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These days most (if not all) mums are short of time, we try to do everything quickly, efficiently and without any fuss. From 1-pot cooking to online shopping, we just love things that save us time and hassle but we don’t want to give in on style. Two Australian mums decided that going out with baby could be a lot easier with the right baby bag so they bundled their talents and started Stylish Litle Me.

The Stylish Little Me Stroller Bag offers solutions to many every day problems and for once practical also mean pretty. When you go out walking or shopping with your stroller you either have to hang your bag over your shoulder (rather uncomfortable and not good for your back) or adjust the shoulder straps to hang it over your stroller handle bars, until now that is. The Stylish Little Me Stroller Bag is cleverly fitted with two eyelets so you can pop your bag onto your stroller in the blink of an eye. Additionally the short and long handles are suitable for single bar prams and shoulder carry too.

The Stylish Little Me designers know that mums often carry around a large selection of necessary and not so necessary items for baby and themselves, so they have made sure the generous sized bag offers plenty of room on the inside and the outside. One thing you won’t have to store on the inside is your baby change mat. The Stroller Bag comes complete with a matching changemat, conveniently attached on the outside of the bag with press studs making quick nappy changes a breeze. With your change mat on the outside it leaves you bucket loads of space inside for all your other goodies.

The sleek, contemporary design is available in two classic, timeless colours (midnight blue and platinum grey) that go well with any stroller or any outfit depending on your mood. My personal favourite is midnight blue, such a welcome change to black yet nothing like the boring navy canvas nappy bags from the olden days. Added bonus: you even get a free 100% cotton signature monogrammed babywrap, so your baby is just as stylish as you are. Your new Stylish Little Me Stroller Bag will arrive beautifully gift boxed, so it would make a lovely gift for any new mummy this Christmas.

To find out more about Stylish Little Me, to take a closer look at the Stroller Bag ($199) and to order online visit

For your chance to win a Stylish Little Me Stroller Bag (RRP $199) visit and answer the following question: Which feature of the Stylish Little Me Stroller Bag do you like most and why?

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Competition ends December 21, 2011. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. I love the he extra long detachable mat for and it holds everthything you need close at hand for a quick change.

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  6. I love the changemat being on the side, you’ll never be caught short – but most of all i love the patent design – looks so sleek and stylish!!

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  9. That is such an awesome idea! My favourite feature is those 2 brilliant holes on both sides of the bag to allow hanging on the pram. They look like a style feature, not a practicality feature!

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  15. Loving the Rose The Cat Giimmo Night Light over at AviDiva

  16. Thinking that the new Moodeez bags over at sincewewerekids are a brilliant idea to buy for a daughter who is quite anxious about that kind of thing

  17. I just came across your product through Hip Little One and Just want to say well done on a Fabulous Idea! So practical! Great love it!

  18. The 1,2,3 Kids Bedding Set by Graziela over at Sukimama is so bright – perfect for a little boy or girl

  19. The santa canvas art at Brightstartkids is such a clever idea

  20. I love that it pops over the handles – it’s hard enough juggling prams and bags! So clever!

  21. Oh my gosh this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m so sick of the massive baby bag that I’m currently lugging around and have been searching for a tote style bag that is fashionable yet practical. I love the way that you can adjust the handle several ways to suit your pram/stroller and that you can use it as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag and carry bag! So many ways!

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  23. I love the design , its fashionable and moreover its the one for me …….

    I have an Aus address ….. count me in too……

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  27. I love the colour. It matches everything.

  28. I love the detachable change mat. Change mats take up so much room in your nappy bag!!, but are basically indispensable. However, if I won this bag I would give it to my pregnant friend Vanessa. I already have a nappy bag, but Vanessa is like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and an enigmatic French woman. I can’t imagine her with a nappy bag any less stylish than this one.

  29. I love the eyelets! What a great idea for allowing the bag to be either worn over the shoulder, or slipped onto the pram handles. Brilliant!

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  33. The extra long detachable mat for and it holds everthything you need close at hand for a quick change.

  34. Love the extra long detachable mat

  35. I love the detachable change mat.

  36. The extra long change mat with zip compartment is a great feature 🙂

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  40. Sustainababy – FLATOUTbearbaby looks lovely

  41. Shop For Tots – love the look of the Organic Change Table Cover

  42. Booloo Babe – Planetwise Snack Stuff Window Bags are a great idea 🙂

  43. Little Yoyo Styles – utterly scrumptious cake wraps

  44. The holes to hang the bag from an umbrella stroller are very clever! No more overbalancing when Miss Independent decides she wants to walk!

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  50. I visited Sukimama and I love the BabyLux Organic Mattress Protectors.

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  52. I visited Bright Star Kids and I love the birds on a wire wall decall.

  53. I visited Shop For Tots and my son would adore the Frog Shower Cap!

  54. I love that it is adjustable & made to fit on any pram,including a double pram or a single! 🙂

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  59. Rudy & The Dodo-Love the chunky wooden puzzle-Dolls by Janod

  60. Bubzyboo-Little Miss Rose Daisy & Strawberry Set clips

  61. Whimsy Child-Daily Tea Etched Print Ruffle dress is gorgeous!

  62. Sukimama-Dandelion Pink Baby Doll in brunette,just beautiful!

  63. I like how the Stylish Little Me Stroller bag has nylon lining which means that it can easily wiped clean so it looks glamorous all the time.

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  69. At Rudy & the Dodo I like the Woodland Snack/Storage boxes $19.95.

  70. At Sustainababy I like the Plan Toys Tea Set $49.95.

  71. At Booloo babe I like the Bumgenius Flip One Size Nappies $34.00.

  72. At Whimsy Child I like the Le Toy Van Ice Cream Sundae $25.00 (I wish it was real!).

  73. defintiely the baby change mat!

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  78. I have both types of strollers for different occasions so I love the two ways of attaching it to both types of strollers I havn’t seen that any where else, and I’d look stylish and organised and always have what I needed on hand. Wonderful.

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  81. Love the eyelets and adjustable/variable straps…means your ready for anything

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  83. Australian girl doll – Matilda is my favourite

  84. Arteater – love the framed wall art

  85. I love the adjustable straps!

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  88. I love the framed wall art from ArtEater

  89. I love Matilda from Australian Girl

  90. I love the Amber necklaces from Sustainababy

  91. I love the WillowBlu bags from Little Yoyo Styles

  92. Love the cute wooden christmas pegs at Rudy and the Dodo.

  93. I love site’s with sale sections and Shop for Tots have a huge one. I foung great Colourful Dragonfly Light String that would look really nice at little girls sleepover.

  94. Kids love to pretend serve drinks and food even my boys. I’m sure they’d make good use of a Plan Toys Tea Set from Sustainababy.

  95. How cute is the Summer Cotton Playsuit from Nelly Jean.

  96. Sponsor 1: Rudy & the Dodo – I like the french doll – nina.

  97. Sponsor 2: Sustainababy – I love the eco-kids eco-dough.

  98. Sponsor 3: Whimsy Child – I love the Ada Ada Scoria- Wings

  99. Sponsor 4 – Since we were Kids – I love the Diapees & Wipees – Blue Disco Dot

  100. The fold out change mat for its convenience anywhere

  101. I love that it fits on your pram handles! Very simple but smart idea!

  102. Liked Stylish Little Me on FB 🙂

  103. I just love the look that it is stylish and doesn’t look like a normal nappy bag. The extra long mat is a great idea. My babies have always been above average in height to begin with.

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  109. Just LOVE it hope it fits over the pram handles and how stylish it is!!! Love it in Gray 🙂

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  113. I love the eyelets that allow the bag to hang off a stroller. Most strollers have such tiny baskets there is never any room for the much needed nappies, wipes etc. Awesome, stylish bag.

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  118. I love that you can easy as pie, attach it to an umbrella stroller. Makes looking stylish and organized look easy.

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  121. I love that this bag does not look like a nappy bag at all! The extra long change mat is a brilliant idea. The midnight blue bag is super stylish- I would use it even without bub!

  122. I really like the easily wipe clean nylon lining, as there is nothing more frustrating than spills in bags!

  123. I like the streamlined look, like the bag is meant to be there, not just chucked haphazardly over the handles 🙂

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  126. Ooh I love the detachable changemat studded to the outside of the nappy bag.
    Add the stylish mod look and this is a glam prize.

  127. My favourite feature would have to be the eyelet holes for the umbrella stroller handles, such a great idea!

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  130. Visited Avidiva and liked the Tizzie hall comforter lizzie lamb very cute!

  131. Visited Havoc denim and liked the Girls summer ruffle dress

  132. I visited Since we were kids and liked the Sippi grip pink bubble

  133. Visted Bubzyboo and liked the Kit for kids butterfly frame….

  134. extra long detachable mat as it’s a good fit for Marcus

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  137. great colours!

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