Dec 112011

People who know me well know that I don’t like clutter and unnecessary ‘stuff’, if we haven’t used items for a year or so I see no need to keep them any longer and find a good home for them. Toys are put to good use in the church and clothes go to the local op-shop. But hiding in the corner of our bedroom, usually covered by piles of folded laundry that need to be put away, is something I haven’t used for a long time, or ever really, yet I can’t say goodbye to it.

I am talking about my sewing machine, an old Janome that I picked up at a garage sale 3 years ago when I was still under the impression I would soon have some free time to learn how to use it. I still hope I will one day and when I do know how to work it I am going to make something from the lovely book Happy Homemade Vol.1: Treasured Collection.

This absolutely gorgeous craft book by Yoshiko Tsukiori features 20 projected for handmade women’s clothing. Originating in Japan these beautiful designs are now translated into English and adapted for Western sizing so we can all recreate and enjoy Yoshiko’s style. What really appeals to me is the loose-fitting cut of most pieces (perfect for the post-baby body many of us are left with) yet each garment is still elegant and feminine thanks to the small details and materials chosen.

I can easily see myself wear many of these styles, if only I knew how to make them! Sweet tunics, cute dresses, little jackets, items ideal for mixing and matching and you can pick colours and fabrics that suit your taste perfectly. The full colour photo’s and very detailed instructions will help you create a new wardrobe full of handmade treasures. The patterns are supplied on two separate sheets and cover Australian sizes 6-16.

You can find Happy Homemade Vol. 1: Treasured Collection by Yoshiko Tsukiori (RRP $29.95, published by Penguin) in bookstores across Australia as well as at online book retailers.

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  1. Boatman bought me a sewing machine for Christmas last year, but I haven’t ventured into sewing clothes. One day I will. I’m a little scared to be honest!

    • I am terrified, don’t want to ruin good fabric! My mums tells me she did it all the time when we were little, and there are so many beautiful blogs out there showcasing the most gorgeous handmade clothing, but I know I am perfectionist and it will take lots of practice. Maybe I have to start with a really simple pillowcase style dress for baby J? Supposedly there are perfect for beginners. What are you using yours for?

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