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If you have been following Hip little one for a while you may have been wondering how our toilet training journey is coming along. Having newborn twins was hard, having three kids under two was hard too, but compared to toilet training twins that was all a piece of cake. I did not expect it to be this hard, this time consuming and so stressful, each time we made progress something happened and they took a few steps back so I really didn’t have much to write about.

I decided to wait it out until summer, the toilet training season, so they could walk around in undies all day, saving me the hassle of undressing, dressing and washing numerous outfits every day (twins really is double the work!). Every child is different and although I copped a fair few moments on my decision to wait I knew we would tackle this in our own time, when they were completely ready. That time has come and so far so good, no more nappies at daytime and aside from a surprisingly small number of accidents everything is going brilliantly.

I was well prepared this time: 20 pairs of undies for each child, an endless supply of toilet paper and several boxes of Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Fresh Wipes for Kids, a stool, soap and all within a hand’s reach. I have made it my life’s task to ask every 5 minutes if someone needs to go to the toilet and I don’t rest until I get a yes or no out of them. The twins have taken to the new routine really well, I was amazed by how many times they go to the toilet and manage to produce a few drops.

By now they can go the toilet by themselves, often our toilet is a high traffic area with one twin on the toilet, the other twins waiting for a turn and mummy trying to make everything run smoothly and with as little mess as possible. The baby is watching these new developments closely and sometimes even claims to want to do a ‘wee-wee’ herself, pulling up her top and sitting down on the potty, without success so far but that doesn’t matter!

They think toilet paper is very interesting and all this extra wiping can be pretty harsh on their skin so the Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Fresh Wipes are a perfect solution. These handy wipes are alcohol free and contain Aloe Vera, so they are gentle and soothing to the skin like the baby wipes they are used to. It makes cleaning little bottoms a lot easier and once done they can be flushed down the toilet (unlike regular baby wipes!).

You can buy the Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Fresh Wipes for Kids from most Woolworths, Coles and independent supermarkets and now also Big W. A 42-wipe refillable pop-up tub costs just $4.98 each and when empty you simply purchase the 84-wipes refill pack ($6.98), the clever pop-up design makes it easy to use for little ones and only one wipe comes out at a time (no unnecessary waste!).

To find out more about Kleenex, to browse the range and to get involved with the Kleenex Mums community online visit www.kleenexmums.com.au.

For your chance to win one of ten Kleenex prize packs valued at $41 (containing a Kleenex Plush Puppy, Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Fresh Wipes for Kids Tub and Refill Pack) visit the toilet training section on www.kleenexmums.com.au and answer the following question: What is your best toilet training tip?

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Competition ends February 10, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. Allow yourself a realistic timeframe to succeed with training, don’t expect it to be done in a day, expect a few weeks of accidents, washing, more accidents and triumphs! It may take weeks but is so rewarding when they are trained and out of nappies!

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  8. Cold turkey method. Spend 3 straight days at home, not going out, with your little one. Have them in undies the entire time. Take them to the potty as soon as they either say they need to go, or an accident starts to happen. If it’s the latter, just take them to the potty and sit them on the it without pulling down the undies, until they can make it there in time. No nappies during sleep times. They’ll be some accidents along the way but they’ll be toilet trained quicker than you know it.

  9. Stay patient and calm and use a sticker chart to get your child excited about it

  10. having twins and a new bub, i need everything to be easy and quick

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  13. dont start to early, and become a toilet trained mum instead of toilet training the child, remember its the child that needs to learn when its time to go sit on potty not the mother learning to catch the child in time for the toilet, be prepared for set backs and a wee target in the toilet is great for avoiding those wet patches on the floor if your child is past the potty age

  14. I found that timing helped in toilet training. Pick times, I used to put them (6 children) on the potty after breakfast lunch and dinner, Worked great, took a few weeks but they would then go do it themselves. have a meal, go potty and then wash hands and brush teeth. Worked with them all, though the boys were a bit slower lol. Now My kids have done the same with their children and I am doing it with my grandson who lives with me.

  15. some children are ready earlier than others, just keep trying if it does not work after a few weeks put back into nappies and try again next month, it will happen, finding a rewards system that your child responds to WILL help. Accidents will happen try not to get too frustrated or dishartened

  16. Wait until they decide that they are ready! At 2 years of age they become independant little buggers, so as with most things they do, if you just guide them in the right direction but wait for them to make the final decision, then your life will be 100 times easier then if you are trying to force them into doing things! I have just trained my 2 year old boy, and I can honestly say that he was completely toilet trained (including at night times) in less then a week!

    • Yes Sarah. It is only with lots of love and lots of patience that you will succeed. Congratulations.

  17. Whilst I am a great grandmother. I use these flushable wipes. Keep a pack in the car for refreshing and with 16 great grandchildren and another on the way. If I win a pack I will give it to the most recent potty learner.

  18. Put the lid back on just in case!!!

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  24. Follow the three “P’s” Perseverence, Practise and Patience!

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  27. My best toilet training tip is don’t stress!! I stressed so much with my son it was a year of stress….and then one day it just all clicked! With my daughter I’ve taken the less stress approach and she has trained much earlier!

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  31. I love the Fruut sacks from Little Yoyo Styles

  32. I love Matilda from Australian Girl

  33. I love the framed wall art from ArtEater

  34. I love Sophie The Giraffe from sustainababy

  35. I found that my little miss independent did much better with one of the steps that had the seat and step combined (it is kind of like a ladder). She can get up there with ease and be comfortable and confident that she will not fall off or in the toilet.
    I also found setting the timer on the oven for 10 minutes worked wonders in helping me to remember to ask her if she needed to go.

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  39. FANTASTIC Giveaway! Best tip from me is to not look back. At all. No matter how many wee’s you have cleaned up, do not put it off as each time you resort to a nappy it puts toddler back 2 steps.

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  43. Firstly allow your child to give you the cues that they may be ready. My son at 20 months started to tell me when he had done a wee or a poo in his nappy so we would take him to the potty to have a sit. Dont push them….praise them and be very patient!!!

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  48. Rudy & The Dodo – I like the green “trolley” case.

  49. Shop for Tots – I like the Drieyes Hair wash Aid.

  50. Sustainababy – I like the Cheeky Little Soles Walkers – Henry Sandals.

  51. Nelly Jean – I like the “If this music is too loud” singlet.

  52. Dont pressure your child, they will let you know when they are ready. My daughter is 3 and has only just now shown an interest in going to the toilet. We praise her when she takes herself off to the toilet, and we never growl when she has an accident. We just go with the flow and make it fun with a reward chart. Happy toddler=Happy parents.

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  57. Get your partner or whoever is residing in the same place, to be onboard. My husband was always putting him in nappies whenever my son asked him to, he hated the training pants that I put him in. Once he was reguarly in the training pants, things slowly……slowly got better.

  58. Be consistant as it may take a while but encourage and remember your child will learn in their own time.

  59. Make every moment fun and make a HUGE deal out of every achievement. We made it book reading time and we would sit with him as long as he wanted to be there and try and I made a hanging reward thing with 5 pockets. On the fifth piddle in the toilet he got a present and after mastering the no. 1’s he got rewards for no. 2’s and a big reward for every 5th one.

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  62. Gummi Babies have those great amber teething necklaces that I keep seeing everywhere. My youngest is struggling so much with teething this would work wonders. Most teething toys don’t reach the back teeth.

    • Please note that Amber teething necklaces are not for chewing – they are made from a resin of a tree and release something through the skin to help calm and sooth the child – not for chewing!

  63. Sukimama have some nice bath toys. I love the splat bath hoops. You can never have enough bath toys.

  64. Loving the earlybirds Sunday collection. I’ve never seen a site specifically for premmi babies. It’s wonderful. I love bodysuits and these start from 1.5kg. However they have items even smaller like the Isolette suit at 800g which is a great item.

  65. Check the swim items from Shop for Tots. We live in swim stuff year round here. I love the Jelly Bean Sarong. Wish they had it in mum size.

  66. Lots of excitement and clapping when he goes to the toilet, no fussing over accidents, and persistence.

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  68. Buy the cheapest undies you can..

    When they ‘accidentally’ do a poo..just throw the undies out instead of washing them.

    I learnt this because every time my husband was out and this happened, he would bring the undies back poo and all.

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  70. I learnt that patience is key in toilet training – if your toddler’s not ready, take a week or so break and then try again. Every kid is different and they will learn it when they are ready – and once they’re ready it will happen quickly (like three days!). My daughter was three years old. Don’t be pressured by friends or well-meaning relatives to start early if your child isn’t ready.

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  75. My best toilet training tip is: toilet training is easier in the summer months when there are less clothes to get in the way of a quick dash. Less laundry too, because there will be accidents.

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    Praise the EFFORT not just the end product!

    Remember, Life’s all about the Journey, not just the Destination!!

  79. Use a reward system – a sticker, stamp, or a simple, “Well done,” are great forms of encouragement for a child.

  80. It’s just like training a puppy, only easier! Allow 10 minutes after they’ve eaten or had a drink and then take them to the toilet. Take them before bed time, as soon as they wake up, and before you head out anywhere, and keep on doing it until they’re toilet trained!! It works, and doesn’t take that long either.

    Children want to impress you, to please you, so show them how happy them going to the toilet is making you!!

  82. Love the Matilda doll at Australian Girls

  83. Amber Necklaces at Gummy Babies are the best.

  84. Love the Summer Ruffle Dress at Havoc Denim

  85. My final favourite item is the Zoku Ice Pop maker at Sukimama!

  86. I would reward the child with a piece of chocolate or something after sweet every time they’ve done it correctly !

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  88. Love the bean bag chairs from Avidivas

  89. My favourite item from Since we were kids is the Pacigrips

  90. The nappy bags from Sustain a baby are really cute and are my favourite!

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  99. Toilet Training Tip –
    Reward the got-it-right times but don’t punish the had-an-accident times

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  108. Toilet Training

    Patience, Positive Parenting
    Encouragement and lots of KLEENEX!!!!

  109. make a big deal when they get it right!!!! dont get cranky when they don’t
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  110. Praise and celebrate small successes. With boys a ping pong ball in the bowl as a target (which doesn’t flush away) makes going to the toilet a great incentive, and hilarious fun!

  111. Don’t rush them, they will let you know when they are “ready”

  112. Have the potty next to tohe toilet form age 1 and let them sit on it next to you when your on the toilet and let them know it there toilet repeating this stick in there head and familarise the child with what they are to do.

  113. Relax yourself and stop stressing out, your child will do it when they are ready. The more you stress the more they will go nope not doing it. Rewards and praise work a treat when they use the potty and always have the potty at hand.

  114. Don’t go ‘Potty’, patience is the key!

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  120. From Little Yoyo Styles the Japanese porcelain doll earrings are just lovely

  121. Rudyandthedodo i love paper toys – kokeshi dolls (by djeco)
    shop for tots;April skirt Red by oobi
    Sustainababy:Sophie The Giraffe
    Earlybirds;Travel Nest with hood

    have done all jobs listed

  122. Dont start 2 early
    remember there will be accidents
    know that eventually it will happen
    relise that this isnt the worst obstacle you will face parenting:-)

  123. When you begin, take your child to the toilet or potty frequently to help them become familiar with the process and to allow them a greater likelihood of initial success. Taking the potty with you from room to room so that it is always close at hand can also help in those first few days

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  125. we wrapped undies up like beautiful presents and my daughter got to open a new pair each time she had success on the toilet!

    It also helps to buy undies they’d love to wear e.g. tinker bell or dora

  126. let them run around with just knickers on, our little girl just picked it up one day, and hates having a nappy on now.

  127. Kleenex is the only brand of tissue and toilet tissue that I use.

  128. I love the comment “think about what will work best for your child within the requirements of your family, your home and your routine,” as a lot of people like to tell you what to do but in the end, it is what works best for you and your little ones…

  129. Training my 2 boys to use the toilet like Daddy I used to put a Ping Pong Ball in the water “they float” and do not leave when you flush. This way the kids could aim for the ball and not my floors. Liker on FB too.

  130. I always find it helps to wait till they are ready and Encourage along the way

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  135. I found a sticker chart helped toilet train my two year old – it really gave her an incentive to go to the toilet with an assortment of stickers to choose from each time she successfully went to the toilet. 🙂

  136. Not to stress about it, to wait till you think they are ready. Lots of patience, lots of clean clothes and dry bedding, and the best thing is lots of praise and rewards

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  140. Sit for a few minutes and read a book, sing or talk together to help your child relax… I did this with both my girls. My oldest daughter causght on very quickly but my second child was very difficult and stressful time, I was so happy when we finally made it.

  141. We haven’t quite got the hang of this potty training so no great tips but am enjoying others =)

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  145. I like the Chirpie Bird Canvas @ stickybiz.com.au would be great in little girls room

  146. Tizzie Hall Comforter – Lizzie Lamb @avidiva.com.au look super cuddly.

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  149. I let him go nappy-less at home,
    Some mother’s would moan.
    But he then knows when to go,
    When he feels the flow.

  150. My best toilet training tip is to do it on your child’s pace and be patient. I let my little girl run around in her undies all day. Hopefully, she learns soon! 🙂

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  152. At Ruby and the Dodo I like the Felt House Bag!

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  154. At Badburst Kids I like the Fred Chopsticks Girl!

  155. Love the Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama!

  156. From Sustainababy I like their Amber Necklaces!

  157. The good old sticker chart. It will motivate them to go, especially if they get to put a sticker on their chart.

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  160. In my experience, kids will toilet train when they are good and ready. You can prepare them, and the house, as best you can but it’s really them that will choose whether or not to become toilet trained. Sticker charts, putting them on the toilet in the middle of the night, fancy undies, all this stuff helps but patience is the key.

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  162. Never forget to praise when the event is followed as a little praise and a smile goes a long way to give support and to raise a little one’s esteem

  163. Positive feedback. Praising when the job is done. Follower of twitter and FB liker. Have tweeted about the giveaway

  164. My advice is, once you start to toilet train you little one, make sure you see it through. This way it doesn’t send mixed messages to your child. From the start, make sure you are both ready for this step. I used to sing to my child whilst they were on the toilet, and seeing it was fun and funny, she saw it as fun and continued with the training. The business would be done, no stress and we’d both come out laughing.

  165. Always put the seat back down

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  169. I let my little girl sit on her potty for about 10 minutes each time, while I sit on the floor next to her, reading stories. 🙂 It’s time consuming, at least this way it’s possible to catch wee or poo into the correct place!

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  172. At Sticky Biz, I like the Truck and Car Canvas!

  173. Loving the Girls Summer Ruffle Dress from Havoc Denim!

  174. I love the Ulubulu – Mute Button on Glitter Purple Silicone pacifier on Little Yoyo Styles.

  175. I like the Sweet Dear Bean Bag from Shopfortots!

  176. Stay relaxed and try to make the experience fun, play games, sing songs, read books etc while your little one is one the toilet.

  177. Make sure they show interest before you start, otherwise it’s pointless!

  178. I think using a sticker chart is the best tip. Thats how I trained my son and we are currently doing this with my daughter.

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  181. firstly, don’t stress! They all get there eventually and kids pick up on any anxiety we have. Encourage and make it celebratory.

    My son wet trained very well but was adament about not going poos on the potty. Very strange, but common I discovered. I sticky taped matchbox cars to the wall in the toilet and each time he did a poo he got to pick a car off the wall to have. It worked amazingly well and only bough about 10 of them. The habit was set after that.

  182. If you can hold out until they are just a little older (2-3 not 1-2) I have found you can day and night train them within a few weeks of starting rather than dealing with night wets.

  183. Dont force your child. I kept asking my daughter who is 2 and a half if she needed to go to the toilet and she would never go and would wet herself.As soon as i stop asking her to go she went and has ever since

  184. I too had to toilet train twins and the worst part for me was when they wet their beds in the middle of the night and I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open as I stumbled around trying to find new bedlinen to make their beds afresh.

    My solution was to make their beds twice, using the waterproof sheet underneath and sheet on top and then make their bed again on top of that set with another set of sheets including another waterproof undersheet. That way if they wet the bed in the middle of the night I just had to strip the wet set of sheets and waterproof lining off their beds and underneath would already be another made bed. Much easier to do when your eyes refuse to open fully because you are so tired!

  185. Don’t use absorbant pull-up type nappies when you trying to potty train (unless you need them for a trip in the car etc) or you will likey have a lower success rate. You need to use undies because your toddler needs to be able to feel that they are wet or it won’t be a big deal for them to try and stay dry 🙂

  186. Wait for your child to be ready instead of pushing them when they aren’t. That way TT will take days at most instead of weeks and months.

  187. A golf ball in the loo for target practise for little boys and it makes peeing more fun too

  188. Persevere. It’s hard work but if you are diligent your hard work will pay off. I start when the weather is warm so they can run around in undies only. They need to feel the wet undies on their skin so that they know when they have urinated. I also keep a pottie in the lounge room so it’s never too far away, and (if it’s in front of the tv) they can sit on it while they watch their favourite show.

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  191. Wait until your child is ready, doing it too early may create a fear of using the potty!

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    The flushable wipes are great to make the kids feel special for going to the big toilet.

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  200. be patient with your child and don’t rush anything – they will do everything in their own time!

  201. I tell my toddler: “Let’s go to the toilet” rather than ask the question “Do you want to go?”. This gives her the option to say “No”, and the only way out is then force, which you don’t want to do.

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  203. I visited Gr8x and love their Stretch Swaddling Wraps!

  204. I love Psi Bands at Since We Were Kids!

  205. At Australian Girl, I like Belle Doll!

  206. At Nelly Jean, I like Love Henry shorts!

  207. My best tip is to wait until they are truly ready. It’s very tempting to think that you are ready and expect them to be ready just because you are, but it doesn’t work like that. If TTing is a battle or a chore that brings nothing but stress and mess, then take a breather, put the nappy back on and wait a while until they are ready on their own. Fighting them about it won’t hurry the process, it will just create frustration and mess!

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  212. I visited Stickybiz and my favourite item from their site is the dino height chart http://www.stickybiz.com.au/online-store/height-reward-charts/height-charts/dino-height-chart

  213. eeek – i wish i could help another mumma, but i feel a lot of it is trial and error – my little girl has been potty training for a year!!! – we’ve had good bits – lots of accidents and i had tried everything – at just over 2 and half she started going on the toilet after tea and before her bath (so her poor brother didn’t have it in his bath!!) that worked /and 2 weeks ago i re-tried the stay at home for three days… we had no underwear and were outside all day and so far no accidents(2weeks on)…. so let your little one guide you and check that you yourself aren’t holding them back, turns out my little one can’t wear knickies without thinking she has a nappy on – so we are slowly re-introducing knickies – so far so good!

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  215. when night training, place mattress protector then sheet then another mattress protector and sheet. in case of accident, it’s easy to remove top sheet & protector with minimum disruption. also, if in summer, let your child wear just undies so if there is an accident, shorts/pj pants won’t be sopping wet which makes it harder to remove!

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  220. Positive reinforcement will go so much further than reprimand. My kids both loved praise and I made an effort to only mention the good stuff. Soiled undies and accidents were met with no reaction other than praise. I only wanted my kids to remember the good parts!

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  222. My best tip is to resist the temptation of using disposable “underwear,” such as Pull-Ups, all the time. The children don’t get uncomfortable when they are wet, which severely prolongs potty training!

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  224. At Budburst Kids I love the Milky Winter Pyjamas (Cherry).

  225. At Shop for Tots I like the Babushka Duffle Bag!

  226. At Australian Girl my favourite is Matilda Doll!

  227. At Arteater I love the Framed Wall Art!

  228. For the boys put little bright stickers on the bowl for them to aim 🙂

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