Dec 302011

When I go out with my little people I often get asked the same question: Where did you get that? Whether it is their clothing, little hairclips, cool shoes or even my nappy bag, mums love finding out where to buy the things that catch their eye even if it means approaching a stranger (I am guilty of it myself too!). I have no doubt I will get the same repsonse to my latest¬†purchases and for once it is not rude to repeat their question, because ‘Where did you get that?‘ happens to be the name of the store I scored my latest bargain buys at. I have to stop myself from going back for more, especially with their current Boxing Day offer.

Until January 4, 2012, you get 20% off storewide at Where Did You Get That?, so even on all the already heavily reduced items in the sale sections. To profit from this great offer simply enter the code ‘BOXFB’ at checkout. Take a look at these awesome bargains waiting to be snapped up, and all under $15!

Daily Tea Girls Campanillas Ruffle Top $15.96 – 20% = $12.77
Daily Tea Girls Drawstring Skirt $18.36 – 20% = $14.69
Daily Tea Girls Jardin Ruffle Top $15.96 – 20% = $12.77

Daily Tea Boys El Capitan Graphic Tee $15.96 – 20% = $12.77
Daily Tea Boys Cangrejo Graphic Tee $15.96 – 20% = $12.77
Daily Tea Boys Diving Tee $15.96 – 20% = $12.77

To find out more about Where Did You Get That?, to browse the range and to order online visit

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