Feb 202012

Recently we were invited to the birthday party of our nephew, of course the kids were super excited but they are not the ones having to buy a present for a 10 year old boy. I never have any trouble picking gifts for girls, no matter what age, in fact I am always well prepared and know in advance what sort of present I am looking for. Shopping for boys on the other hand is much more difficult (I think) and up until the last minute I wasn’t sure what to get. The only thing I did know is that he loves footy so just in time I came across these two great new books:

The Find The Footy activity book ($14.95, 48 pages) is both fun and educational so it will get the tick of approval from both kids and parents. On every page kids need to locate up to 12 footy balls, hiding in pictures of famous landmarks and locations from all around the world. That sounds easier than it is and it will certainly keep them busy for quite a while! The Great Wall of China, the Colosseum in Rome, the Tower Bridge in London, kids will learn a lot whilst hunting for icons from their favourite sport.

As a child I (and my sisters) used to love arts and crafts but my brother was not much into all the creative stuff. Both my son and daughter love sitting at the table with their colouring books but when boys get that little bit older they are often not very interested in drawing and colouring in anymore. They prefer to go outside and get dirty in the yard or even better, play a game of footy. But what do they do when it is too cold or rainy to play outside?

The Bumper Footy colouring book ($9.95, 96 pages) is great crafty entertainment for young footy lovers. The book features a massive 48 famous AFL players and whilst learning lots of interesting facts about the players kids can colour in a picture of each sportsman and team logo. When was he born, how tall is he, what position does he play and what moves is he famous for? Little supporters will love this crafty footy ‘encyclopedia’. Priced at just $9.95 the Bumper Footy book is a great gift idea.

To find out more about Find The Footy or Bumper Footy and to order your favourite titles online visit www.slatterymedia.com, delivery within Australia is free for every book order.

For your chance to win a copy of Bumper Footy and Find the Footy visit www.slatterymedia.com and answer the following question: Name one of the players featured in the Bumper Footy colouring book.

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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  79 Responses to “Find the Footy and Bumper Footy giveaway”

  1. Gary Ablett, my grandson would love this book , he loves to watch the footy with his pop

  2. Chris Judd – my son loves footy and did the AusKick program last year. He can’t wait to play again this year.

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  5. Chris Judd and Gary Ablett are the 2 that stand out for us 🙂 We love watching footy together as a family and our little one loves watching daddy play 🙂

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  10. I have tweeted about the giveaway

  11. Jimmy Bartel. How special is this for the little footy fans. Australian colouring books are great and they make learning about all thing Australian fun.

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  13. I love the ‘Madison’ Pocket Hobo Black from gr8x. It has casual look about it I think.

  14. I love cute and Sustainababy’s Apple & Bee Baby Change Mat with birdies on it is definately that.

  15. Shop for Tots has many cute bags. This Blast Off Drawstring Bag is definately on my short list of possible library bags.

  16. Nelly Jean has a cool If the music is too loud your too old singlet for kids. I’m feeling like the music is always too loud these days.

  17. Dane Swan

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  21. I like Matilda from Australian Girl

  22. i like the framed wall art from Art Eater

  23. I like the Solid Pink Pettiskirt from Nelly Jean

  24. I like the ‘Bec’ Satchel Nappy Bag from gr8x – because it’s my name.
    But I prefer the look of the Talia Drawstring nappy bag Moonbeam

  25. Chris Judd

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  27. I want the Footy Book for myself, so I perve on Dane Swan. He is the only reason I now go for Collingwood. Super Spunk! Will have to hide it from my kids though.

  28. Chris Judd

  29. I subscribe to the newsletter!

  30. Dane Swan is one of the player!

  31. I follow Slaterry Media on Twitter (@mslimalicious)

  32. Lance Franklin

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  36. Chris Judd

  37. Dane Swan, there can’t believe I wrote a Collingwood player’s name, germies. But it’s for my niece who loves him so much. As for me, Go Bombers, also notice Jobe Watson on the cover 🙂

  38. Dane Swan

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  41. Gary Ablett what a legend of AFL.

  42. Chris Judd

  43. I love the Faux Fur Vest – Humble Bumble from Nelly Jean

  44. I love the Ulubulu – Mute Button on Glitter Purple Silicone pacifier on Little Yoyo Styles

  45. I love the Little Tee-Tee – Arielle Dress from Bubzyboo

  46. I love the Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama

  47. The Mute Button on Glitter Purple Silicone pacifier on Little Yoyo Styles

  48. Scott Thompson is my fave footballer

  49. Chris Judd

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  55. Chris Judd. Would love to win this price, it’s fantastic!

  56. I love a Cover-All at Earlybirds.

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  58. Love Emily Doll from Australian Girl.

  59. From Sticky Biz – their Personalised Height Chart!

  60. At Sustainababy my favourite is Chewable Jewels Necklace & Bracelet Combo!

  61. Buddy Franklin, I’d love this for my grandson.

  62. Dane Swan!

  63. Love Ada Ada Arnite Layered Skirt at Whimsy Child.

  64. Love Amy Doll at Australian Doll. 🙂

  65. Love Tizzie Hall Comforter – Dizzie Dog at Avidiva.

  66. Budkins Robin the Robber is cool (Bright Button Toys).

  67. Gary Ablett!

  68. Following you via e-mail.

  69. Love Emily Doll at Australian Girl!

  70. Love a Stroller Strap at Gr8x!

  71. Love Small Address Labels at Sticky Biz!

  72. Love Teething Necklaces from Gummy Babies.

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