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As a regular reader of Hip little one you know by now that Australian label gr8x makes beautiful baby bags for hip mums, but have you checked out the rest of the range too? There are the famous gr8x single and double stretch wraps which are available in a range of beautiful colours and prints, as well some stylish accessories to take with you in your nappy bag like change mats and bottle travellers. The latest additions to the accessory range are the Arizona Bottle Pack and Change Wallet.

The Arizona Change Wallet is designed to replace the need for a regular nappy bag, offering a compact and convenient way to go out and about with baby. Because let’s be honest, most days there is nothing you need from your nappy bag but a nappy and some wipes! That is exactly what you can fit in the Arizona Change Wallet: some nappies and a travel pack of wipes. Just hang it from your pram and when change time comes simply fold it open to reveal a generous size change mat. So easy!

The Arizona Bottle Pack features an insulated compartment big enough to keep 3-4 bottles or food containers cool or warm, just the right amount for a day out. Aside from the insulated storage the Bottle Pack is also fitted with mesh pockets to store small items so you can really keep your hands free. You can choose to carry the pack on your shoulder (shoulder strap is adjustable) or simply attach it to your pram.

Both styles are available in store right now and cost $34.95 each. As you can see the gr8x team has chosen for a retro print in black and orange, unisex colours that are suitable for baby girls and boys and dad doesn’t have to embarrassed either. If these colours tickle your fancy but you prefer the extra space of a regular nappy bag you might want to check out the Madison Hobo Taupe nappy bag (one of my personal favourites).

To find out more about gr8x, to browse the range and to order your favourite go to www.gr8x.net or visit a retailer near you.

For your chance to win an Arizona Bottle Pack and Change Wallet (RRP $69.90) visit www.gr8x.net and answer the following question: What is the strangest place you’ve ever changed your baby?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends March 28, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. The strangest place was in my sons pram at the local train station because there was no access to the parents room and i wasnt putting him on the floor!! Wish id had this when it all happened!!!

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  8. I had to change my son on the seats at a bustop. Difficult but the smell would have been bad on the bus !!

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  13. At the zoo, couldn’t find the toilets and it was a very hot day

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  17. In the grand stand at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide race. The people around me were not too pleased but I wasn’t going to miss the race for them.

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  20. Love Stickybiz tshirts and at 15% off I’ll have to stock up for my nephew’s birthdays.

  21. Love the toosh coosh seat from Toosh Coosh I am at war with my son’s way too relaxed seating position.

  22. Shop for Tots has the cutest little girl hat. The Brigette red dot one. Just glamour.

  23. Love the cool stuff at Nelly Jean. The Mademoiselle Red Flounce Dress is a sure stunner for the little ladies.

  24. I took my 6 week old with me to the nrl grandfinal last year because my team (go MANLY) was in it.I had to change her bottom on my fiancee’s lap during the match because she was soaked and I didn’t want to miss a moment of the game.Just glad it wasn’t a poo

  25. In a field where my husband was fossicking for sapphires 🙂

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  30. Backstage at a concert! Band, crew, dancers all hustling and bustling busily around us. The fun of Daddy being a rock star!!

  31. On my lap at the tennis! The game was intense and there was no way I was moving for anyone.

  32. On the ground (well, on a change mat on the ground) in the bush when bush walking.

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  35. The strangest place for a change would have to be centre aisle on a plane. It was the best option at the time.

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  39. Strangest place was in line waiting to go through immigration in the USA. Those lines are so long and I didnt want to lose my spot. 🙂

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  43. in the boot of my car… yup…!!!!

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  47. gummy babies – Lamaze Play & Grow – Mortimer the Moose

  48. Bright Buttons Toys – Janod Chic Wooden Maxi Cooker (Kitchen Set)

  49. Shop for Tots – Ecococoon stainless cups

  50. Nelly jean – green and white gumboots/wellies

  51. On my knee, under the table in a restaurant. It was only a wet one thank goodness and my 4ht baby so I had the technique down pat. Only alternative was the toilet which is never nice if they aren’t baby friendly and these toilets were definitely NOT nice in any way.

  52. In the boot of our car, the only place in the car with enough room to lay bub down, strip her off and try to clean the number 3 mess!

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  56. I have had to change my son out in the bush during our road trip. It wasn’t too bad under a tree except trying to avoid ants, sticks and the rest! I think Mum’s are pretty clever and make do with what they have on hand – I had to use my jacket as a change mat on this occassion.

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  62. At Sustainababy I love the Jellystone Designs “Suckables” Silicone Teething Bangles in Fiesta.

  63. At Bright Button Toys I love the Automoblox Pink Sportscar C9p.

  64. At Shop for Tots I love the Janod French Chic Bakery – yummy!

  65. At Budburst Kids I love the On the Gro Kush-ee Mat – Little Birdy.

  66. We travelled to Germany when my daughter was just 2 and my son was 14 weeks. He had the biggest poo explosion ever and I had to change him in the tiny little airplane toilet!

  67. In a classroom in front of about thirty fourteen year old students. I think her disgusting nappy put off a few of those aspiring teenage Mums (no offence intended to teen Mums) for a few more years!

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  70. On the front seat of our car outside a cafe, no change facilities inside and no room to spread out in the boot or backseat so the front seat it was!

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  72. We had to pull off the highway onto a little side road in the middle of nowhere to clean a MESS of a nappy when my little one was tiny. It was just outside a little bush church.. but you gotta do what you gotta do!

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  77. In a university lecture

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  84. the strangest place I have changed my bub is on the front seat of a tractor

  85. At the bus stop

  86. I love the Faux Fur Vest – Humble Bumble from Nelly Jean

  87. I love the Ulubulu – Mute Button on Glitter Purple Silicone pacifier on Little Yoyo Styles

  88. I love the Little Tee-Tee – Arielle Dress from Bubzyboo

  89. I love the Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama

  90. Over nearly 21 years of mothering there have been many strange places- when babies have to be changed, they have to be changed quickly! 🙂 On my lap, on aeroplanes, park benches, floors in many places and on the beach.

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  96. My favourite item at budburst kids is the Milky Heart Dress 🙂

  97. My favourite item at Bright Button Toys is the Le Toy Van Wooden Fire Engine Play Set

  98. At Earlybirds my favourite product is the earlybird essentials pack- looks like the perfect gift for a new mum 🙂

  99. My favourite item at avidiva is the Babyjo – Little Miss 2 Layer Bamboo Blanket, it is gorgeous and being bamboo I’m sure it would be lovely and soft as well!

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  102. not too strange, just in the back of the wagon

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  105. Back to say I wrote a tweet including @hiplittleone and @gr8xdiaperbags

  106. Also visiting some of your awesome sponsors.. 1 – Early Birds – I love the Travel Nest with Hood.

  107. 2 – At ‘Art Eater’, I love the Acrylic Photo Block.

  108. 3 – Budburst Kids – the On The Gro Imaginabox – Car looks lots of fun!

  109. 4 – and love the Ellaroo – Ring Sling – Mango Sky at Gummy Babies.

  110. Strangest place I have changed my baby, car park at Oportos… in the boot of my car!

  111. In a small tent on the beach, somehow no nappy rash I am happy to say

  112. On a picnic table in the Royal National Park!

  113. In a small boat – not the luxury kind with a cabin, but the tin kind with no padding on the bench seat. Even harder when he was wearing a life jacket!

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  118. In the back of a cinema 🙂

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  125. The strangest place I have ever changed my daughter was a filthy, awful toilet on a Malaysian ferry! It was truly gross!

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  127. Love Love Henry Shorts at Nelly Jean.

  128. Love Milk & Soda Tyler Trapper Beanie – Raspberry at Little Boo-Teek.

  129. Butterfly Bag Tags are fantastic at Bright Star Kids!

  130. At Sticky Biz my favourite is a personalized height chart!

  131. Weekly e-mail subscriber.

  132. On the plane at 37000 feet! 🙂

  133. I follow your blog via e-mail.

  134. My favourite item at Bright Button Toys is the Le Toy Van Wooden Fire Engine Play Set!

  135. Like the Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama.

  136. Love Amy Doll at Australian Girl.

  137. Love Small Address Labels at Sticky Biz.

  138. In the boot of my car in the heavy rain!

  139. I am your e-mail subscriber.

  140. Love the Cheeky Monkey Canvases from Brightstar Kids.

  141. At Bright Button Toys – Le Toy Van Wooden Fire Engine Play Set.

  142. I love the Faux Fur Vest from Nelly Jean!

  143. Seedling The Little Fairy Peg Doll Kit at Little Obsessions.

  144. when my son was a few months old we were out and about and he needed a bum change before we got into the car.. Our car was pretty small so there wasnt much room inside on the seats to change him n there were no parenting rooms about so i got a blanket out and the change mat, nappy, wipes etc and i changed his nappy on the boot of the car lol.. That was a strange place to do a nappy change (for me it was)
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  145. In my friends’ posh marble bathroom, they are a childfree couple and never want kids. That was a very strange place to do a nappy change!

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  149. Love Belle Doll at Australian Doll!

  150. Love a Stroller Strap at Gr8x!

  151. And Silicone Teething Bangles at Sustainababy!

  152. And a Personalised Height Chart at Sticky Biz.

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