Jan 232012

Most kids are really excited about going back to school next week and meeting up with old and new friends. Maybe you have a little one going to school for the very first time and you are both a little nervous. Not long and you will have to get into the daily school routine of washing school uniforms and packing lunch boxes, making sure the kids don’t forget anything they will need for a long day at school. And of course you hope that at the end of the day they bring it all back home again. Make it easy for them to keep track of their property with the personalised name labels from Sticky Biz.

South Australian company Sticky Biz offers a range of name labels in different sizes and for different uses, ready to be personalised with your choice of text, colour and image. Claim ownership of books, shoes, lunch boxes, bottles and anything else you don’t want to get lost. I know my twins always feel much more in control when they can recognise their name on things, it makes everything easier.

Within the Sticky Biz labels range you have choice of name labels, book labels, address labels, shoe labels, clothing labels and even allergy labels. These last ones can make the difference between picking up your child from hospital or school/daycare so they are a must-have if your child is allergic to dairy, nuts, eggs or gluten. I think they are a fantastic idea and a silent reminder for teachers, carers and other parents.

At Sticky Biz they know that buying name labels can be expensive when you are buying for twins or siblings so they allow you to order a split pack. Just order your favourite colour and design and email Sticky Biz directly after to let them know the name(s) of the other child(ren). This way all your kids can still have their own labels which is a little more personal than just a last name.

To help you prepare for the back to school period Sticky Biz is offering all customers 10% discount storewide, simply enter the code BTS2012 at checkout. Offer ends January 31, 2012.

To find out more about Sticky Biz, to browse the range and to order online visit www.stickybiz.com.au.

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