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Jan 172012

As you know one of my new year resolutions is to have a better organised home, but to be honest my day-to-day life could do with some organisation as well. I used to think I was quite organised and had everything under control, but after forgetting a few birthdays and even a hairdressing appointment (costing me $49 for nothing) I realised something had to change. So on the weekend I made a start, I sat down and filled out my new Mum Organiser from Inner-B.

Australian company Inner-B is passionate about helping mums live a more organised life, so they can feel in control and less stressed (more time to enjoy the little things in life!). The Inner-B range contains 13 products that will help you become more organised and to get off on a good start in 2012 Inner-B is offering Hip little one readers an exclusive 20% discount on the whole range, simply enter the code ‘HLO’ at checkout (valid until January 25, 2012).

My Inner-B Mum Organiser is making my life a lot easier by storing all kinds of information for me. All you need to do is ‘follow the prompts’ so I filled out everything I could and straight away felt a little lighter and happier, knowing I don’t have to remember every birthday or appointment myself. With one week spread over 2 pages there is plenty of room for all my scribbles. I was surprised to see how quickly my weeks and months filled up!

It is really helpful to see your plans in front of you by week and month, I can now easily see where it gets too much. With the twins starting kindy this year my diary will become a lot fuller so it feels great to have a little memory help. I should have invested in a Mum Organiser much earlier, it would have been such a great help with all those new mum and baby check ups, immunisations etc. If you are looking for a babyshower gift the Inner-B Mum Organiser would make a lovely, much appreciated present for sure.

Aside from the obvious calendar and diary aspect the Mum Organiser contains useful pages for many other occasions like planning birthdays, holidays or a new fitness regime, your favourite websites, stores and books you wants to read, your family’s medical information and much more. The Mum Organiser ($44.95) is available in Fuchsia, Lime Green and Turquoise and you can re-use it year after year by just replacing the pages with a Mum Organiser Refill ($16.95).

Although I am generally quite an organised person there is one thing I am struggling to keep on top of, my freezer. Looking at my freezer you’d think I have been through a war and am scared of running out of food ever again, I just like the idea of always having something on hand and not having to run to the shop last minute. I decided to tackle my freezer and planned all the meals for the next few weeks ahead using my Inner-B Weekly Menu Planner.

The Inner-B Weekly Menu Planner Notepad ($6.95) sticks to your fridge with a magnetic strip so it is hard not be organised when you walk past it all the time. The notepad features 30 pages (= 30 weeks) and on each page you have room to plan your 7 days of meals PLUS a shopping list. Very handy as I often don’t make what I want because I am missing a few ingredients. Now that I plan ahead I can make sure I have everything I need on hand, saving me time and I finally get to empty my freezer.

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