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I used to think that I would have so much more time once the twins were fully toilet trained, not having to change nappies anymore but boy did I underestimate the mess they can make in the toilet! They go to the toilet so many times a day, using way too much toilet paper and wiggling around on the seat as they go. At first they both sat nicely on the toilet, but after having seen a public toilet on the inside I quickly thought my little man to stand up. Since then there is even more for me to clean up as aiming is a skill he has not mastered yet. Lucky there is very clever gadget to help me out, the Widdleman.

The Widdleman is specifically developed for toddler boys who are learning to go to the toilet standing up and the goal is to encourage them to wee in the toilet and not up, around or next to it. When you are only little it can be pretty tricky to get it right which can be frustrating for both child and parent. Just like with many other things that kids need to learn the key to success is to make it fun and rewarding.

The Widdleman is definitely fun: you place this little gadget in your toilet and when your little boy manages to hit the target the digital counter starts counting. The Widdleman even expresses some extra encouragement by saying ‘Great aiming little man, don’t forget to wash your hands/put the seat down/flush the toilet!’. Good habits can’t start early enough so a reminder is always welcome.

My boy thinks the Widdleman is super cool and gets very excited when he hits the target properly, it is not surprising but my daughter is very sad that she can not wee standing up. The device itself sits flat against the toilet ‘wall’ and gets cleaned with every flush, of course you also just take it out of the cradle to clean it when needed. Batteries are included and priced at just $14.99 it is a fun and affordable way to teach your little man how to use the toilet without making a mess.

To find out more about the Widdleman ($14.99), to take a closer look at the device and to order online visit

For your chance to win one of three Widdleman devices visit and answer the following question: What part of toilet training do you find the hardest?

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  1. I find getting my partner to teach our little man toilet training is the hardest thing to do!!! Mummy cant show him because he knows i dont have boy parts!!! This would be perfect as it would give him sonething to do whilst being at the toilet. And father and son can have target practice together!!!!

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  7. Toilet training takes a lot of practice and pactience. The hardest thing for me is to try not get frustrated, they will get it in their own time.

  8. The hardest is getting the right height for our little one and finding the right cover so they can fit on their properly.

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  12. i have three boys and have to mop each time one of them go to the toilet (plus their dad!!!!).

  13. i subscribe to your email. however telstra has broken my email and so it is not working at the moment!!! each time i ring, my batteries on my phone go flat while i am on hold! so frustrating! but that has nothing to do with your competition 🙂

  14. I’m yet to start toilet training my little man he’s 2 years old I’m so not looking forward to the mess 🙁 I defiantly need one of these.

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  19. The hardest part of toilet training is the mess on the seat particularly when I don’t see and then sit on it….lol

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  21. Getting him to go BEFORE he is jumping up and down and can’t get his pants down is imposible.

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  24. Putting up with the smell of pee that the bathroom always seems to have

  25. The hardest part was actually reminding my boys every time to always flush. The have their aim down packed but waking up to the smell of pee first thing in the morning is not fun.

  26. The hardest part of toilet training for me keeping calm when I’ve got a hundred things to do and little man doesn’t want to use the toilet.

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  31. The hardest part is keeping focus on the job in hand and avoiding hosing down the tiles! This gadget could just be the answer for that!

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  34. The hardest part for me is that he just doesn’t want to!! He has the control, but for whatever reason he wants nappies, and not the toilet. I’m willing to try just about anything at the moment- who knows maybe a Widdleman may just make it a little more fun and we might finally have success!

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  43. I found with my wee man (pardon the pun), the hardest part of his toilet training, was getting him to do his number twos in the toilet and not his nappy. Once he overcame  his fear of doing it in the toilet, it became a breeze. Lots of encouragement, assurance and lack of pressure work wonders. Just about to get ready to tackle it all over again with wee man number two.

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  45. Omg where do I start. My son uses the potty for wees when hes nudie rudie but hasnt mastered the pulling down his pants before going wee wee AND the pooing part! He has no interest what so evr of pooing anywhere near the potty! Ahhhh all in good time!

  46. the hardest part is definately getting the pee in the bowl! I have 3 boys 2 toilet trained and one who will need training.

    The pee aimer would be great because they would think its a game, and save me having to clean the toilet and the floor 10 times a day 🙂

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  50. Cooper’s about to embark on the dreaded toilet training odyssey and the widdleman would be great for our widdle man and the thought of not wearing his nappy really seems to unease him and it a real battle to contend with

  51. Being able to take my toddler to the toilet when I am in the middle of breastfeeding my newborn.

  52. I found it extremely hard to keep my daughter interested. And the amount of time it took… I really don’t miss toilet training!!!

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    Patience, rewards and a good mop is the key to toilet training. We have a sticker collection which Alex and Charlotte, 2 , pick from when they’re successful, they each have a piece of card stuck to the fridge and love to show it off to visitors.

  60. I found it hard when my little one wouldn’t cooperate with me and constantly run away.

  61. trying to get him to not be afraid of the toilet is the hardest thing

  62. The hardest thing about toilet training for us is trying to keep the toilet area clean, constantly mopping so it doesnt smell and the kids not letting me know they have had an accident, im always stepping in a puddle of wee.

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  66. Not getting frustrated and keeping up with the encouragement. Toilet training can be really tricky at times!!

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  75. Regression in toilet training was the hardest thing for me.

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