Nov 282011

As a child I was always very excited about getting a new outfit for Christmas. The new clothes used to hang in, or even better in front of, my wardrobe so I could admire them in the days leading up to Christmas, the Christmas eve service couldn’t come quick enough! I have been putting together Christmas outfits for my kids too and as much as I like them to look special and festive it is very important to me that the pieces are practical and can be worn long after the Christmas tree has been put away. At the moment Eeni Meeni Miini Moh has some very stylish pieces on offer that would be very well suited to the festive season, these are some of my favourites:

1. Eeni Meeni Miini Moh Polo Clover (from $59, size 2-12)
2. Eeni Meeni Miini Moh Cap Sleeve Dress Crimson (from $104, size 0-5)
3. Eeni Meeni Miini Moh T-shirt Herringbone Clover (from $51, size 0-5)
4. Eeni Meeni Miini Moh Hat Enfant Crimson ($34, size XXS-M)
5. Eeni Meeni Miini Moh Square Neck Dress (from $104, size 0-5)
6. Eeni Meeni Miini Moh Polo Crimson (from $54, size 0-5)

I can’t help but share this absolutely gorgeous spotty top for the girls. It has the cutest frill shoulder straps and detachable wings on the back. Although my youngest daughter’s behaviour is not always angelic her face most definitely is so she is going to steal the show this Christmas wearing the Crimson Wing Top (from $59, size 0-5). If you haven’t got your Christmas outfits sorted it it time to hurry up, Christmas is less than 1 month away.

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