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Now that school is in full swing again it won’t be long before your little students come home with their first drawings and artworks of the season. Those first ones will proudly hang on your pinboard or fridge and before you know it you can’t see the doors of your fridge anymore. Every single artwork is special in its own way and most parents want to keep as many of those precious artworks as possible. But how to do this in a neat and representable way?

The team at Art Eater has come up with three awesome ways to showcase your kids’ artwork so you can enjoy and admire it for longer. In fact Art Eater is one of the very few Australian retailers selling the fantastic Li’l Davinci Art Cabinets. This clever combination between a cabinet and a photo frame allows you to store up to 50 pages in the one frame and changing the artwork on display as often as you like without any effort.

To add the latest creation to your Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet you simply open it from the front and place the new piece in front of the others, close the door and voila, there is a new artwork to admire. The frame is surprisingly thin so it will look very similar to a regular photo frame and is available in several colour options to suit your interior. Depending on what size paper your child works with most, and how much wall space you have, there is choice of A4, A3 and A2 size.

With the twins starting kindy this year I can expect many handmade creations to make their way into our house so I am creating a special wall area to hang up three Li’l Davinci Art Cabinets, one for each child. It’s a great way to show your child you think their work is fantastic and worth looking at, and it looks organised and tidy too! The beautifully made Li’l Davinci Art Cabinets are priced between $65 and $125.

To find out more about Art Eater, to take a closer look at the Li’l Davinci Art Cabinets and to order online visit www.arteater.com.au.

For your chance to win a A3 Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet (RRP $85) in your favourite colour (subject to availability) visit www.arteater.com.au and answer the following question: Which colour Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet would you choose and where would you hang it?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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Competition ends March 2, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  240 Responses to “Art Eater giveaway”

  1. I love the Cherrywood, looks old fashioned and would look amazing with some artwork displayed inside.

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  6. What a great product! Love it in the white and I would display it in our study!

  7. My house would suit any color 🙂
    I think My son deserves to win one of these frames as he loves to do drawing of his new baby brother that he loves so much. He is an amazing little boy and has been through so much in his whole 5years in this world. 🙂

  8. And I would hang it in our enterence of our house so we can show it off all the time.

  9. I’m now a liker of Art Eater on fb.

  10. I love the Lil Davinci art cabinet, i would definatley choose the black it makes the art work stand out, i would hang it in our kitchen/family room so i could look at it everyday, i love art work but also hate cluttering up the fridge, 🙂

  11. hmmm three kids and so many pictures to hang up leaves the walls and fridge groaning…. Loving the cherrywood and I would have it hanging beside my bed so it would nbe the first thing I see as I go to sleep and the brightest thing to look on when i wake because I love my babies

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  14. The black one wold look great on the empty wall in her playroom (it’s adjacent to the living area, so everyone would be able to see it!

  15. like art eater on facebook!

  16. Cherrywood is devine and would go nicely in my daughters room 🙂

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  21. I love the white 🙂

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  26. What a great idea! I like the cherrywood Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet the best and would hang it in my lounge room with my children’s masterpieces:)

  27. email subscriber 🙂

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  29. I think the black frame would look awsome on my picture wall in the lounge room. They are such an awesome idea.

  30. I love the white frame!

  31. White and would hang it in the kitchen (centre of the household).

  32. Cherrywood to suit the house, and it would be hung in the Rumpus room, the heart and soul of our home.

  33. Cherrywood – it won’t date, nor yellow like white will, and black is just plain ugly.
    And we would hang it in the entrance hall to greet all our friends and family with our kids beautiful artistic delights…..be nice to have the fridge finally free!!

  34. Hi just subscribed to weekly email. I’d choose the black to match my eldest daughters one and it would go on the opposite side of the tv.

  35. Hi shared on facebook and I would chose the black one to go in the lounge room. http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=655797569

  36. I would choose the black Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet – then I would have the choice of hanging it in my sons bedroom or in the lounge room.

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  39. White, because it will go with all artwork 🙂
    I would hang it in the dining/kitchen area.

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  42. Bright Star Kids stick-on name labels, I use them on everything!

  43. I would like the white. It would make the colours in his art stand out. Would definately place it above the computer, with the four of us taking turns and always on it when guests arrive showing them photo’s it is the most used area in the house.

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  46. Love the gr8x Cassie Hobo bag it looks almost business like. I could see great usage after bub gets too old for a diaper bag.

  47. Sticky Biz has the coolest gear for school. Their green truck book labels are very my little boy.

  48. Love Whimsy Child’s Daily Tea Cinco Senses Hoodie such bright cool colours.

  49. How cute are the baby leg warmers at Nelly Jean. Adore the Kaleidoscope colours.

  50. Cherrywood, In the Lounge, where everyone could see it.

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  54. What a great idea. I’d like a white one that I would have in an easy to see place on my lounge room wall. My grand children love to see their work on display.

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  57. The white one would definitely hang in the toilet so no-one could escape having to look at the pics, and for the child it would be a good reward for toilet training.

  58. White as it looks quite modern and we would hang it in our dining room room and kitchen area which is the first part of our home that people come into.

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  62. I would love a black cabinet as it goes with everything and it would hang pride of place in the front entrance for everyone to see upon entering our house!

  63. Already a Facebook liker of Art Eater!

  64. The white Art Eater would look absolutely devine on the wall behind my computer, I would be able to look up and smile that big “I’m such a proud mummy smile” all day long.

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  67. love the Cherrywood as it would match our frame style in our house 🙂

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  73. whimsy child – Daily Tea Amate Aves Raglan Dress

  74. sustainababy – Ecoboo Friends Blanket

  75. Shop for Tots – egg chalk

  76. Nelly jean – birdie headband

  77. I love the Cherrywood,matches our other pictures! I have a bare wall in our family room where the kids toys & books are kept so would love to hang the frame up there,my daughter is getting very creative & loves to draw & “make” things! 😉

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  82. Nelly Jean-Birdie Headband with Green & White Polka dots

  83. Badburst Kids-Sparkle T Afternoon Tea Party Set

  84. Brightstar Kids-Chalkboard Ladybug Wall Sticker

  85. Sustainababy-Green Bean Puff Sleeve Tee-Fantail

  86. Definitely Cherrywood to match the rest of my frames and I’d hang it in our open plan living room so that everybody can see it everyday!

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  88. The black would suit my house as all other frames are black.
    I would put it in the family room – next to our family photo.

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  93. I love Matilda from Australian Girl

  94. I love the amber teething necklaces from sustainababy

  95. I love the colour play psi bands!

  96. From Gummy Babies I like the Ellaroo Ring Sling – Malay

  97. Liked and shared on facebook

  98. I would choose white as a neutral background for the many coloured masterpieces my 4 yo grandson will complete this year. It would hang on the wall behind our kitchen table, the central point where we all gather

  99. I like the cherrywood frame and would hang it in our study. What a great idea!

  100. Liked Art Eater on FB.

  101. Love the Cherrywood…and I’d hang it in the kitchen.

  102. I love the black and I would hang it in my daughters room above her book case.

  103. The Cherrywood is my favourite. I’d hang it in the lounge room proudly.

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  108. I love the black 🙂

  109. I’d choose black and my kids would be very proud to see their art hanging in our lounge 🙂

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  112. Shopfortots – love the Le Toy Van My First Garage

  113. budburstkids – love the stackable playon crayons

  114. My favorite is the Cherrywod Art Cabinet. I’d like to hang under my worktable in order to see it all the day long 🙂

  115. email subscriber

  116. I would choose the White one and hang it in the lounge for everyone to see.

  117. I love the Faux Fur Vest – Humble Bumble from Nelly Jean

  118. I love the Ulubulu – Mute Button on Glitter Purple Silicone pacifier on Little Yoyo Styles

  119. I love the Little Tee-Tee – Arielle Dress from Bubzyboo

  120. I love the Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama

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  123. Cherrywood, just what my family needs

  124. I liked the cherrywood and would hang it in the dining room to create discussion at the dinner table

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  126. I would chose the Black one and hang it in our entryway so everyone could see the art from the kids when they first come in. It would hang next to our print of The Scream by Edvard Munch that is also framed in black.

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  129. I’d choose Cherry Wood and hang pride of place over the mantle so everyone can see it and admire my cherubs art work

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  136. cherrywood to hang in the family room with our family pic

  137. I’d choose white and I would hang it in our entryway

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  141. black – goes with any wall colour and paintings 🙂 would look awesome in our dining room so we could look at them while eating our meals 🙂

  142. have liked arteater on facebook

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  144. have written about this and pasted link on my facebook page

  145. from nelly jean i love the Flounce Dress Mademoiselle Red

  146. from sustainababy i love the Small One Childrens Table and Chairs

  147. from budburst kids i love the Mooce Jeans

  148. from earlybirds i love the organic sleeping bag with mittens

  149. I would choose cherrywood because all the rest of the wood in my house is like that and I would hang it in the hallway near the front door so everyone can see my talented childrens work

  150. I like black and would hang it in the living room

  151. email subscriber

  152. Badburst Kids
    Sparkle T Afternoon Tea Party Set

  153. Cherrywood would be my pick – I know just where I’d hang it when we move next month.

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  157. Matilda from Australian girl

  158. i would go the black and it would get pride of place in the kitchen, on the wall that mr 3’s artworks are currently blu tacked! i think it would be a much less ‘tacky’ display option!!

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  163. I would get the white one and proudly place it in my living room to show off to all my friends my budding little artist’s work!
    – and im subscribed 😉

  164. It would proudly hang in our entrance hall so it could be admired by all. Dramatic black would beautifully display the wonderful art I receive each day.

  165. Love the black cabinet!

  166. I like Art Eater on Facebook

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  170. Black, I would hang it in the lounge room.

  171. Email subscriber

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  174. Love the Cherrywood Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet, perfect for all the “masterpieces” the twins bring home from daycare.

    Liked on Facebook.

  175. I would choose the black Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet, it would become centre piece with my collection of family photos hung in contemporary black!! Perfect.

  176. Cherrywood colour would be my choice! It really suits the colour of my little one’s bed. Would hang it in her bedroom.

  177. Like Art Eater on FB.

  178. I follow Hip Little One via e-mail. 🙂

  179. I like the Small Address Labels at Sticky Biz.

  180. I like the Green Toys Tool Set at Sustainababy!

  181. At Little Yoyo Styles I like the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer!

  182. Black for me – order the cherry wood but the whites lovely too!!! in my entrance hall – think i need 3 in line one for each child. 🙂

  183. I love Orange/Blue ALL-IN-ONE Kindy Sheet at Charlie Bloome.

  184. liked on fb

  185. subscribed to newsletter

  186. subscribbed rss feed

  187. I love the black or white art cabinet & I would display it in our dining room which is the hub of our home It is also the room most of our art & craft is created in!

  188. I love it in cherrywood! I would display it in my living room, so my daughter could show off her masterpeices to visitors

  189. I love the black, it would perfectly frame with the bright coloured artwork that come home from kinder each week 🙂

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  194. Love these… a brilliant concept. I have liked the Art Easter.

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  199. Love the Cherrywood!

  200. Liked on FB 🙂

  201. wrote about on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mogy37

  202. hi what a fantastic idea, I would love to win one in the black colour. I would hang it in our living area, on display for everyone who walks through the front door. 🙂

  203. I LOVE the white and would hang it in our picture gallery in our foyer where all our visitors would see it on arrival. All the pictures there are black and white, in white frames, so our kids’ artwork in this fabulous frame would really POP! As the mama of 2 little artists and one baby budding artist I just LOVE this idea. x

  204. i would love the black frame !! it would look amazing next to my bubba’s little care bottom canvas in our dining room ! and it would be great to see her artwork hanging and protected everyday instead of being pulled off the fridge and ruined by miss mia’s baby brother aden !! all my fingers and toes are crossed.. these lil da vinci frames look absolutely amazing !!

  205. liked on facebook too and subscribed to hip little one !!

  206. A white art cabinet would look wonderful in our bathroom! As I no longer get to pee alone with 2 little ones, at least I can distract them with a viewing of their artwork!

  207. I would love black and i would put it in the lounge so we could see it all the time

  208. Liked Art Eater on fb

  209. Already Subscibed to email

  210. I would chose the white frame as is would make the artwork pop against the feature wall in the kitchen. I would hang it there so everyone who comes into our home could see my child’s artworks on display. Love this idea!

  211. Facebook liker of Art Eater

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  214. My favourite item at Bright Star Kids is the Photo Frame Wall Stickers

  215. My favourite item from Budburst Kids is the Mooce Jeans – gorgeous!

  216. From Gummy Babies my favourite item is Kanoe Hammock.

  217. From Whimsy Child my favourite item is the Daily Tea Cinco Senses Striped Dress

  218. I would choose the Cherrywood colour Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet and I would hang it proudly in our loungeroom so all my visitors would see it and talk about the artwork and ask where did I get the cabinet from? What an awesome product xx

  219. I like the black colour. I would hang this in my sons room so we both can admire his work 🙂

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  224. I love the french blue and white breton hat at Nelly and Jean!!

  225. Boys Relaxed Roll Tab Lightweight Jean from Havoc Denim.

  226. The booties from Earlybirds 🙂

  227. I absolutely LOVE the Cheeky Monkeys Wall Stickers from Bright Star Kids!!!

  228. Like on facebook

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  230. Cherrywood, love it!

  231. Liked on face book 🙂

  232. I forgot to comment my first answer for an entry 🙂
    I like all colours of the Art Cabinet, but the Cherrywood is my favourite, i would hang it in my family room for all to see.

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