Jan 062012

Looking at my growing collection of interesting drawings made by my cheeky three year olds I am starting to think of clever ways to display them in our home. By now even our double door fridge is getting rather full, a shame because they absolutely love drawing and colouring and really enjoy looking back at things they created earlier. A beautiful way to encourage and showcase your child’s artistic talents is with the Colour In wallpaper from Just Kids Wallpaper.

Like the name says Just Kids Wallpaper is all about wallpaper for kids in a large selection of colours, prints and styles. A few rolls of Colour In wallpaper would be my top pick, I would have loved it as a child and I know mine would love it too. A section of Colour In wallpaper would make a lovely addition to a playroom or bedroom but even places like the kitchen, so the kids can do a spot of colouring in while you cook dinner.

Another one of my favourites, and not only because it originates from my home country The Netherlands, is this gorgeous Mushroom wallpaper from Dutch label Onszelf (which means ourselves). I love the vibrant red colour of the toadstool and the neutral tones of the background, leaving plenty of room for accessorising with other sweet red pieces. If your little lady is more into pink there are plenty of other designs available too.

To find out more about Just Kids Wallpaper, to browse the range and to order online visit www.justkidswallpaper.com.

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  1. Thanks hiplittleone for noticing my little store, I am so glad you like it. xxxx Clare.

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