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You may have read that two weeks ago we went out for dinner with our kids, quite an adventure with three little people. At home the baby is known to make quite a mess at dinnertime and I was not looking forward to the mess she’d leave at the restaurant. I prepared myself with plenty of wipes and a Bibska Duo Bib from Babies Favourite Things.

Babies Favourite Things is an Australian online store filled with loads of fabulous products for babies and mums, handpicked by the lovely Kristy. When browsing the store you will soon notice that Babies Favourite Things has got it all covered: from wearing to playing, eating to sleeping, going out to decorating, you will love Kristy’s top picks. Big bonus: many of the items in store are designed and made right here in Australia, so you are supporting Australian businesses too!

Bibska bibs are a perfect of example of these great Australian treasures. The Bibska range offers a gorgeous selection of styles and prints that will pass the test of all style conscious mums. At the restaurant the fold on the Bibska Duo Bib stopped a large amount of food from falling on the floor, how handy! The original Bibska Bib does not only catch food and teething dribble, it is a fashion accessory too. Prices start at just $12.95.

Baby food pouches are an easy, compact and quick way of feeding baby on the go but store bought baby food is not as healthy as home made food. With the On the Go Baby Food Pouches ($17.95, 20 pack) you get the best of both worlds, fill them with home made meals and eat fresh or freeze and heat when needed. With the reusable, BPA free Colour Change Pouch Spoons ($5.95 per 2) you can feed baby directly from the pouch (plus they fit on other baby food pouches too).

On the topic of going out and about with baby you might need something more than food to keep your little one happy. The Peek-a-Boo Bags are sure to deliver plenty of entertainment. Each bag contains lots of little items and the goal is to ‘find’ all the items on the list by feeling from the outside. No mess, no pieces getting lost, just great fun and very educational too! I will definitely remember this one for our next plane trip.

To find out more about Babies Favourite Things, to browse the range and to order online visit www.babiesfavouritethings.com.

For your chance to win a Babies Favourite Things prize pack including a Bibska gift set, On the Go Baby Food Pouches and Colour Change Spoons visit www.babiesfavouritethings.com and answer the following question: Aside from the items featured above, which other Babies Favourite Things product do you like most and why?

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends March 16, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. Lilly the Ladybug. What a great site they have ♥

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  7. I love the Forest Green Teething Ring that I could wear for bubba…such a great idea, they are always pulling at my necklaces!

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  9. The Sleep Sheep, would definitely put me to sleep and my son

  10. CloudB Sleep Sheep. Not only amazingly cute but a nursery helper too. A lovely way to help baby to sleep that little bit longer.

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  13. I <3 the Mocha Damask & Dusky Pink quilt, it is just gorgeous!! Looks so cosy too.

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  18. Love the baby log book, it sounds great!

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  22. love the HiLo High Chair

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  27. Avidiva – BabyLuxe Organic Sherpa Contoured Change Pad Cover

  28. gummy babies – Dash Baby Handbag / Changebag

  29. whimsy child – Ada Ada Baby footed leggings

  30. Since We Were Kids – Psi Bands

  31. I would love to try Babies Favourite Things Drop Buddy. My little one is always throwing his drink to the floor just to watch me retrieve it. He also throws it in anger if he dosn’t get his way and even the cups that state dosn’t leak he can make leak.

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  35. Love all things Sticky Biz. I was just admiring their blue rompers. How special would it be to have your bubs name on them and get your choice of design.

  36. I think tooshcoosh’s Toosh Coosh is such a great idea. We tried to make a seat out of wood but it wasn’t cumfy and his posture was still lacking.

  37. Sustainababy have the most gorgeous pacifier holders. They look like a toy that would keep my little man amused and stop him losing anymore pacifiers at the shop. I love the train one best and the colours are amazing.

  38. Shop For Tots has some cool kids gear. My son is always complaining that I let one piece of food touch another. Fussy at his young age. He loves chicky sticks with lemon juice (in two seperate bowls) for dipping so the Bee Zoo Divided Plate would be great for him.

  39. The travel bottle warmers look awesome. This is the product that I like the look of on Babies Favourite Things because to be able to warm the bottles while travelling is a just excellent.

  40. I love Babies Favourite Things on Facebook. Cheers.

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  42. I love the 3 sprouts Wolf Soft Seat

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  44. I love the everything A-Z peekaboo bag. Such a great idea and way to keep a toddler entertained.

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  46. I like the Racoon Storage bin

  47. Definitely need the Drop Buddy here – a little someone has just discovered how amusing it is to ‘drop’ everything from his highchair and watch mummy retrieve it!

  48. Loved the Hilo High Chair. So stylish and easy to use. Love it!!!

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  50. The Heart Flat Chain Bracelet, sometimes Mum has to have some bling. Gorgeous bracelet to wear anytime. Maybe I should put my order in for Mother’s Day??

  51. Liked all on Facebook and my favourite thing is definately the Drakey the Donkey, it reminds me of a doll my mum knitted me one Christmas when I was little. And it has the softness for no tears from my boys.

  52. Love the BubbaLog Baby Log Book, anything that helps overcome baby brain and instills a little organisation has to be great!

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  54. I love the Twilight Sea Turtle Nightlight, my neice loves it and only sleeps when she has her “Durdle”.

  55. Drakey the Monkey is so cute and so are the Frilly Tushies. Oh, and Lilly the Ladybug.

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  57. I love the Raspberry Woombie; gorgeous colour and perfect for snuggling my little girl to sleep this autumn/winter.

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  59. Bibska Bibs for Baby facebook liker – new fan.

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  62. Love Be Cool Wrap Box Set – really handy on hot days!

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  66. Love Orange/Blue ALL-IN-ONE Kindy Sheet at Charlie Bloome.

  67. Like Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet at ArtEater.

  68. Love All-in-One at Earlybirds!

  69. Love a Personalised Height Chart at Sticky Biz!

  70. I love the Josie Layered Skirt, because it is so pretty!

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  76. At Sustainababy I love the Cheeky Little Soles She’s A Star Baby Shoes, so adorable!!

  77. At Shop for tots I love the Message Dragon Fuschia- I’m sure my baby girl would love it! 🙂

  78. At Nelly Jean I love the Floral Frilly Bloomers, so pretty!

  79. I love an Owl Storage Caddy, there are never enough storage solutions when you have little ones!

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  83. At Bright Star Kids I like Photo Frame Wall Stickers!

  84. The Small Address Labels at Sticky Biz.

  85. Love Baby Traveller® Diaper Bag at Gr8x!

  86. Matilda Doll at Australian Girl!

  87. I just love the Pram hooks makes it so easy to hang things on the pram not having to bend down to the basket all the time!

  88. Facebook liker!

  89. Bibska facebook liker

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  92. Would love the pram Hooks for when I do shopping so helpful wonderful invention

  93. Love the bib its style reminds me of a little outlaw

  94. Tea Party Collection “Sugar Plum” would be a great gift for any aspiring chef!

  95. Babies Favourite Things FB liker.

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  97. Bibska Bibs for Baby liker.

  98. Love Li”l Davinci Art Cabinet at ArtEater.

  99. French Breton Hat at Nelly and Jean.

  100. At Little Yoyo Styles I like the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer!

  101. At Budburst Kids – the stackable playon crayons!

  102. Owl Storage Bin, so striking and a nice change from the usual brightly coloured kids storage options.

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  106. I love their Baby Kojo the Croc, extremely adorable!

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  108. At Bright Button Toys love Family Star Chart!

  109. Love Baby Traveller® Diaper Bag from Gr8x.

  110. At Little Yoyo Styles – the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer!

  111. At Sustainababy my favourite is Chewable Jewels Necklace & Bracelet Combo!

  112. i love the idea of the very hungry caterpilla it would be great for travling and visiting family and friends i love that it is a pillow, blanket and toy all in one i also like spot the dog pillow and fleece blanket in one it brings back memories from when i was a little girl and would be great for the pram to go every where with us

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