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As a mum of two girls and one boy I always seem to find plenty of cute girls stuff to buy. I know many mums who think it is harder to find cool things for boys and to be honest I always thought that wasn’t true, it was more a case of knowing where to look. The only time I ever had trouble finding a certain perfect something for my little man was when I needed sunglasses, until I discovered Babiators that is.

Of course I know that you can buy (ugly) sunglasses in any cheap shop, at most chemists and online but none of them pass the hipness test. Aside from whether those sunnies can be classed as stylish or not, it is even more important to me that they are safe and offer his beautiful, precious brown eyes the protection they need and deserve. When you look closer at many of the options available you’ll realise that many of them are not as safe as you think!

Because I couldn’t find any suitable boys sunglasses my son has been sporting a purple (isn’t that just a different shade of blue?) pair from his sister, something daddy wasn’t very pleased with. Luckily this week the awesome Babiators have arrived on Australian shores and I knew I had to get the little mister a pair. They are super hip, safe and sturdy, all my wishes granted in an instant! I chose these super cool Rockstar Red Babiators, aren’t they fabulous?

The little facts: Babiators are aviator style kids sunglasses available in a Junior (0-3 years) and Classic (3 years+) design. Babiators offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays and they are BPA free too (we all know babies put everything in their mouths). A real big bonus: the flexible rubber frame is soft, twistable, bendable and throwable without breaking, making it a perfect choice for active Aussie kids.

To find out more about Babiators (RRP $34.95), to browse the range and to order online visit And an extra little bonus: enter the code ‘FREEPOST’ to receive free shipping on your order, anytime (not valid for items on special)!

For your chance to win a pair of Babiators of your choice (subject to availability) visit the Australian Babiators distributor at and answer the following question: Which size and colour Babiators would you choose if you were to be our lucky winner?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends January 22, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  249 Responses to “Babiators giveaway”

  1. These are great.

    I would choose the RockStar Red in the size 3+ if I was lucky enough to win.

    Thanks 🙂

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    Babiators giveaway – , a hip find from @hiplittleone come and win!

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  10. I would get the princess pink for 0-3 year old’s for my littleprincess.

  11. I would choose the Princess Pink (Ages 0-3) adorable and cute!!!

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  14. If only these were around when I was a child – I could have been a lot cooler.

    Oh well, I will make do with, “Black Ops Black (Ages 0-3),” for my next generation.

  15. Blue Angels Blue in size 0-3 please. Will be fantastic for our harsh desert sun!

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  22. I would get Princess Pink in 3 +. My daughter loves sunglasses

  23. Blue Angels Blue (0 – 3).

  24. BLUE ANGELS BLUE 3+ (Size not applicable)

  25. Black Ops Black Ages 3+

  26. Rockstar Red 3+ for my big eyed niece.

  27. Darn it! I just bought my son a pair of baby banz. Wish I’d seen these first. They’re WAY cuter. I’d go rockstar red in the 0-3 years size.

  28. classic in pink

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  32. Princess Pink 3+ would look incredible on my liitle angel who adores sun glasses and who always makes sure she wears lots of sunscreen and hat when playing little princess games outside.

  33. I would choose Black Ops 3+ for my daughter who is the epitome of cool!

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  38. Would absolutely love a pair of rockstar red babiators for 3yrs +!

  39. blue angles size 3+

  40. These are so cute! i would choose pink 3+size 🙂

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  44. Visited Avidiva and liked the Gimmo night light ‘bamboo’ the panda very cute!

  45. Visited Earlybirds and liked the Swaddling wraps, Pastel pink

  46. Visited Badburst kids and liked the Bobbleart Large canvas backpack heart.

  47. Visited Ruby and the dodo and liked the Woddlers backpack PVC free girls designs

  48. Rockstar Red in a 3+ because I have two of the most dancinest little stars.

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  52. Blue Angels Blue (Ages 3+)

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  56. Love the cherry blossom PSI band from Since We Were kids

  57. Have to get me a Beatrix New York Little Kid Nigel Shark Backpack from Sukimama. Gorgeous!

  58. I really like the girl’s birdcage singlet from Nelly Jean. Very cute.

  59. My favourite item from Rudy and the Dodo are the shake and stack sensory blocks (by goki)

  60. LOVE those Princess Pink (0-3), such a brilliant and cute way to protect their eyes

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  66. I would choose Princess Pink in size 0-3 months

  67. I love the Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama

  68. I love the Little Tee-Tee – Arielle Dress from Bubzyboo

  69. I love the Faux Fur Vest – Humble Bumble from Nelly Jean

  70. I love the Ulubulu – Mute Button on Glitter Purple Silicone pacifier on Little Yoyo Styles

  71. I’d choose Black Ops Black in size 0-3!

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  75. Visited Rudy & the Dodo and love the Striped Owl Soft Rattle for newborns

  76. Visited Nelly Jean and adore the Humble Bumble play pants for boys!

  77. Visited Little YoYo Styles and love the Cake Central Cake Stand – what a great addition to a party!

  78. Visited Avidiva and love their range of Giimmo Night lights 🙂 My favourite is Indigo the hedgehog!

  79. I would pick the Black Ops Black (Ages 3+) glasses 🙂

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  82. subscriber 🙂

  83. sukimama – love the BabyLuxe Organic Cotton Blankets

  84. budburst kids – Woolly Wugs Woollen Baby Blanket – Girl

  85. sustainababy – Tetra Organic Snuggle Bed is a favourite here

  86. bubzyboo – Designer Mamas Maternity Gown – Designer Mama

  87. Can’t decide! Either the Princess Pink (0-3) or the Black Ops (3+)

  88. Email subscriber

  89. Australian girl doll – Matilda is my favourite

  90. sustainababy – love the uimi milly blanket

  91. arteater – love the framed wall art

  92. rudy and the dodo ‘always remember’ print

  93. I def love the Ruby Red – Great for both boys and girls!

  94. Black Ops Black (Ages 0-3)

  95. Winner’s pick – Black Ops Black (Ages 3+)

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  100. Sponsor 1 – Australian Girl Doll – Matilda doll

  101. Sponsor 2 – Badburst kids – Bobbleart Large canvas backpack heart

  102. Sponsor 3 – Sustainababy – Uimi milly blanket

  103. Sponsor 4 – Arteater – framed wall art

  104. RockStar Red in the size 3+

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  109. black-ops-black-ages-0-3

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  112. Rockstar red in 0-3, that way my daughter can wear them and when she outgrows them my son can inherit them and I can get a Princess Pink pair!

  113. I would like rockstar red in 3+

  114. I love the WillowBlu bags from Little Yoyo Styles

  115. From Sustainababy I like the amber necklaces

  116. I like the framed wall art from Art Eater

  117. From Australian Girl I like Matilda

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  121. I’d choose Rockstar Red if I won!

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  123. I would choose Rockstar Red for 3+ for my little boy who loves the colour red!

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  127. I like the Rockstar Red 3+ but I’m sure that Miss 5 would choose the Princess Pink 3+ instead!

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  130. Great product!

    You can never start to earlly with sun safety and it helps when they look so funky 🙂

    The Black Ops Black (Ages 0-3) would be my classic choice.

  131. Love love love them! Funky as, Vance would love em! Followed a lll on Facebook and twitter! Thanks!

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  134. We’d go the Black Ops Black (Ages 0-3)

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  136. I would choose Rockstar Red 3+ very cool shades for my little girl.

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  142. I have tweeted about this giveaway and tagged every one in the tweet.

  143. At Nelly Jean I like the Humble Bumble Yellow Tutu Bloomers $31.00.

  144. At Sustainababy I like the Green Toys Sand Play Set.

  145. I like the Shoulder Bag – Strawberry $16.95 at Rudy & the Dodo.

  146. I like the Beatrix New York Bee and Ladybug Water Bottle $17.95 at Sukimama.

  147. Black Ops Black (Ages 3+). Shame they don’t come in green!

  148. have signed up for your Sales, Savings & Giveaways email

  149. I would love to win the Rockstar Red in size 3+ they would look ravishing on my son !! Totally agree it’s difficult to find trendy accessories for boys, but now I have found BABIATORS, they are stylish and sooo cute !!!

  150. Winner’s pick – Black Ops Black (Ages 3+)

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  154. Sponsor 1 – Australian Girl Doll – Matilda doll

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  156. Sponsor 3 – Sustainababy – Uimi milly blanket

  157. Sponsor 4 – Badburst kids – Bobbleart Large canvas backpack heart

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  163. I’d pick the Black Ops Black (Ages 3+).

  164. Tweeted about giveaway!

  165. Love the Matilda Doll from Australian Girl.

  166. Love the Ruffle Dress from Havoc Denim.

  167. Amber Necklace from Gummy Babies is the best!

  168. The Zoku Ice Pop maker from Sukimama is the best!

  169. I’d choose Classic Babiators in Black Ops- awesomely cool for my little man!

  170. Blue Angels Blue (Ages 0-3) would look so cool on my blue eyed boy!

  171. Would LOVE to win the Princess Pink (Ages 0-3) please!

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  175. Black, ages 0-3

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  179. Princess Pink Ages 0-3

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  181. I would go for Rockstar Red in 3+

  182. I’m a subscriber

  183. Black Ops 3+, my son would work these on the beach!!!

  184. Blue Angels Blue (Ages 0-3) for my 2 year old nephew – he’s a real little boy who loves the colour blue, they would also be a great hand-me-down for his baby brother!

  185. Sponsor 1 – Sustainababy – I love the Eco-Kids Eco-Art Pad

  186. Sponsor 2 – Shop for Tots – I love the Star Light Aden + Anais summer weight sleeping bag

  187. Sponsor 3 – Budburst Kids – love the Milky Heart Dress

  188. Sponsor 4 – Whimsy Child – love the Folkmanis Mini Monarch Finger Puppets!

  189. Would have to be the size 3+ Princess Pink….

    for Princess Millie, our resident Princess who likes to think she runs this household!

  190. cool cool, we love Princess Pink in 3+

  191. Liked Babiators on FB princess pink 3 +

  192. Liked Boutique Brands on FB princess pink 3+

  193. I would choose the Princess pink (0-3) for my cute baby cousin!

  194. Liked Babiators on facebook !

  195. Liked Boutique Brands on facebook!

  196. I’d choose the Rockstar Red (Ages 0-3)

  197. Have liked Babiators on Facebook

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  201. Blue Angels Blue 0-3

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  203. I’d get the black ops black 0-3 for my little man

  204. I would love the Black Ops Black for my little Nephew. If I was lucky!

  205. Babe cute Babiators in Rockstar red would be classic.

  206. I’d pick Blue angels blue 3+ because my daughter love’s blue especially with a name like Sapphire and my son could use have them handed down when he’s a bit bigger. Double usage.

  207. I have now liked Babiators on fb

  208. i would choose ROCKSTAR RED size 0-3.

  209. liked on facebook.

  210. I think the Blue Angels Blue would look gorgeous with my little man’s outfits. Match his blue eyes! 0-3yrs. 🙂

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  213. email subscriber

  214. I would love the Rockstar Red in size 3+ for my little rockstar!

  215. I like the Hip Little One on FB

  216. I subscribe to the Hip Little One via RSS

  217. I would have to choose the Black Op Black (Ages 0-3) glasses for my little man, then he’d look just like his Daddy! 🙂

  218. Blue Angel Blue in 0-3 if I was lucky, for my best friend’s little bub I haven’t seen yet!

  219. liked and awsome site

  220. I would choose Black Ops Black for ages 3+!

  221. I like Babiators on FB!

  222. I like Boutique Brands on FB!

  223. I follow Hip Little One via e-mail. 🙂

  224. At Badburst kids I like Bobbleart Large Canvas Backpack Heart.

  225. I visited Avidiva and like the Gimmo Night Light.

  226. At Australian Girl, I like Emily Doll.

  227. At Sustainababy I love Uimi Milly Blanket!

  228. I would choose Black Ops black as my little man loves his Nerf gun and would look super cute playing with these on!!

  229. Blue Angels Blue 3+

  230. Princess Pink 0-3. Might stop my daughter from trying to steal her brothers sunnies.

  231. Liked Babiators on Facebook 🙂

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  235. Blue angels blue in size 3+ (I would also have to get a 2nd pair for my daughter lol)

  236. Liked Babiators on FB

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  238. Rockstar Red (Ages 0-3)

  239. Liked Babiators on Facebook

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  242. I would love Princess Pink (Ages 3+) for my Great Niece!!! Fantastic Sunnies by the way, even if I don’t win I will certainly purchase a pair for the 4 Great Nieces. Also I liked Babiators on FB.

  243. I would love the junior size for my gorgeous lil gal (19 mths) who
    Has just discovered wearing sunnies is cool! Hehehe! I would get princess pink of course! 🙂

  244. My rainbow baby would love red glasses because that is what her nannies favourite coloured flower is x

  245. I would like the Junior blue Babiators please.

  246. Babiators Facebook Liker.

    I would like the Junior blue Babiators please.

  247. Boutique Brands on Facebook Liker.

    I would like the Junior blue Babiators please.

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