Dec 012011

As a mum with three small children at home it can be quite tricky to find toys that they can all play with. Sometimes I come across toys that claim to be suitable for a broad age range but in reality the littlest one has no idea what to do with it (yes it is safe but that is about it) and the older ones are getting bored after just 5 minutes of playing. Although at first glance you might feel this is the case with the Little People Animal Sounds Zoo from Fisher-Price there is actually much more to it than you think!

You probably know the Fisher-Price Little People from the well-known chunky figurines that are easy to hold for small hands. Within the range there are many sets available to create scenes like an airport, castle or farm as well as a large selection of individual characters to grow your child’s collection step by step.

The newest addition the Little People family is the Animal Sounds Zoo, a large zoo which houses all kinds of friendly animals minded by zookeeper Zack. Of course animals are always a hit with kids but this set takes it one step further. The zoo brings the animal kingdom to life by using life like sounds and teaching the name of each animal. The best part is that kids can learn and explore independently, it’s as simple as placing an animal on the dedicated spot and the sound and name are played out loud.

Our 15-month old worked out very quickly how to play with the Animal Sounds Zoo, she doesn’t really pay attention to the different names and sounds yet but she knows exactly where to put the animal to trigger the sounds. Her favourite parts are the polar slide and the swinging bush basket. Luckily the zoo is very sturdy and generous in size so all three kids can play together, the two-sided play option is a fabulous feature for larger families.

The twins (3yo) really enjoyed hearing about the habitat each animal lives in (jungle, water, north and south pole) and now they often use the ZooTalkers animals for pretend play. It is so much fun watching them play and listen to them playing out a story they come up with as they go along. A big favourite is where one of the animals ‘falls’ from the platform down the polar slide and another animal has to offer the helping hand.

The Little People Animal Sounds Zoo comes complete with zookeeper Zack and a polar bear, lion and bear figurine. Of course a zoo gets better the more animals there are on show so there are plenty more ZooTalkers ($5.99) to be collected. From the alligator to the tiger and the rhino to the dolphin, kids will love learning all about their new animal friends and they make great little add-ons that won’t break the bank.

The Little People Animal Sounds Zoo ($119.99, ages 1,5-5) is now available at major toy stores all throughout Australia as well as online.

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