Oct 082011

A few months ago I dedicated a number of posts to toilet training products. I would love to be able to announce that we have been able to ditch the nappies and it is all done and dusted (or wiped) but unfortunately that is not the case. I actually find this one of the hardest things so far, dealing with two toddlers is tricky and they clearly respond to different approaches. Whilst my son prefers to go to the toilet my daughter thinks the potty is a safer choice, maybe because it is closer to the ground for her short legs. But not all potties are a comfortable fit, especially for older toddlers who need a wider brim to sit on. Luckily Tommee Tippee has designed a clever potty that sits like a throne and is easy to clean for mums.

The multi award winning Tommee Tippee Pourty Potty is designed with boys, girls and mums in mind. Boys and girls will find potty time much more pleasant if they can sit comfortably, which is why this potty features a larger and wider seating area than other potties making this a perfect potty for younger and older children up to 4 years old. We have two potties and this one is definitely first choice.

Mums will love the Pourty Potty because of its unique pouring duct at the back so that emptying the potty is really easy, clean and mess free. The high splash guard also reduces the risk of spills during potty time. A practical handle opening at the front lets you simply tip the contents in the toilet afterwards. The Pourty Potty is made out of sturdy plastic and is available in blue or cream.

For more information about the Tommee Tippee Pourty Potty ($19.98) and to find a stockist near you visit www.tommeetippee.com.au.

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