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As a mum of three year old twins my days are often filled with role playing. A princess, a fireman, a doctor or a ladybug, I have seen them all and every week they come up with brand new characters. They take their new personalities very seriously, of course it helps when you wear a special princess dress and step around in shiny princess shoes with diamantes but it becomes even more real when mum gets out the Pure Poppet Play Makeup Kit

The Pure Poppet range is developed by Georga, an Australian mum with two little girls who love dressing up just as much as my two. Face paint or play make up can add lots of fun to a game of make believe but it is the invisible side of those brightly coloured pots and tubes that can really ruin the party. Many kids have sensitive skin that responds to the harsh ingredients used in ordinary make up sets. Georga decided to create a natural alternative that lets your little poppets enjoy their games the pure way.

Pure Poppet products are made right here in Australia using natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about nasties like ferric ferrocyanide, artificial dyes, FD&C colours, talc, carmine, bismuth oxychloride, mineral oil and paraben preservatives. The Pure Poppet range is perfect for use at home or a party, boys and girls, butterflies, princesses and clowns, just simple and pure dress up fun for little ones.

Within the range you will find Play Makeup Crayons, Powders, Lip Balm and Stencils as well as a complete Pure Poppet Play Makeup Kit with lots of different goodies. All you need is a few drops of water and you can start transforming your kids into a character of their choice. The Mineral Powder can be used dry or wet and is very easy to apply, the result is just fantastic! Pure Poppet Play Makeup looks (and smells) amazing, an ideal gift for little ones and with prices starting at just $4.95 the price tag is very sweet too.

To find out more about Pure Poppet, to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit

For your chance to win a Pure Poppet Play Makeup Kit visit and answer the following question: Aside from the Play Makeup Kit which other Pure Poppet product would you love try?

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  1. Love their new play make up crayons. My boys love to draw on each other but I usually have to spend ages removing it.

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  4. definitely would love to try the makeup crayons, less mess, easy to use for little people and easy to carry around if you want to take them out somwhere to use!

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  8. I’d love to try a Play Pack with Crayon and Powder – a perfect way to sample Pure Poppet’s products.

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  14. Play Makeup stencils, for when I’m not feeling creative but still have to ‘play’!

  15. Play pack with lip balm and powder, this way little miss can copy me with her own goodies.

  16. Love the Crayon and powder pack

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  21. play pack with lip balm and powder sounds like fun 🙂 love it

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  29. Play makeup stencils could mean the kids could do each other!

  30. I’d love to try the play makeup crayons!

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  32. I would love to try the Play Make-up Stencils. They look like so much fun and perfect precision for a not so artistic mum like me. A birthday party is coming up and these would be a hit.

  33. My daughter loves to draw all over herself, so the play stencils would be a great alternative.

  34. The Play Makeup Stencils look great

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  36. would love to try play Makeup stencils

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  41. Sponsor 1 – Bright Buttons Toys – I love the Bigjigs Wooden Yellow Crane

  42. Sponsor 2 – Nelly Jean – I would love to own the bay tree dolls house (for my daughter of course.. cough cough)

  43. Sponsor 3 – Gummy Babies – I love the Organic Terry Change Pad Cover – Natural

  44. Sponsor 4 – Budburst Kids – I love the Budburst Kids Mary Jane Petti Shoes – Mauve!

  45. play pack with crayon and powder brings fun and looking all pretty together

  46. The Play Makeup Stencils are awesome,my girls would just love to try them!

  47. The play make-up crayons look like they would be heaps of fun for my two little girls to play with

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  49. The play makeup stencils look like they could be fun across arms and legs!

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  51. I would love to try the Play makeup crayons, I think the kids could have lots of fun with them! 🙂

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  57. My favourite item at Bright Button Toys is the Le Toy Van Wooden Fire Engine Play Set

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  59. My favourite item at Whimsy Child is the Mini Munster Winners L/S tee

  60. My favourite item at nellyjean is the Le Toy Van Cherry Tree Hall Doll’s House- oh my gosh that is an amazing doll house- gorgeous!!

  61. Natural makeup for kids to play with! At last! Can’t wait to try the powders. My girls will be thrilled!

  62. Would love to try the makeup crayons! 🙂

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  67. I love the play makeup stencils. Both my kids would have fun with these.

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  71. I like the shoe labels from Bright Star Kids

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  73. I love Matilda from Australian Girl

  74. From Sustainababy I like the Baobab Red Baby Hoodie

  75. I love…my daughters rooms are full of butterflies

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  79. I’m not the most artistically enabled person, so I love the play makeup stencil

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  83. play make upcrayons

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  85. What a great way to introduce makeup to young girls!

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  87. GIRLS DENIM DUNGAREES from Havoc Denim are gorgeous and comfy for play dates

  88. would like to try the Pure Poppet play makeup crayons

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  96. Play Pack with Mineral Powders is a great product, too!

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  98. Love Fred Mr Food Face at Budburst Kids!

  99. Love Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies!

  100. Love Matilda Doll at Australian Girl!

  101. And Personalised Height Chart at Sticky Biz!

  102. Would love to try their Play Makeup Stencils!

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  104. Love the play make up stencils. These would be great to have at the kids parties and just for every day fun.

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  107. Love Humble Bumble Long Sleeve Bib Dress – Peach at Little Boo-Teek.

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  110. 12 Image Mini Gallery – at Art Eater!

  111. I would definetly like to try the lip balm, as my daughter always insists I put lippie on her after Ive put it on, this way she can have her own 🙂

  112. Would love to try their Makeup Crayons!

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  116. I love the Phoenix Tassle Hobo Moonbeam from gr8x.

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