Mar 302012

After a few weeks of next to no sleep I can only wish we were still in the newborn stage, when all it took was a nice swaddle and our babies slept all night through. Sleep is so important for little ones and for parents too, if the kids sleep well you will feel much happier and more rested the next day. My three always slept wrapped for the first 7 months (my youngest even 10 months) of their life and after that they moved on to a sleeping bag which worked really well. If you are looking for a soft, snuggly and stylish sleep solution for this winter look no further than the Aden + Anais range from Gummy Babies.

The Aden + Anais muslin wraps are famous for their beautiful patterns and generous size, at 120 x 120cm they last for months and the extra fabric will ensure your baby doesn’t burst out of the wrap at the tiniest stretch of arms or legs. The wraps are made of organic cotton to provide a safe environment for baby that is free of chemicals and gentle on the skin. There is choice from lots of neutral, boys and girls styles.

Once that time comes to ditch the wrap (always a little sad but it will happen sooner or later) the Aden + Anais sleeping bags will provide all the comfort and warmth your baby needs. The sleeping bags are designed to replace the need for loose bedding which reduces the risk of SIDS. They are made of 100% cotton muslin which is soft and breathable making them ideal for both summer and winter.

To find out more about Gummy Babies, to take a closer look at the Aden + Anais range and to order online visit, orders within Australian ship free of charge.

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