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When my parents were visiting Australia last month I wanted to give them a lovely Australian gift to take back home to our little nieces in The Netherlands. It didn’t take me long to come up with something, I knew straight away that they would absolutely love the creations of the girls at O.B.Designs. You might know this Australian label from the adorable DINGaRINGs or quirky Stufits, but have you also seen their newest arrival?

The Heart Felt Creations ($14.95) have only just arrived on our shores but they have already stolen many hearts, not a surprise really as they are just gorgeous. Their soft felt bodies are combined with an interesting crinkle sound, gentle squeaker or dingle bell so they are the perfect toy for inquisitive little people and will keep them entertained for ages. The looks are inspired by Australia’s fascinating wildlife, landscape and culture, translated into stylish products by two talented Australian designers.

To help with teething drama’s and to cheer up sad little faces there are the O.B.Design DINGaRINGs ($19.95), the 3-in-1 baby toys featuring a natural wooden teething ring, soft and cuddly body and fun rattle. The collection consists of eight cheeky creatures with personalities to match. Emma Owl, Tony Tree Frog, Pete Penguin, which DINGaRING would get your baby giggling most?

The O.B.Designs Stufits ($24.95) are the quirky take on the boring back pack, big enough for a pair of pyjama’s and a toothbrush or some snacks for an afternoon out to the park or visit to grandma and grandpa. I can’t wait for our niece to meet Kev Koala, although I think she would have loved Lola Ladybug too. With 4 characters to choose from there is a great Stufit friend for every little boy or girl.

To find out more about O.B.Designs, to browse the range and to order online go to or visit one of the many O.B.Designs stockists Australia wide.

For your chance to win a 3 piece O.B.Designs prize pack (1 DINGaRING, 1 Stufit and 1 Heart Felt Creation of winner’s choice) visit and answer the following question: Which style of each design would you choose if you won?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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Competition ends December 23, 2011. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  92 Responses to “O.B.Designs giveaway”

  1. I would choose, Betty butterfly Marvin Mudcrab nd the gorgeous Trev the Turtle, hee hee they are so cute 🙂

  2. Liked O.B.Designs on Facebook 🙂

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  4. Already a subscriber to the Hip little one newsletter

  5. have tweeted @gherkkerry

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  7. have visited australian girl and matilda is the fav. Cute and a true aussie 🙂

  8. have visited Arteater and I love the acrylic photo blocks, great idea. 🙂

  9. have visited rudy and the dodo and I really like the french doll nina, detailed and a keepsake.

  10. have visited sticky biz and the personalised Height Chart is a great idea, stocking filler for sure.

  11. I’m sooo excited to be expecting a baby girl after 2 boys, so my choices would definitely be girly ones! The Betty Butterfly Ding a Ring, the Lola Ladybug Stufit, and the Pippa Parrot Heartfelt 🙂

  12. I already like OB Designs on Facebook

  13. I follow Hip Little One on GFC

  14. And I already receive your newsletter 🙂

  15. The Jasmine Doll is just lovely from Australian Girl

  16. Wish I had known about the PSI Bands from Since We Were Kids a few months ago.. would have loved to try them out for MS.

  17. Oh my! Can I please have an Emma Owl DINGaRING. I just pinned her. I am in love.
    Kev the Koala is cute too. As is Pippa Parrot, but Emma Owl has stolen my heart.

  18. This was a lot of fun to choose, definately the Betty Butterfly dingaring, the lola ladybug stufit and a trev turtle heart felt creation.

  19. Liked OBdesigns on FB

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  21. Google friend connected

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  23. Loving the Honey Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces over at gummybabies – great idea for teething bubs

  24. The gorgeous little Baobab Teal Mesh Dress at budburstkids is so unique and beautiful

  25. The liecup at sukimama is one of the most brilliant idea’s ever

  26. The little pink nissan mock denim pants at mickeyhouse are adorable and a bargain at only $8

  27. I like bazza bee.

  28. I’d choose Marvin Mudcrab (stuffit), Bazza Bee (felt creation) and Tony Tree Frog (DING-a-RING)

  29. I’ve liked O.B.Designs on Facebook

  30. And follow Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

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  32. I would get the Pete Penguin Ding-A-Ring; Trev Turtle Heart Felt Creation; and Marvin Mud Crab Stuff-It bag.
    What awesome creations! 😀

  33. Liked O.B. Designs on Facebook!

  34. I would choose Pete Penguin ding-a-ring, Jack jellyfish Stuffit bag and Trev turtle heart felt creation. All very cute!

  35. I like OB Designs on FB.

  36. I subscribe to the HLO newsletter

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  38. I visited Gummy Babies and liked the adult amber necklace.

  39. I visited Avidiva and liked the ecosystems natural babe bamboo blanket.

  40. I visited Bubzyboo and liked the pink posie Bibsksbibs.

  41. I visited Whimsychild and liked the flutter dress- Spring mix.

  42. I would chose:
    – Marvin Mudcrab
    – Bazza Bee
    – Keith Koala

  43. I’m already a GFC follower!

  44. Pete Penguin – so super cool

  45. LOVE penguins, so Pete is my man.

  46. I would choose Pete Penguin ding-a-ring, Jack jellyfish Stuffit bag and Trev turtle heart felt creation. All very cute!

  47. Definately the Betty Butterfly dingaring, the lola ladybug stufit and a trev turtle heart felt creation.

  48. Tony Tree Frog Dingaring, Trev Turtle Heart felt creation, and Jack Jellyfish Stufit

  49. Like OB Designs on facebook

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  53. I would love to have the chance to choose a Keith Koala DINGaRING, a Marvin Mudcrab Stufit Bag and a Pippa Parrot Heart Felt Creation for my kids – they would love them!

  54. I follow O.B.Designs on facebook.

  55. I follow O.B.Designs on twitter.

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  58. I tweeted about this giveaway.

  59. I visited Rudy & The Dodo and I love the new wooden zoo animals.

  60. I visited Sustain A Baby and I love the new Cheekly Little Soles Walkers -Isabel Peep Toe Sandals.

  61. I visited Shop For Tots and I think I need some of the fantastic Bobble Art lunchboxes for my kids.

  62. I visited Sticky Biz and I love the Girls Small Personalised Name Labels.

  63. I just adore O.B Designs,they are so cute! If I was the lucky winner I would choose Emma Owl Dingaring,Kev Koala Stufit & Bazza Bee Heartfelt Creation 😉

  64. Like O.B Designs on FB

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  67. Little Yoyo Styles-My little Miss would love Bubba The Black Bear Zoobie Pet!

  68. Shop For Tots-The Melody Cottage Aline Dress by Oobi,so cute!

  69. Sustainababy-Overcrawls Overalls in Cars n Planes

  70. Badburst Kids-The Cheeki Stainless Steel water bottle in the Playschool design would be very popular with my 2 year old! 😉

  71. Lula ladybug, bazza bee, and marvin mudcrab! adorable!

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  76. Pete penguin, Lola ladybug, Karla koala

  77. Following OB designs on Twitter

  78. Newsletter subscriber

  79. GFC follower

  80. I love Tony Treefrog Ding-a-ring, Lola Ladybug Stufit, and Pippa Parrot Heartfelt Creation

  81. Australian Girl Doll – matilda is my favourite

  82. Arteater – love the framed wall art

  83. Existing HLO subscriber

  84. Sponsor 1: Rudy & the Dodo – I love the french toy box!

  85. Sponsor 1: Sustainababy – I love Sophie The Giraffe (timeless appeal!)

  86. Sponsor 3: Sukimama – I love the Boon Bath Goods- 20 pieces

    *oops, Sustainababy was meant to be Sponsor 2 not 1 sorry..

  87. Sponsor 4: Budburst Kids – I love the Annabel Trends Children’s Umbrella – Blue Lamb

  88. I would choose Lola the Ladybug (our puppy is called Lola), Kev the Koala (my daughter’s favourite toy is a koala) and Trev the Turtle (coz he’s so cute!). Love these

  89. Would definitely go for Pete Penguin design

  90. Betty Butterfly dingaring, the lola ladybug stufit and a trev turtle heart felt creation

  91. Like on facebook

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