Oct 022011

I may have said before that dinner time is the least favourite part of my day. Even though I (only) have three children it feels like I need to feed a whole orphanage: the food can’t be served fast enough, there is always someone unhappy with at least one part of the meal and I haven’t even started about the mess they make… The twins have been asking for grown up cutlery for a while now because plastic cutlery is for babies and I have finally found something that has passed the coolness test.

The TUMTUM range is all about brightly coloured mealtime products for kids, designed  to make mealtime an enjoyable event. Decorated with fun animal themes these hip designs are sure to please fussy little eaters whilst the clever features will be appreciated by parents.

The TUMTUM mealtime range covers both the little ones who are just starting to eat independently (Tiny, ages 1-3) and the older ones who have got it pretty much under control (Trainee, ages 3+). Designers Andrew and Suzanne, parents of two young children themselves, made sure to create a range that is both fun and practical, featuring easy-scoop corners, straws that allow cups and beakers to be emptied completely and other handy features.

The twins are thrilled with their new TUMTUM cutlery sets, they have metal ends just like the grownups (so they can actually ‘stab’ their food without it dropping off, equals less mess to clean up) yet the handle is still chunky making it easy to hold for little hands. The Tiny 6pc Cutlery Set is designed for children aged 1-3 and features cheeky animals on the handles, kids can find the right match or create their own silly animals for some mealtime fun. Good to know: the pieces are dishwasher safe.

Also very cute, and really handy, are the Tiny Snack Pots. They come in a set of four different sizes to hold all kinds of snacks big and small. The Tiny Snack Pots are perfect for fruit, sultana’s and kindy lunch but they are great for at home too. Of course the kids love the vibrant colours and the bug prints, and I like the fact that they don’t take up much room in the cupboard (they all fit inside eachother) and that they are dishwasher safe saving me a lot of handwashing.

You can find the TUMTUM range at David Jones outlets in most states, for more detailed stockist information phone 03 8787 4200.

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