Jan 202012

Whether you are shopping online or just browsing the junk mail that arrives in your mailbox, everywhere you look you are bombarded by back to school products. Clothing, shoes, labels, backpacks and of course lunchboxes, but what about what goes in those lunchboxes? The talented Wendy, author of the Vegie Smugglers cookbooks, has put together a series of four fantastic Lunchbox Inspiration e-books, one for every term of school. Work your way through all her delicious recipes and you will have no trouble filling those 200 (!) lunchboxes that you will be preparing this school year.

You can buy the Lunchbox Inspiration e-books online for just $4,95 each and they will be delivered straight to your inbox. In the e-book you can easily see  what to make for each school day of the term by looking at the weekly overview, it even tells you what to add to your shopping list. Many mums tend to repeat the contents of the lunchbox due lack of inspiration, Vegie Smugglers will add lots of delicious lunch ideas to your repertoire and you can rest assured that each and every meal or snack is healthy and nutritious.

For a little taste of what to expect from the Vegie Smugglers Lunchbox Inspiration e-books download your free sample pages here.

To find out more about Vegie Smugglers and to order the Vegie Smugglers cookbooks ($24.95 each) or Lunch Inspiration e-books ($4.95 each) online visit www.vegiesmugglers.com.au.

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