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Australian label Kids Avenue creates gorgeous, stylish childrenswear for boys and girls aged to 2 to 8. This Melbourne based company aims to provide fashion savvy mums with high quality children’s clothing that is produced in limited runs only, a very welcome change from the many mass produced brands available.  At the moment the Kids Avenue label is exclusively available in the Kids Avenue boutiques located in Hawksburn Village, Melbourne.

When visiting the beautiful Kids Avenue boutique you can expect to find a range of clothing and accessories that is age appropriate, functional and versatile so that you can dress the outfits up our down depending on the occasion. The current range features some gorgeous girls dresses like the above pictured red polkadot Kirsten dress ($89.95, sizes 2-5) and this sweet Brielle dress with waistbelt. Plenty of options for Christmas!

Don’t worry, soon Kids Avenue will offer other premium boutiques around Australia the opportunity to stock their stunning range in both retail stores and online, making Kids Avenue available to all mums Australia wide. One of the styles to look out for is smart red/white striped Chayton shirt ($69.95, sizes 2-8) for the boys. If you would like Kids Avenue to be stocked at a particular boutique or if you are interested in becoming a stockist please contact Kids Avenue via email.

To take a closer look at some of the Kids Avenue designs and to stay up to date with the latest news and specials keep an eye on the Kids Avenue Facebook page.

To find out more about Kids Avenue and to locate a Kids Avenue stockist near you visit

For your chance to win a Kirsten dress or Chayton shirt (both pictured above) answer the following question: Do you dress your children in coordinating outfits for Christmas or something completely different? Please also indicate which prize you would like to win.

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends December 21, 2011. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  116 Responses to “Kids Avenue giveaway”

  1. I don’t dress my kids in matching clothes for Christmas, they get to choose what ever they want from their new outfits. Kristen dress size 4.

  2. I love the Brielle dress and they are dressed the same in red!!! They love it.:)

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  9. Something different because I hated it when my mother used to dress us all up in home made matching ensembles……even poor Dad too! Chayton shirt

  10. For sure, it’s so cute and makes for adorable Christmas snaps. And while they’re little and not complaining I may as well have my fun. (Chayton shirt if I win please)

  11. I love the Chayton shirt. I have two boys, the youngest is in a size 00 and the older one is in a size 3. It is a bit difficult to find the same clothes in different sizes, unless your willing to pay quite a bit more than normal. On special occasions I dress the boys to match because my husband loves it. It reminds him of his own childhood days and how much he misses his brothers.

  12. have a son and daughter, dress them completely different, although try to make sure they don’t completely clash…
    would love the dress in a size 4

  13. definitely different outfits, could never dress them the same! would love a size 5 for my boy!

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  17. I would love the dress. I am really bad and haven’t even thought about what they will wear Christmas day. I tend to dress them different to each other, as they have such different personalities and looks.

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  24. Christmas day is the one day I like to dress my daughters in the same dress, with a slightly different style each.

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    (I would love to win the Kirsten dress in a size 5)

  26. I only have one child, but I fantasise about sending out Christmas cards with a photograph of four perfectly co-ordinated children one day.
    I would like to win the Kirsten dress in a size 5.

  27. Mine are dressed differently on Christmas Day. If chosen I’d like the Kirsten dress in a size 5 please.

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  29. Kisten dress! I don’t dress my girls matching exactly, its our first Christmas with 2 kidlets and I confess to buying coordinating (not matching though) outfits as we wear the same clothes for Santa photo, church and Christmas Day and I want them to look nice!

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  35. I always dress my 4yr and 2yr old boys in matching outfits. Love the clothes at Kids Avenue. The dress would look beautiful on my niece.

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  38. There’s no way that Miss Fancy Pants would wear an outfit she hadn’t chosen herself. She does like everything to match but I’m not sure her brother would appreciate the yellow flowers quite as much. Pants loves dresses and she’d love a size 3.

  39. Love the Garden Room wall decals from Sticky Biz

  40. Hip Little One,
    Never an outfit for my Son,
    He will only choose
    If he has matching shoes
    My daughter though
    Would put on a show
    With the dress with a Christmas bow!

    Size 4 Kirsten

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  43. I don’t specifically buy my children an outfit for Christmas Day – and they independent souls who like to pick their own clothes. I usually give them a choice of 2-3 options I personally like and they chose from those – but therefore not coordinating. I would love the Kirsten Dress for my little lady.

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  49. I visited Avidiva and I love the Bumbo Baby Chair with Tray Table in red – my favourite colour.

  50. I visited the Australian Girl Doll website and I love the horse riding outfit.

  51. I visited Bubzyboo and I love the Litte Tee-Tee Arielle Dress.

  52. I visited Budburst Kids and I would love the Boon Curl Baby Shoe Rack for my mini-Imelda ;0)

  53. I only have one child, so this question hasn’t come up yet.. But I guess it’s like when my husband and I go out somewhere that we know there’ll be pictures taken.. you definitely don’t want to clash (red and maroon anyone??) but if it looks ‘matching’ then people think it’s a bit strange. So yes, something that ties in nicely and looks good standing together, but not necessarily too similar 🙂

  54. Oops, forgot to say – I’d like to win the Kirsten dress please.

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  57. My kids don’t dress co-ordinated for Christmas. They often get new clothes for Christmas and will wear them!
    I would love to win the Kirsten dress

  58. I love the framed wall art from ArtEater

  59. I love Matilda from Australian Girl

  60. I love the Amber necklaces from Sustainababy

  61. I love the WillowBlu bags from Little Yoyo Styles

  62. Sponsor 1: Sustainababy – I love the Dandelion Organic Cotton Toddler Doll

  63. Sponsor 2: Budburst Kids – I love the Bobble Art Lunch Box/Bag – Rocket

  64. Sponsor 3: Sukimama – I love the Goodbyn Bynto Pink Lunch Box

  65. Sponsor 4: Bubzyboo – I love the Bibska Bibs – In Bloom

  66. My 2 kiddies dress completely different. If I had 2 of each sex I would probaly dress similar though 🙂
    WOuld love Kristen dress size 4 or Chayton shirt size 2 🙂

  67. I love the dress! And only having the one child, I never have to worry about co ordinating kids! If I did have mulitiple kids, I would not have them matching but all looking nice and respectable!

  68. Kirsten dress
    Just have one child, but we dress coordinated and my sister and I always wear matching tacky outfits. Tis the season!

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  71. my kids get to put on their fave clothes for xmas in what ever they want. we do our christmas outfits when we do our xmas photos at end of november ( so we can send xmas cards in time 🙂 ) id love to win the kirsten dress in size 3 for my daughter- this may just become her new fave dress 🙂

  72. I only have one child,
    although a second’s coming soon.
    I like to dress my daughter,
    in something with a festive mood!

    And in a Kirsten dress,
    she’d look very, very cute! 🙂

  73. Liked, or should I say loved, on facebook too!

  74. I am lucky enough to be an Auntie to four gorgeous girls. I always dress up for their parties, and sometimes I get us all matching outfits. It may not be cool to match mummy or daddy, but my girls always want to match Crazy Auntie Ali.

    Kirsten size 3 please (and I’d get a size 14 for me if you had one!)

  75. I have a boy and a girl and try to dress my daughter in red and white and my son in white with black shorts. This year my daughter has a handmade Gingerbread house t-shirt with a red tutu skirt while my son who is older has decided that he wants to wear a grey shirt, denim shorts and hat (doesn’t reflect Christmas colours but at least he will be happy to wear it and will look handsome). I would love to win the Kirsten dress for my daughter.

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  81. At Rudy & the Dodo my children would enjoy the Wooden threading animals – set of 5 for $12.95. A great present for any child to develop their fine motor skills.

  82. At Sustainababy I like the Studio SKINNY Playon Crayons for $12.90. We had a set of these and they are really easy for little ones to hold and colour with.

  83. At Avidiva I like the Tizzie Hall – Save our Sleep revised edition book for $34.95. I recently bought this book as a present at a baby shower, looks great!

  84. At Sukimama I like the Jellystone Designs Fiesta Bangle for $18.00 – finally jewellery that I can wear that won’t be destroyed by my little ones!

  85. We live 2000k’s from our nearest family so christmas for us is a pyjama affair. We get dressed round lunch in cumfy clothes for building toys. I did have some red singlets for the kids to wear but my dearest washed them pink. They had nice white edges to start with. They both have santa hats though which they love.

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  88. Christmas is all about kids. Mine get to choose a Christmas outfit in the shops. My three girls usually pick a ‘Santa fairy’ outfit, although my oldest(Miss 10) picked a t-shirt with a glittery reindeer this year(growing up!)and helped pick an elf suit for Master 2, who thought the bright red and green colours were great. My children are very much allowed to be individuals, although Miss 3 and Miss 5 are competitive and usually pick the same outfit. They all wear different coloured sparkly Santa hats and the girls wear different coloured tinsel as hair ties. Probably itchy as anything, but they put up with it for the sake of beauty! I would love the Chayton shirt in size 2, for my trendy little man who loves to try to keep up with his beautiful sisters in the fashion department! Thanks!

  89. Kirsten dress. I let my children wear whatever outfits they like though the girls have to be in dresses and the boy in a shirt, no coordinating colors or santa outfits here!

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  91. Girls prize, I usually dont dress coordinating, this year my oldest has a pink sparkly handmade dress and a christmas shirt for my younger 🙂

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  94. not at all – i dont even dress them in anything even “christmassy”. they usually get dirty anyway 🙂 Kirsten dress

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  97. From sukimama i love the Ecky the Hedgehog Short Sleeve T-shirt Kids

  98. from rudy and the dodo i love the woddlers lunchbox (pvc free) – girls and boys designs

  99. from sustainababy i love the baobab blue stripe mimma dress

  100. from nellyjean i love the .Blue Birdie Twirl Skirt

  101. Chayton shirt


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    Chayton shirt

  105. I don’t tend to dress my children any differently for Xmas,maybe just their “Sunday” best clothes,& being a girl & a boy I don’t coordinate them either,just whatever I feel like dressing them in for the day! 🙂 I would love the Kirsten Dress!

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  110. Avidiva-Zuny Pink Abby Elephant Doorstop/Bookend

  111. Whimsy Child-Daily Tea Collection Diving Stripe Sleeveless Romper

  112. Little Yoyo Styles-Love the Owl Eco Bags,the Blue one,& a bargain at $5! 🙂

  113. Nelly Jean-Sleeveshirt Mademoiselle in purple

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