Dec 152011

In October we were lucky enough to have my parents visit from The Netherlands. When they visit Australia they always like to make the most of it (I can’t blame them) so they usually rent a campervan to travel around in for a week or two. Although my parents were the ones travelling in it I think the twins were equally (or even more) excited by the look of the campervan. They thought it was fantastic and are still talking about the van with all its special features, so when I spotted the Dora’s Vacation Adventure set from Mega Bloks I knew they would love it.

To be very honest I only ever knew Mega Bloks from the chunky building blocks, we have a gigantic basket full and the kids love them. We even have several vehicles and the Play ‘n Go Table which they set up several times a week. If your children love Mega Bloks this is a great product to add to your collection, it is really generous in size so multiple children can play at it, it can be used to build blocks on but also to store blocks in and it folds away nice and flat for storage.

But to my pleasant surprise there is more to Mega Bloks than the blocks alone, in fact the Mega Bloks range consists of a very large range of licensed construction toys featuring popular characters that kids love. With options for children as young as one year old up to five years and up there is a suitable Mega Bloks product for every child. Now that the twins are 3 they are the perfect age for the smaller construction components that come with Dora’s Vacation Adventure.

Dora’s Vacation Adventure is a fantastic playset based around the much-loved character Dora and her monkey friend Boots. Dora and Boots are going on an adventure with their beautiful pink campervan, filled with furniture and beach accessories to make their holiday a success. The set consists of 46 pieces so hours of playing fun are guaranteed. Just like in a real campervan the bed transforms to a table with seats, a spare skirt is hanging up on the wall, there is a fridge and something to eat and drink, Boots has even brought his guitar along for some musical entertainment, what else do you need for a relaxing holiday?

The twins worked out very quickly how to put the campervan together and all the things you can do with the different pieces. Even though the pink colour is probably most popular with the girls my son enjoys playing with the set, he just plays the role of Boots.  Every now then they do get in a little argument, easy to solve by sending one off with Dora on the scooter and Boots gets a turn in the camper.

The kids especially love that Dora and Boots can really hold onto things and stand on the scooter or in the campervan without falling off when they ride them around. Within the Mega Bloks Dora series there are several other sets available and they are all compatible with eachother, somehow I think our collection doesn’t stop here! I have already got my eye on this Dora’s Playtime Adventure set, so cute.

Dora’s Vacation Adventure (RRP $39.99, ages 3-6) is now available at Target, Big W, Toyworld and independent retailers across Australia.

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  1. I am astounded by my 7 months response to Dora, I would have thought she was too young to have a favourite TV show but as soon as the Dora jingle comes on her mouth forms a huge smile and she gurlgles and talks through the episode. Good toy review thanks

    • It is amazing isn’t it? I have never encouraged the children to fall for popular licensed toys etc but somehow certain characters have made their way into our household. Even miss 15 months old has favourites, you should see her when she spots the Wiggles! Glad you like the review, I really enjoyed writing it because the twins thoroughly loved it.

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