Oct 132011

As I child I remember watching The Lion King on video and being completely overwhelmed by the enormity of it all; the sight of all those animals, the music, we just loved it. Years later I was lucky enough to attend the musical The Lion King in theater, although I was not a child anymore the story was not less impressive, in fact, I was even more in love with it and I still get goosebumps listening to the recording of the musical.

If you missed out on seeing The Lion King back then (or you just want to relive the experience) or if you would love to share this beautiful story with your children you are in luck because yesterday The Lion King has been released on Disney 3D and Blu-ray High Definition, available for a limited time only. The award winning story has been restored and remastered for an even more amazing movie experience the whole family can enjoy. My kids immediately fell in love with the songs and Hakuna Matata is their new favourite slogan.

The Lion King tells the tale of lion cub Simba, destined to take over from his father as king, who runs away from his Uncle Scar and his home with the intention of never coming back. But luckily he meets the hilarious Timon and Pumbaa and after going on plenty of fun and exciting adventures with his new friends he returns to take his rightful place, after all, he is the real king of the jungle.

To celebrate the release of The Lion King on DVD one lucky Hip little one reader will be spoiled with a funtastic 8-pce The Lion King prize pack valued at $144. It is filled with great prizes for the whole family:

  • The Lion King Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD
  • The Lion King Soundtrack CD
  • The Lion King Book and CD
  • The Lion King CD Read Along Book
  • The Lion King Puzzle 48 piece
  • The Lion King Plush 16cm
  • The Lion King Shaped Board Book
  • The Lion King Mini Collection Activity & Storybook

The Lion King (rated G) is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and 3D Blu-ray, prices start from $39.99.

For your chance to win the fabulous The Lion King Prize Pack watch the movie trailer from The Lion King and answer the following question: Which animal pictured in the movie trailer do you like most and why?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends November 13, 2011. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  166 Responses to “The Lion King giveaway”

  1. I love the zebra! They can stay safe in a pack and their predators get confused with their stripes- very, very, very classy!!

  2. Nala is defiantely my favourtie character i just love her and always have! I am sooo happy this has been brought out again! Very excited 🙂

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  5. Simba is my favourite. Fair and very proud of his pride. He looks after everyone!!

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  14. Rudy and the dodo, great tween stuff,.coloured sand kit – queens (djeco art) is a favourite. 🙂

  15. Simba has been and will always be my favourite. He makes a great friend

  16. I visted Phil&Teds and i love the Verve!

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  20. i love timon he is always so happy and full of life.

  21. I always keep Simba close to my heart. I just love how caring and awesome he is. Love!

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  23. I love Rafiki the baboon, so wise

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  27. since we were kids – Dr Bloom’s Chewable Jewels Bracelets

  28. Peppermint Parade-
    Designer Collection Georgia silver satin-covered headband with stitched 6mm strand-sequins

  29. Simba – because looks so cute!

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  33. Simba – His excitement and playfulness just reminds me of the kids.

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  37. Checked out Ruddy and the Dodo – I could get in big trouble on that one and love how they sort the catergories. Love teh wooden cupcake set under cyclone threes.

  38. Another vote for Simba! He’s so cute 🙂

  39. Have liked Walt Disney Studios Australia on Facebook as well 🙂

  40. I Love Simba Kiara’s Father he really looks after his son and teaches him all the right things the best lesson for growing up to be the Lion King and a great Proud Father to have and hes sooo proud of his son and Kiara just adores him 🙂 a Truelly Beautiful story 🙂

  41. Australian Girl love the dolls especially the boy doll my grandson Samuel would love it .:)

  42. Hi Ive done everything except the google friend connect had heaps of trouble finding it come back later and try again unless someone would nicely help me to find it please would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  43. Pumba… reminds me of someone I know. LOL

  44. Timon, I love his one liners that the kids don’t get but the Mums do.

  45. I’d like one but he’s nothing without the other. My favourites are the inseperable Timon and Pumba. Two but one really. Their cute and funny but really disgusting.

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  47. Liked Walt Disney Studios Australia on facebook.

  48. The Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Bug Net on Shop for Tots looks like lots of fun for the kids.

  49. How colourful is the Jungle Canvas Art on Bright Star Kids. Bet my kids would love it.

  50. AlloLugh Mock Denim pants on Mickey House Kids are pretty great with cute pockets and patterns.

  51. What a great idea is the stamp set – funny face (djeco) on Rudy and the Dodo. My son and I would have a ball with that.

  52. I love Timon – always good for a laugh. The Lion King has to be one of the best animated movies ever, in my opinion!

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  56. I visited SukiMama – I love the bobux i-walk pohutukawa/white sandals!

  57. I visited Budburst Kids – I love the Baobab Green Lucia Dress.

  58. I visited Bright Star Kids – I love the bird cages wall stickers.

  59. I visited Mickey House – I love the Gap “I love Mom” pajamas.

  60. I love Timon! Meerkats are a favourite of ours at the Zoo.

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  64. always a fan of rafiki 🙂

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  66. I love Rafiki the Baboon.. so very wise and a great sense of humour!! (which you don’t get until you’re grown up!)

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  69. simba is my favourite by far, his such an inspiration, he could give courage to a whole nation. The way he stands up to scar after everything hes done to him.

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  71. Pumbaa is my favourite, he is so hilarious!

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  73. Simba as a cub…he was so cute!!

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  75. I love the giraffe!

  76. I love the giraffe’s spotted fur!

  77. Simba has always been my favourite 🙂

  78. simba is cute!

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  82. Lelby’s Bean Chairs – Bluebell Garden

  83. Bamboo Care Short Sleeve Bodysuit

  84. ecoboo bamboo stripe beanie

  85. Oishi-m hot floral shrug
    shop for tots

  86. Love the Mud Pie Ice Cream Tutu Dress from ‘Outlet Shop for Kids’

  87. Baby Simba is just adorable, so sweet and innocent and unaware of the adventures that await him!!

  88. following walt disney studios australia on fb

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  90. following hlo on gfc 🙂

  91. I love Simba, he’s the star of the show!

  92. HLO subscriber

  93. Sukimama – love the Quick Pop Maker

  94. Rudy and the dodo – love the ‘My Dad’ interview book

  95. Arteater – love the framed wall art

  96. Australian Girl Doll – matilda is my favourite

  97. My favourite animals shown in the trailer are the elephants. With their size and slow pace they demand attention and respect and just seem like such a nobel animal. However it’s hard to go past the cuteness of baby Simba in the movie!

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  103. Visited Whimsy Child and I love the Lunch Punch Match and Munch Sandwich Cutters

  104. Visited Avidiva and love the Kicky Pants – Bamboo party dress with bloomers.

  105. Visited Since we were kids and love the psi bands

  106. Simba, strong character who makes the film so successful, I love his devotion to his family.

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  110. Simba, it still brings a tear to my eye when he imagines his father in the sky.

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  113. Simba is still my favourite since the first time I saw it.

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  117. Simbas lion mum….behind every great lion man is a great woman!!!

  118. I love Simba because he’s really gorgeous 🙂

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  123. Simba, still makes me teary remembering him losing his father in movie =(

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  126. 1950’s apron vintage floral @ shopfortots.com.au Love the fabric and colours

  127. Boon bath bug pod @ budburstkids.com cute as bath storage

  128. Boon odds ducks four pack @ sukimama.com.au, Girl loves ducks at the moment and theses ones have a twist and would look great in the collection.

  129. Wooden garden flower press @ Rudy and the dodo, had one when i was a child and loved it

  130. Visited sticky biz and am loving the the animal wall decal, fun and full of mischief!!

  131. Visited shop for tots, the paper owl backpack is awesome, what a great xmas present!! 🙂

  132. visited sukimama, Hooded Towel, byGraziela lovely great for getting out the pool!!

  133. I love Mufasa, the king. He’s such a loving father and fair animal king.

  134. Disney Aust FB liker as Chon Ky. Didn’t even realise they had a FB page. Thanks for that.

  135. I follow with GFC as chonny88

  136. i would have to pic pumba he always makes me laugh and seems so happy.
    i am a follower on face book of hip little one and Walt Disney Studios Australia, i don’t have twitter as it confuses me haha but i have tagged you in facebook aswell 🙂 regards jess

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  140. Love Rafika the baboon, so very wize and witty.

  141. my daughter willow has never seen the lion king but she said she doesnt have a fav she loved all of the animals esp the baby lion…thanks..

  142. liked walt disney studio australia fb page

  143. pumba – reminds me of my sister…

  144. Nala is defiantely my favourtie character i just love her and always have!

  145. Nala is defiantely my favourtie character i just love her and always have!

  146. Love Rafika the baboon, so very wize and witty.

  147. I love Mufasa, the king.

  148. I’ve always thought Rafiki the baboon was awesome, he may be a crazy elder but he certainly knocks some sense in Simba

  149. I liked Simba ( when he was a baby).I really loved expressions and voice of simba…

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  155. Boys Superhero Canvas is my favourite at bright star kids…

  156. Dandelion – Baby Doll is my favourite at avidiva

  157. Kanoe Baby Hammock is my favourite at sukimama

  158. Gap insulated 2pc Hoodie tracksuit (3-8yrs) is my favourite ay mickeyhouse.com.au

  159. Rafiki as he is wiser than several owls put together.

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