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Recently one of my lovely readers gave birth to a gorgeous little girl, a beautiful addition to their family of three. Looking at the pictures of this new arrival is making me a bit clucky, compared to her my youngest seems like such a big toddler already! Knowing little miss C. is a breastfed baby I thought her mummy would be the perfect tester for the new breastfeeding coverlets from Pretty Well Covered.

Invented by an Australian mum the Pretty Well Covered breastfeeding coverlets are a stylish, discrete and convenient way to feed your baby in public. Specifically designed for the warmer Australian weather they are lightweight and cool. As they are made of sheer fabric you can see your baby when feeding, the perfect design for mums who are worried about breastfeeding when out and about.

I am not surprised my tester Cindy loves this new Australian product, this is what she had to say:

First impression: The Pretty Well Covered breastfeeding coverlet looks classy and stylish, sheer material looks lovely as does the shape. Great quality and workmanship was good, professional finish to the product. Practicality was good. I never used any covers with my first child but I have found the coverlet to be no more difficult to use (than not use anything at all), and I found it easy to carry around and fit in the nappy bag as it is not bulky. It even came with a little mesh bag for storage.

The material was lovely, sheer and cool. Provided enough coverage to be discreet though still allowing me to see my baby through the material. Due to the material being non-stretchy, it is important to get the correct size to allow plenty of room to move. The size I got was correct for me, though if I were to buy another I might get the next size due to the material not being stretchy, and I personally like things to be roomy.

The Pretty Well Covered breastfeeding coverlets cost $30 per coverlet which I think is fine and I would be happy to purchase a coverlet for that price, it is worth it in material, quality and practicality. My friends commented on how discreet it was even being sheer, and they all thought it was stylish. There are eight designs to choose from so you can choose a print that matches your style or your outfit.

To find out more about Pretty Well Covered, to browse the range of designs and to order your favourite visit www.prettywellcovered.com.au.

For your chance to win a Pretty Well Covered breastfeeding coverlet of your choice (subject to availability) visit the Pretty Well Covered Facebook store and answer the following question: Which coverlet design would you pick if you were to be our lucky winner?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends March 18, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. It’s such a hard choice chosing just one but if I was the luckiest winner I believe Coral Stripe looks like fun.

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  4. I love the bags at gr8x. I especially adore the Bec Satchel Nappy Bag. Looks a little blokey so I bet I could get HIM to carry it.

  5. Art Eater has Acrylic Photo Blocks that would preserve my little budding artists best work for years to come. Love it.

  6. I saw a baby girl the other day with a flower headband and she looked adorable. The one on Nelly Jean with the big orange flower is just as gorgeous and would make those baby girl photo’s look even more special.

  7. With my son in pre-school this year I’m in need of a library bag. I found the most amazing ones on Shop For Tots. I really love the Jungle Jive Swimming Bag by Bobble Art. Not only can it be used as a library bag but is also great for wet swimming clothes and he will be doing swimming days so I get two uses for one bag.

  8. Hello! I would pick the vintage rose one, so pretty!

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  13. Hi, I would love the black and white striped coverlet. Simple and elegant 🙂

  14. They are all gorgeous but I think purple large please.

  15. I have liked pretty well covered on Facebook as well. Cheers.

  16. The black and white stripe coverlet is my favourite! Will go with everything, and is simple and elegant.

  17. I have already ‘liked’ pretty well covered on facebook.

  18. Have just posted a comment and link to the competition page on my facebook page!

  19. The Vintage Rose is one design i would choose as its beautiful , still stylish and would give me comfort in breast feeding my new little one any where.

  20. I have a friend who has one of these and it is fantastic! I would love to win the black and white stripe coverlet for my sister in law who has recently had her first baby. It would go with any outfit.

  21. I have “liked” the facebook page of pretty well covered and hip little one 🙂

  22. The black and white one in large looks the best

  23. I would go either Coral or Teal. Loving both those colours at the moment.

  24. I like the Black/White Breastfeeding Coverlet.

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  30. Purple is my favourite colour so would definitely go for the purple design. All beautiful though.

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  33. I have liked on facebook, so cute and stylish! I like the vintage rose one… bit hard to say because they are all lovely.

  34. Black and White design would go well with my style, I’m a very neutral colour coded lady.

  35. Also liked on Facebook 🙂

  36. I love the black and white, very stylish!!!

  37. I love the black and white!
    They all look wonderful, but this one is very simple & very stylish!

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  42. I’d chose the Navy Pink because it’s so stylish as any nice top!

  43. The Brown one is divine.

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  45. I like the Black & White Breastfeeding Coverlet the best.

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  50. I would choose the black and white, I really like that one 🙂

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  56. My favourite item at Bright Button Toys is the Le Toy Van Wooden Fire Engine Play Set

  57. My favourite item at Whimsy Child is the Mini Munster Winners L/S tee

  58. My favourite item at budburst kids is the Milky Heart Dress

  59. My favourite item at gr8x is the Talia Drawstring Nappy Bag 🙂

  60. I would pick a Vintage Rose Design, it’s so summery and pretty!

  61. Have liked Pretty Well Covered on FB!

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  64. At Earlybirds, I love their Cover-all!

  65. Love Belle Doll at Australian Girl!

  66. Love the Stroller Strap at Gr8x!

  67. I like the Green Toys Tool Set at Sustainababy.

  68. Would pick a Black and White Stripe Coverlet!

  69. Liked Pretty Well Covered on FB.

  70. I follow your blog via e-mail.

  71. Like Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama.

  72. Love the Earlybirds Flowerbox Giftbox from Earlybirds.

  73. Love the Stroller Strap from Gr8x.

  74. Love the Ada Ada Scoria Wings from Whimsy Child.

  75. Love Black and White design, would suit any outfit, both mine and the bub’s! 🙂

  76. I follow your blog via e-mail!

  77. I love Belle Doll from Australian Girl!

  78. A Flower Headband from Nelly Jean is great!

  79. Love a Personalised Height Chart from Sticky Biz!

  80. At Gummy Babies – their Amber Teething Necklaces!

  81. i would go for the teal coverlet or the black and white stripe i will be a first time mum in 10weeks and have no idea what the sex of our little angle is and thik these 2 colous are suitable for girl or boy

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