy – Dandelion Handcrafted Pudgy Rattle – Mushroom

  28. shop for tots – Coconut Wooden Skittles Game

  29. little boo-teek – eeBoo Jumbo Crayons

  30. bright button toys – Family Star Chart

  31. I love everything on this site but will probably choose something from the wall art section and still have difficulty doing this.

  32. I would choose the Chalkboard Cat Wall Sticker (for me!) and the Planes & Boats Photo frames for my son. Both are great ideas.

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  35. Definitely the chalkboard stickers! What a great concept, love it!


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  39. made with love labels, so cute for my home made goodies

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  45. These are awesome, loved playing with chalk as a child myself

  46. The chalkboard stickers are great and I would buy some more if I won!

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  48. Love the panel chalkboard stickers

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  51. I love the chalkboard stickers, but I would use the voucher to buy the ‘Learn the Alphabet Wall Stickers’.

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  55. I would have to choose the Construction Truck Wall stickers if I won,my son’s walls are a bit bare (compared to his sisters!) 😉

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  60. StickyBiz- Love the Tommy Canvas so cute

  61. Whimsy Child-Mini Munster Winners L/S Tee

  62. Sustainababy-The Pear & Bear Navy Long sleeve dress in Bird House

  63. Bright Buttons Toys-Wooden Cash Register by Educo

  64. The wall letter are just amazing, I’d like to have a lot of those to remind to my man and children where is everything in our house.

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  67. Wow lots of gorgeous products. If I were to win I would spend the voucher on the chalkboard household labels and new name labels for my newest baby boy 🙂

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  73. I’d go with some of the Babushka wall stickers. So gorgeous!

  74. Subscribed.

  75. I would buy a pack each of the removable photo frames. My twins have just gone into their own room and this would be perfect for them to make their own room have an extra touch of themselves…

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  79. I’d buy the School Labels Value Kit and get organised for next year 🙂

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  81. fb subscribed to bright star kids. Labels for the kids stuff, so the stuff stays our stauff. stuff get sticked

  82. i love the chalkboard wall sticker. our little cousins have these and my girl is really into them

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  85. Chalkboard stickers. I love all the designs it would be hard to choose just $50 worth.

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  89. $50? I would spend it on the chalkboard. We live in rentals… if we didn’t, I would paint my kitchen cupboards with aqua chalkboard paint. (You can make coloured chalkboard paint by mixing grouting sand and normal paint!)
    In our last place, we have a stick on chalk board on the wall which was awesome, my daughter loved it a lot. I think we both missed it , especially with winter coming and it being too cold to go outside to draw.

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  93. I like the amber teething necklaces from gummy babies…. we lost my daughter’s teething necklace in our recent move 😛

  94. I like the flat out bear from sustainababy…

  95. I like the Baobab Babygro – Blue & Green from little boo teek.

  96. There are so many I like…but having to be practical and organised as Mother’s do I would have to go with the Household chalk labels and chalk pencil. I’m sure the pantry would be amazingly organised with these.

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  100. We love Bright star kids labels for our boy /boy twins items so they don’t get mixed up with each others – everything is the same size almost.

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  106. Havoc Denim – would love the denim dress for my niece.

  107. Love the Tommy Canvas – StickyBiz-

  108. My twin pirates would like this Le Toy Van Wooden Ghost Pirate Ship from Bright Buttons toys

  109. I couldn’t go past the Construction Trucks Wall Stickers for my little Truck obsessed man!

  110. The chalkboards!!! fun and making things organised, love it

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  116. Oh, those chalkboard panels would make wonderful meal planners!!! I think I need to start a wish list though as I love the look of the decorative wall stickers too 🙂

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  120. I would buy the amazing chalk board dot wall stickers, I have had my eyes on these for a little bit, they are a fantastic idea for the kids room.

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  122. Stick On Name Labels, Giant Tree Wall Stickers for Girls, Wall Letters, Learn the Alphabet Wall Stickers, Spring Tree Wall Stickers, Learn to Count Wall Stickers, Times Tables – Multiplication Wall Stickers, Time Out Wall Stickers, Chalkboard Panels Wall Stickers, Stabilo Chalk Pencil, Chalkboard Household Labels.

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  125. I would choose the Date Labels and the Butterfly Height Chart

  126. I love the Emily doll from Australian Girl Dolls

  127. I love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  128. I love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  129. I love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  130. School Labels Value Kit

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  135. I think I would get some stick on labels- they would be very handy for school 🙂

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  139. I have tweeted about this giveaway 🙂

  140. My favourite item at Whimsy Child is the Mini Munster Winners L/S tee 🙂

  141. At Sustainababy I love the Cheeky Little Soles She’s a Star baby shoes- super cute! 🙂

  142. At Little Boo-Teek my favourite is the Designer Kidz Layered Vintage Dress

  143. My favourite at Shop for Tots is the Party Dress- Red Dot by Oobi. Gorgeous!! 🙂

  144. If I won, I’d buy the Chalkboard Panels Wall Stickers for my kitchen!

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  151. The school labels value kit is definitely worth more than money can buy!

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  154. Definitely some more lables – you can never have enough labels 🙂

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  157. Some wall stickers would be lovely. I am sure my girls would love the birdcage and babushka styles!

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  162. Lurve the brightstar kids website – $50 for me would go on that preschool and daycare labels pack to start with. Bargain and so neccessary

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  165. Already subscribed to your sales & savings email (personal email address)

  166. Love the Milky Combie Boardies over at budburst kids

  167. The Mirtillo White Pinstripe Shirt (Size 6) at looking at you kids is just gorgeous!

  168. Those magnetic playbooks over at Little obsessions are brilliant

  169. Loving the Arizona Tiffany tote at Gr8X – thinking I need a new bag now!

  170. I’m always looking for things to cook with the kids and My Grandma’s Kitchen, The Best Ever Birthday looks like a good one from Booktopia. I don’t think you can go wrong with Margaret Fulton can you.

  171. How great. I love magnets. EDTOY Mini Wooden Magnetic Vehicle toys from Little Obsessions looks like the kids could have loads of fun clicking different ends of vehicles together to create odd vehicles.

  172. How amazing would a bub look in Little Boo Teek’s Baobab Red Baby Hoodie.

  173. I love all things GR8X but one look at the Cindy Double Zip Satchel and definately had a favourite.

  174. Wall Letters for mater four’s room

  175. Would spend it on a Babushka Doll Chalkboard, so pretty!

  176. I follow Hip Little One via e-mail.

  177. Bright Star Kids FB liker.

  178. I like the Stroller Strap at the Gr8x!

  179. I like a Personalised Height Chart at Sticky Biz!

  180. I like Emily Doll at Australian Girl.

  181. Like an All-in-One at Earlybirds.

  182. Oh definitely the chalkboard stickers! You have piqued my interest!!

  183. Following brightstars!

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