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If you are using cloth nappies on your baby you have most likely discovered that not every nappy does what it is supposed to do. They all promise to provide an excellent fit and not leak but in reality that is not always the case. Maybe you tried them again and again, hoping that they would get more absorbent after a few washes (something that is recommended by many cloth nappy brands) but you still end up with a useless nappy that was a waste of money. I have experienced this scenario myself too but there is one brand that has never let me down, Close Parent.

I have been using Pop-In nappies for more than two years and in that time the nappies have been redesigned and improved several times, getting better and better each time. Although I was already very happy with the performance of the Pop-Ins I did understand the mums who said the pastel colours were a little plain and could do with a little ‘pop’. Close Parent has listened and the old pastel colours have made room for funky brights in the New Generation Pop-In.

The Pop-In’s are a one size fits all nappy designed for babies between 3-16kg so they will last (most babies) from birth all the way to potty training. The velcro closure and press studs at the front allow you to adjust the nappy for a perfect fit at any age and stage. Fitted with a double elasticised gusset the Pop-In offers excellent containment whilst still being soft, stretchy and comfortable (no nasty marks from tight gussets, even on my chubby baby).

There are two different Pop-In styles available, bamboo and minkee, and both come in a range of colours. The bamboo Pop-In is the perfect choice for people who love the extra absorbency of natural bamboo and how gentle it is on baby’s skin. The minkee Pop-In on the other hand is a tad faster in drying and the minkee fabric is extremely soft. Both styles are fantastic and it really is a personal choice.

The Pop-In system is super easy, even for dads and babysitters, as the nappy goes on in one piece just like a disposable. The nappy itself consists of three pieces: the outer shell (soft to touch and waterproof), an inner soaker and booster. As the wetting pattern of boys (front) and girls (middle to back) is different the booster can be adjusted accordingly. The three parts are all connected by press studs so they are easy to put together or change. To make it even easier you can leave all pieces connected during the washing (just undo one end to create a ‘chain’) so you don’t have to waste time searching for individual components afterwards. The washing tabs make sure the velcro tabs stay safely in place and won’t damage the other laundry in your machine.

I have been using the New Generation Pop-In’s since January so they have had a great work-out with plenty of washing and I can safely say that the new Pop-In is a real winner. I am not surprised that the performance is outstanding (no leaks) and the fit is great, nice and trim so not the bulky look you might expect from cloth nappies. My choice for night time is the bamboo Pop-In as it is a little more absorbent especially in combination with the night-time booster. For daytime with more regular nappy changes the minkee Pop-In are ideal as they dry in no time, especially in summer.

To find out more Close Parent, to browse the range and to locate your nearest stockist or consultant near you visit www.ozbabytrends.com.au.

For your chance to win one of two New Generation Pop-In’s watch the Pop-In video on www.ozbabytrends.com.au and answer the following question: What have you learned about the New Generation Pop-In?

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  10. The one designs grows with your baby from birth to potty training. Thats fantastic because you could save a fortune instead of buying disposable nappies. I wish id known about them sooner 🙁

  11. It is amazing how it’s size changes so easily.And the night time booster is a fantastic feature. My daughter is expecting a surprise, ‘this is DEFINITELY the last’ one baby later this year. I’d love her to try these Pop Ins just so I can see how good they are compared to the terry nappies she used to wear!

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  14. I really like StickyBiz – It’s Australian owned and a small family run business – It also gives me peace of mind that I’ll be less likely to loose things if they are labelled

  15. You can save a few “pence” – Aussie dollars too!

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  20. this great nappy lasts from birth to toilet training as your child grows

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  25. I have been using the pastel Pop-Ins for ages, but the new ones look even better! I love the look of the new booster and night time insert.

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  30. The Toosh Coosh seats look great.

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  32. The New Generation Popin goes all the way from birth to potty and also has special night time booster thingy for extra protection at night.

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  43. I had some cloth nappies for my first son that were ok for short periods of time but the absorbancy wasn’t there and he got a lot of rashes so I stopped using them now with my second. I see these are 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton and antibacterial, antifungal, hypoallergenic and naturally breathable. Would love to try.

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  46. gr8x’s ‘Emily’ Carry-All baby bag really does look like I could carry it all.

  47. Nelly Jean’s Le Toy Van Honeybake Oven and Hob Set looks like a lot of fun.

  48. I love the simple things and Shop for Tots toys are simple and great. Balancing Pirate Game is colourful and fun without batteries and lights and buttons.

  49. Sustainababy’s Studio SKINKY Playon Crayon looks like two sorts of fun.

  50. They are birth to potty so no need to keep buying sizes as your baby grows.

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  52. I like the look of the address labels at stickybiz.com.au

  53. Liked Close Parent Down Under on facebook 🙂

  54. I have discovered that they have elasticated stretchy tabs! I wish that I had known about pop-ins when building my stash!

  55. The new colours, the minkee and bamboo options and the night time booster. Definitely want to try the new one as I’m extremely impressed with my original pop in for night time use.

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  57. Omg i wannnnnt!!

  58. It’s a birth to potty nappy, so you don’t have to keep buying different sizes.

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  60. That it grows with baby from birth to potty, wow!

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  64. new colours and a new night-time booster! Yay!

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  68. I love the new Cheeky Monkey Canvases from Brightstar Kids 🙂

  69. The Ergopouch sleeping bag from Sustainababy looks great for this coming Winter

  70. Amber teething necklaces from Gummybabies… we are definitely seeing the benefits of amber with our son. His first tooth came through and i only found out when i was poking in his mouth to retrieve some ‘tasty’ paper!

  71. Will have to keep an eye out for a Toosh Coosh sale. Looks like a great idea for when my bub is a bit older. He is already a wrigglepot!

  72. An extra encouragement to mums considering using pop-ins… we have a combination stash of both pop-ins (first generation) and another brand and anytime i want the extra absorbency for sleeping, etc the pop-in is always the one i grab. Have used from birth on our now 10.5month old and the nappies are still going strong. 🙂

  73. I learnt that they’re manufactured ethically in China using Oekotex standard 100 Azo free dyes.

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  79. They fit all sizes.

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  82. It’s 100% bio degradable

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  84. Grows with your baby from birth to potty training

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  86. I learnt that they have a special night time booster that has a layer of fleece next to baby’s skin to keep them dryer at night- what a great idea! 🙂

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  92. My favourite item at avidiva is the Babyjo – Little Miss 2 Layer Bamboo Blanket, it is gorgeous and being bamboo I’m sure it would be lovely and soft as well 🙂

  93. My favourite item at Bright Button Toys is the Le Toy Van Wooden Fire Engine Play Set

  94. My favourite item at Whimsy Child is the Mini Munster Winners L/S tee

  95. Love the night booster. Not many nappies are able to go from day to night so easily…

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  98. Design lasts from birth to toilet training.

  99. I love the Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama

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  102. I love the Faux Fur Vest – Humble Bumble from Nelly Jean

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  104. Pop-in is designed to fit from birth to potty training. Its true, we’ve been using them since out of hospital and still going after 15 months 🙂

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  106. I visited arteater.com.au and like the acrylic photo blocks, very clever idea.

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  110. It’s amazing you can use one nappy from birth to potty! I wonder will it last so long though??? But the whole idea sounds great.

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  117. Came back now (I think..) I’ve worked out how to tweet..

  118. Sponsor 1 – I visited Early Birds, and think the Isolette Suits are a brilliant idea.

  119. Sponsor 2 – I visited Art Eater, and checked out the beautiful A2 Li’l Davinci ® Art Cabinet.

  120. Sponsor 3 – I checked out Budburst Kids, and love the AbbeyJ Hair Clip Holder – Hip Girl

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  122. They are available in two cute styles – bamboo and minkee!

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  127. And Emily Doll from Australian Girl.

  128. I learned that the New Generation Pop-in’s are suited from newborn (3.8kg) to toddler (16kg). So much better than buying all different sizes!

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