Oct 032011

For the past year I have been counting down to this day and now the moment has finally come, we are off to the airport to pick up my parents who are flying in from The Netherlands. We only have a few short weeks together so we are determined to make the most of every minute and the preparation alone is already so much fun. Every time a plane flies over the kids are telling me the plane is heading for the airport and Opa and Oma are on it. They have never seen a plane up close so they can’t wait to get to the airport today and hopefully catch a glimp of one. Speaking of airports, I recently spotted this awesome Airport Boxset by Tiger Tribe, doesn’t it look awesome?

The wooden Boxsets by Tiger Tribe are simply stunning, what a surprise package they are! From the outside they look like a neat, tidy box which will keep rooms looking organised and they are perfect for travelling. Inside you’ll find several sturdy wooden toys and a themed stage, providing kids with all they need to create their own adventures using their imagination. This Airport Boxset contains 2 planes, a helicopter and plenty of track pieces to entertain kids for hours.

For the girls there is this delightful Dolls House Boxset, filled with plenty of furniture and little toy people made of strong plantation timber that is durable and eco-friendly. Parents will love these sets are they are packed up in no time so no endless mess on the floor, they are also a great tool to keeps kids busy at grandma’s or on holiday. With Christmas less than 90 days away now is the time to think of great Christmas presents.

Aside from the cool Airport Boxset and the cute Dolls House Boxset (my favourite) there are several other Tiger Tribe Boxsets available, like the Car Boxset, Train Boxset and Beach Villa Boxset. You can even grow the transport boxsets using special extension kits with extra pieces to create a longer track and extra cars or trains. The boxsets are suitable for children aged 3+ due to small pieces.

For more information about the Tiger Tribe Boxsets ($59.95), to take a closer look at the different designs and to order your favourite online visit www.lookmummy.com.au.

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  1. My daughter turns 1 just before Christmas (where has this year gone?!!) and my mum and sister had to give me a sneak peak of the present they bought her – one of those GORGEOUS doll house boxsets! I think they bought it from ‘Seed’ in Melbourne.
    I love the idea of them, they pack up neatly at home, and would be great for taking over to someone else’s house or when travelling. Love looking at the other designs above!

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