Jan 292012

On these hot, humid days the baby often runs around in as little clothing as possible, that is fine with me as I think she looks absolutely angelic with her chubby baby belly and thunder thighs. She looks terribly cute stomping through the house wearing nothing but a nappy and her Frilly Tushies. When we go out all I need to do is add a little singlet and she looks fantastic, even if we just go to the supermarket people always spot her little pink ruffles and ask me about the Frilly Tushies.

If you are mum of little girls (or buying for one) and you haven’t heard of Frilly Tushies yet you are really missing out. The sweet Frilly Tushies range is designed and made right here in Australia using 100% cotton. After seeing too many little girls wearing ordinary disposable nappies under their tunics and dresses the designers decided to come up with a stylish solution, a divine ruffled bloomer to wear over the nappy and truly complement the outfit (or maybe even be the highlight of the outfit!).

The Frilly Tushies come in a large range of colours, fabrics and prints and as prices start at only $16 you can afford to buy a few different styles to match all your little girls dresses. Spot, gingham, bright and bold or pastel coloured, there is so much and they are all adorable! There really is a Frilly Tushies design for every little girl and every occasion, think of special events like a wedding, Christmas or even Australia Day!

If you can’t get enough of the Frilly Tushies goodness you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to stop at just the ruffled bloomers. The range has been extended with accessories like matching headbands and hats, as well as several sets complete with bloomers, top and headband. The 3-piece Frilly Tushies Coco Set ($45) features gorgeous pink and brown spotted fabric, a matching pink singlet with heart applique and adorable headband, cute pictures guaranteed.

To find out more about Frilly Tushies, to browse the range and to order your favourite go to www.frillytushies.com.au or visit your local stockist.

For your chance to win a 3-piece Frilly Tushies Coco set (available in size S, M and L, subject to availability) visit www.frillytushies.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the styles featured above, which other Frilly Tushies design do you really like?

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