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When I grew up we were always playing outside and we loved it. Marking the streets with chalk, climbing trees, swinging on the swing, playing soccer, the hula hoop, skipping with a rope and of course riding a scooter. Our old kick scooter was bright red and even had a padded seat to sit on, at the time we thought it was awesome. But scooters have changed a bit since then and I have been told a Razor scooter is the hip new ride kids are going for.

The Razor label is well known all around the world and has been designing scooters for more than 10 years. They have taken the childish out of scooters by creating a range of scooters to suit everyone from young to old, amateur to professional and small to big budgets. With 20+ different designs and counting Razor is the top name in scooters and as Australian children love spending time outside it is no surprise that many will be adding a Razor scooter to their Christmas wish list this year. In a society where children spend way too much time in front of the tv or game console a Razor scooter encourages children to get outside and get moving so this is fantastic gift idea.

The award winning Razor A Kick Scooter ($69.99, ages 5+) is a 2-wheel scooter with a stylish alloy design, tough build and foldable frame, available in 5 different colours. The aircraft-grade aluminium deck and t-tube are of the highest quality so parents can be confident they are make a safe choice and get value for money. The lightweight Razor A Kick Scooter weighs just 2.7kg so it is easy to carry around and travel with (if you are not riding it that is). This scooter can hold up to 65kg in weight and the handle bars are adjustable so the A Kick Scooter will grow with your child for years to come.

In a way I am glad my little ones are a bit too young to cruise our neighbourhood by scooter, but when they are old enough to give it a shot I will make sure they don’t go out without a helmet and elbow and knee protection. At Razor they understand how important safety is so the Razor website holds a lot of valuable information for kids and parents about how, when and where to use the Razor scooters (safely), as well as a bunch of cool tips and tricks to make the most out of your new scooter.

To find out more about Razor, to check out the many different designs and to locate a retailer near you visit

For your chance to win a Razor A Kick Scooter with helmet (RRP $104.95, ages 5+) visit and answer the following question: Which Razor Scooter do you like most and why?

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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Competition ends December 12, 2011. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. LOVE the A12 because it just looks HEAVY DUTY 🙂
    and its solid steel frame is great too!

  2. FB liker of Razor

  3. HLO google friend follower

  4. newsletter subscriber

  5. sukimama – kanoe baby hammock looks lovely

  6. bubzyboo – frilly tushies look very cute

  7. shop for tots – bassinet mattress protector

  8. sustainababy – little pumpkin organic calm baby balm…. might have to buy some to try 🙂

  9. I love the Razor Jr 3 Wheel & Basket, it would be great for my toddler. He could keep up with his big brothers.

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  11. Love the Razor Graffiti. What a fantastic idea!

  12. I follow Follow @RAZORWorldwide on Twitter using account @evelina68

  13. Liker of your facebook page too 🙂

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  15. Have tweeted about the giveaway @evelina68

  16. The Razor Jr 3 Wheel & Basket looks so cool, my little boy would think he’s just like the big boys.

  17. I follow on GFC –

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  19. Reinforcing various components on Ultra Pro Lo allows a weight of approximately 100kg, and providing two handlebar heights helps to ensure years of usage.

  20. I really like Razor Black Label Scooter, looks pretty funky and fast!! 🙂

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  24. have tweeted @gherkkerry

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  26. have visited Hip and Hop and really like the Tresj jewellry, stunning!!

  27. Rudy and the dodo have visited and love the bazza the bee in heartfelt creations, so cute.

  28. have visited Australian Girl and love Amy, because she is from Adelaide, like me!!

  29. Sticky Biz and the growth charts are great, they grow so quick!!

  30. The “RipRider 360” is my favourite Razor scooter!

  31. I’m a newsletter suscriber

  32. I’m a GFC follower

  33. I’m a twitter follower!

  34. My beautiful little boy who always says “mum, i neeeeeed the latest scooter” would adore the eSpark electris scooter. This scooter is amazing and as it reaches up to speeds of 10km per hour…. off he goes.

  35. I love the Razor A Kick Scooter for its portability. It’s so lightweight and because it folds up you can take it on the tram, in the shopping trolley, even your checked in baggage.

    Unfortunately, they’re so popular my 5 year-old’s Razor A was stolen last week.

    We’ll be replacing it with the same model – unless we win it, teehee!

  36. I follow Hip Little One on Twitter 🙂

  37. Oops, I mean I follow @RazorWorldwide on Twitter!

  38. I like Razor Worldwide on Facebook! Thanks!

  39. I follow this lovely blog 🙂

  40. Aaaaand I’m a newsletter subscriber too. Thanks!

  41. I love the Storm Pro DLX cause it looks like my kind of scooter, tough, funky and I loe the checks! I would love to win a scooter so I can keep up with my 3 kids, they love me to be a part of their fun, funky Mummy!!!

  42. Liker of Razor Worldwide on FB, now I’m getting scooter envy!

  43. Shared the Razor competition link on FB too.

  44. I think Razor’s Black Label A would be a good choice for my son. This is a well designed and slick looking scooter that will provide hours of entertainment. My son would like to hang out with his Dad doing tricks at the skate park or local park and this is made with aircraft -grade aluminium which means it can handle a good work out. I also like this Razor Black Label A can fold down and fit in my car boot which is much easier and quicker than fitting our bikes onto the car.

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  51. The A3 Razor looks very cool according to my son.

  52. At Rudy and the Dodo I like the Wooden Bookend Squirrels $29.95.

  53. At Sustainababy I like the Jack n’ Jill Natural Toothpaste $5.95.

  54. At Whimsy Child I like the Flirty Bird Francis Headband for $10.00.

  55. At Little Yo Yo Styles my son would love the KidKraft – everyday heroes police and fire station play set $249.00.

  56. I subscribed to the Hip Little One newsletter too, for more hip news!

  57. My son has informed me that he ‘just has to have’ a Razor Graffiti Scooter. And well, I’d rather him chalking up the sidewalk than illegally spraypainting walls! This scooter combines sport and art… I love it too!

  58. Razor Graffiti – awesome idea – my kids would love it.

  59. Well if it was for myself think I would have to go with the eSpark. Is electric, reaches up to 10 mph and I would have pretty sparks to follow. Sure it would also be a hit with the kids, not sure that I could scooter very well the old way.

  60. Razor facebook liker

  61. already newsletter subscriber

  62. BOWtique Clippies (Rolled Pink Baby Flower) @ My girl now has lots of hair to work with so loving clips etc.

  63. Love the cow wheely bug @ shop for tots, they are great ride ons.

  64. psi bands from bye bye morning sickness

  65. STORM PRO DLX……it’ll make my little man the happiest there is on this planet. He’s convinced this scooter will be the fastest because it looks a lot like one for racing, he’s take with the checkered ‘race flag’ pattern.

  66. The rip rider 360, it looks awesome. Loads of fun to be had on this beauty. Wish I was a kid again, so I could have one.

  67. Black Label Ultra Pro Lo, it looks to be the best of the bunch, and is the one that made my sons eyes widen with excitement when he saw it.

  68. Has to be the A12. How cool!

  69. I’m a follower of Hip Little One

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  71. Oh wow, so I want me the E300 – just right for zipping up and down the hill to get to work when I park far away to save on parking fee’s

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  76. Loving the Alimrose princess doll at bubzyboo – so perfect for little hands

  77. Love the sewing patterns at AustralianGirlDoll – such a good way to build up your dolls wardrobe

  78. The little da-vinci cabinets at arteater remain the best idea ever

  79. The girls summer ruffled dress at Havoc denim is so gorgeous

  80. I think ‘Graffiti” with the chalks on the back looks like a lot of fun – kids love to leave their mark!

  81. I am a hiplittleone newsletter subscriber.

  82. I have visited Art Eater – my favourite item is the ’12 Image Mini Gallery’.

  83. I have visited ‘Little yoyo Styles’ heaps to like here thats for sure but if I had to pick a favourite I would choose ‘KidKraft – Everyday Heroes Police and Fire Station Play Set’

  84. I have visited ‘Australian Girl’. My favourite doll is Matilda – she has a great Aussie name too!

  85. I really really like the Graffiti my daughter would just go nuts for it!

  86. Liked razor on facebook

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  90. Love the E series! What a fun way to get around!!

  91. Visited Australian girl and love the Matilda doll <3 just too cute

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  94. Visited Sukimama and liked the Cucu the ladybird short sleeve t-shirt kids , just love the design

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  96. Also visited Badburst kids and loved the Bobble art large Canvas backpack heart, perfect for starting school

  97. i visited Sustainababy and really love the Flatout bear baby, such an awesome idea!

  98. Easy to carry and fold makes the A3 scooter is a favourite for me!

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  104. Well I was going to say I like the electric scooters cause I’m a little bit lazy.. but read a bit about them and realised they’d be awesome for inner city living!!
    In reality though, we’re in the country, so I think I’d have to say that the A12 scooter is my number one pick! The inflatable tyres and durable steel frame are just what we need around here 🙂

  105. I now like Razor on Facebook

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  108. I visited Rudy & The Dodo and love the ‘french doll – nina’ (we call my grandma Nina!)

  109. Visited Sustainababy and love the ErgoPouch Bamboo and Cotton sleeping bag

  110. I also dropped in to Shop for Tots and love their Micador Early start Chunky Markers

  111. At Bubzyboo I love the Alimrose designs blue bunny wrist rattle

  112. I like the Black Label A because it looks really cool and I could ride it too!

  113. I follow Hip little one with Google Friend connnect

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  115. I love the Razor jnr 3 wheel and basket because it would be perfect for my little one!

  116. Following RazorWorldwide on twitter 🙂

  117. I asked my 5 year old son which razor he liked the most and he chose the A12 razor because it was “awesome” and it had breaks (so he doesnt crash)! He was very careful and thoughtful about his choice as he really would love a scooter for Christmas.

  118. subscribed to your newsletter

  119. I visited sticky biz and love the beautiful butterfly canvas!

  120. I visited bright star kids, I love their range, especially the chalk board household labels!

  121. Razor Jr 3 Wheel Alloy is perfect for my boys who are just learning to use scooters.

  122. The Razor Jr 3 Wheel & Basket in Blue would be a massive hit with my Mr 3. He is always hanging toys off his bike from ropes/hats/bags. A basket would make life so much easier – plus he would get to “scoot” like big kids!

  123. I am a fan of Razor on facebook.

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  127. I have tweeted with tags (JessieBoan).

  128. I visited Avidiva and I love the Bean Chairs – especially Bluebell Garden.

  129. I visited Hip & Hot and I love the Boogie Shoes!

  130. I visited Whimsy Child and I love the Humble Bumble Ruffle Shorts in Denim.

  131. I visited Mickey House and I love the AlloLugh Red Summer Pants.

  132. I like the A12 scooter because it has brakes

  133. Razor Jr 3 Wheel & Basket is not only cute but safe and easy to use as well

  134. Your Razor scooter could be used in many ways to save you money and keep you trimmer.

  135. Love the graffiti. That’s a pretty impressive modification. I can already hear the exclamations of “Cool!”

  136. Storm Ultra Pro

  137. GFC follower

  138. Newsletter subscriber

  139. I like the Razor Jr 3 wheel and basket scooter. Perfect for my little boy to try and keep up with his cousins, while practising his balance on 3 wheels.

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  142. I visited avidiva and liked the Little Akai bamboo blanket.

  143. I visited Bubzyboo and liked the Bibska bibs- blue haze design.

  144. I visited Whimsychild and liked the Lunch Punch match and munch sandwich cutters.

  145. I visited Stickybiz and liked the space room wall art.

  146. My twin 5 yrs old boys would love a new Razor A Kick Scooter because two wheels are faster than the three wheeled Razor jnr they have now – I love That it has DIFFERENT colours to save fights !~!

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  150. Love the 3 wheel scooters. they seem so much more stable and safe!

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  155. Visited Little Hero Hosting her range of hosting solutions are good value.

  156. Rudy and Do Do for their inexpensive stocking fillers and boy gift ideas.

  157. subscribed to newsletter

  158. for their Tommy Rocket Better Check Short for boys – love them

  159. for cute personalised kid items – with twins with have major ownership fights on duplicate stuff.

  160. I reckon my kids would go ga ga for the A12.

  161. The Razor A kick scooter looks awesome. Adjustable handles, rear brake and a wheelie bar! My 5 year old needs an upgrade from her toddler scooter to one of these.

  162. liked razor on facebook (as Lisa Jamieson)

  163. little sapling toys teething rings at suki mama are very cool

  164. The bus scrolls at Rudy & the dodo.. I am buying one right now!

  165. I like the look of the hosting plans and design options at

  166. subscribed to the newsletter

  167. I am trying to follow on Google friend cconnect, but the sidebar link is not working. I will return & try again. I’d love to follow.

  168. I love the Graffiti scooter – using chalk to ‘lay down lines’ means the kids can feel cool and decorate their street or driveway in a socially acceptable and environmentally friendly way!

  169. Now a fan of Razor on FB

  170. Subscribed to the newsletter

  171. Loving the Lady White Straw hat for girls on Little Yoyo Styles

  172. The Genesa Forge Bamboo Velour Training Pants at Booloo Babe are gorgeous, and would be perfect for my little girl.

  173. The Rileah Design Deluxe Wooden Baking Set for playtime is just lovely, found at sponsor Shop for Tots

  174. The wooden bookends with birdies at Rudy and the Dodo are so different – I haven’t been able to find anything like them anywhere!

  175. The Pro Model. My daughter could use it for a few years and the design is awesome. you can fold it up, it’s light weight and it can take a beating.

  176. Liked Razor on Facebook

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  178. Joined Google

  179. I love the look of the A12, nothing like all terrain wheels. Mind you all the models look so lovely and shiny that choosing just one wasn’t easy.

  180. Following @razorworldwide on Twitter

  181. We would love the A12 best as it looks like a really heavy duty scooter that can be used by my eldest boy and then when his younger brother is older, he can use it too.

  182. I like Razor on Facebook

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  186. From Sukimama I like the Dimples Summer Weight Sleepsac.

  187. From Rudy & The Dodo I like the wooden chic greengrocer set (by Janod).

  188. From Sustainababy I like the Cactus Coat and Hat Rack.

  189. From Shop for Tots I like the Le Toy Van Mike’s Auto Garage.

  190. The Graffiti razor a kick scooter with its chalk
    Would make our whole neighbourhood chat and talk

  191. The Graffiti razor A kick scooter. The chalk is an awesome idea. My 5 yr old daughter loves her scooter & drawing… so this would rock her world.

  192. Peter Jamieson liked Razor on facebook

  193. subscribed to hiplittleone newsletter

  194. SBD red voile skirt at little yoyo styles

  195. 12 image mini gallery at arteater is a great idea!

  196. coco & ginger sun suit from whimsy child

  197. now following via GFC

  198. The Graffiti is definitely the coolest!

  199. I Like Razor on Facebook

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  203. The Razor Graffiti is so cool

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  205. I like Razor on Facebook

  206. The A2, because it is basic but has suspension

  207. I am a newsletter subscriber

  208. I am a newsletter subscriber

  209. Black Label Ultra Pro Lo not only looks tough but super cool as well

  210. I like the Storm Ultra Pro. Just right for mum to ride too.

  211. Liked on facebook

  212. subscribed to HLO newsletter

  213. Rudy and the Dodo have a gorgeous little strawberry coin purse and a cute shoulder bag to match.

  214. The plan toys tumbling tower looks great for the kids coordination. From Sustainababy

  215. Shop for Tots have cool Clickity Bug and Clickity Butterfly Castanets.

  216. Love the Jungle Scene Canvas art from stickybiz.

  217. Like Razor on Facebook

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  219. Subscribe to newsletter

  220. Art Eater – favourite item is the 12 Image Mini Gallery

  221. Bright Star Kids, hard to pick, love all their labels

  222. Razor Powerwing looks really cool

  223. Australian Girl, love Jasmine

  224. Sticky Biz, personalised height chart

  225. Shared on Facebook

  226. Liked Razor on fb

  227. HLO subscriber

  228. Love the A12 Razor Scooter – with a driveway like ours everything we own needs to be able to go offroad!

  229. Arteater – love the framed wall art

  230. Australian Girl Doll – matilda is my favourite

  231. Rudy and the dodo – love the ‘My Dad’ interview book

  232. Razor Jr 3 Wheel & Basket….go get ’em tiger!!

  233. I love the Razor Graffiti scooter. It’s awesome how you can draw while riding a scooter!! Love it!

  234. Jr 3 that’s for me.
    Our little tot will feel grown up
    With big brother ahead he’ll catch up!

  235. It has to be the original and the best, A model Razor kick scooter. I remember all my friends used to have these back around 2000 and I was never allowed to get one (“too dangerous” Mum would say). I still long for one and feel 5 again when I see people riding them around.

  236. With an A12 Scooter, who needs a 4wd! Looks tough enough to hold me too.

  237. Liked Razor on Facebook (Karen Freeman)

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  241. Every product that Razor make are fantastic. Hard wearing, Tough and stylish. I would LOVE to win any of these amazing scooters. My Master 5 has just broken his scooter (not a Razor) and would think his Mum was Ants Pants if I won one of these for him!

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