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When parents bring their new baby home from hospital there is usually a freshly made cot or bassinet waiting. The sheets are carefully washed, maybe even with special ‘baby washing powder’ so they are nice and clean, because everyone wants the best for their baby. You might even have selected organic sheets to make sure there are no dangerous chemicals near your precious bundle. But what about the mattress protector that is no doubt hiding under your fitted sheet? How safe and clean is that? Make a healthy choice by choosing Protect-a-Bed.

The award winning Protect-a-Bed Tencel Mattress Protector is made with 100% natural eucalyptus fibre offering a lot of benefits for babies and children. Tencel is a natural fibre which is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and free of pesticides and chemicals so your baby can sleep safely without breathing in anything harmful. Babies have very sensitive skin which can get irritated quickly, but as the Tencel textile is very soft and smooth it is gentle on your baby’s skin.

Unlike with regular mattress protectors your baby can sleep directly on the surface of the Tencel protector so it saves you both washing and work changing the bed. Of course the protector is waterproof and absorbent (as well as stain proof) yet still breathable and very cool (perfect for the summer months). The Protect-a-Bed Tencel Mattress Protector is a fitted sheet design available in two different cot sizes

After reading all the scary facts and figures about dust mites and bedbugs I pay a lot more attention when choosing bedlinen for my family. The Protect-a-Bed range covers it all, from tiny bassinets to king size beds and from mattresses to quilts and pillows. The products are designed to create a so called healthy sleepzone so everyone can sleep in a safe and dry environment. Protect-a-Bed products are available at nearly 1000 retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Protect-a-Bed, to read about the many benefits of Tencel textiles and to locate stockist near you visit www.protectabed.com.au.

For your chance to win a Protect-a-Bed Tencel Mattress Protector (cot size 130x68cm) visit www.protectabed.com.au and answer the following question: Name two of the features of the Tencel Mattress Protector you really like.

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  86 Responses to “Protect-a-Bed giveaway”

  1. It’s 100% natural eucalyptus fibre and waterproof.

  2. Aaah, waterproof, mums best friend till they are nighttrained. And allergy relief, not sure yet if Lolly is as bad as Miss 10 and DH, but it pays to be on the safe side!

  3. Google friend connected

  4. Following protect-a-bed on FB

  5. newsletter subscriber

  6. Those Belle dolls over at Australiangirldoll are gorgeous. These are so cute, and remind me of the huge American Girl dolls were saw on 5th avenue in New York

  7. That frilly tushie at bubzyboo is sooo cute

  8. The acryllic photoblock over at arteater is such an awesome idea for that first little masterpiece

  9. I LOVE the gorgeous little Coco & Ginger Cristobel dress at Whimsy child,

  10. “•Comfortable & soft
    •Clinically tested for sensitive skin”

  11. Clinically tested for sensitive skin and prevents bacteria & dust mites breeding in your baby’s mattress

  12. Following protect-a-bed on twitter 🙂

  13. I love the small name labels at Bright Star Kids, we have them and they are great

  14. I really like the lunch punch sandwich cutters over at Budburst Kids

  15. I love that the Tencel protect-a-bed product protects children from allergens, and that it has thermo-regulating properties.

  16. I like Protect-a-Bed on Facebook

  17. And follow Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

  18. Plus subscribe to the Hip little one newsletter 🙂

  19. To be honest, I really like that it’s machine washable, and anti-bacterial. Two very important considerations for infant bedding.

  20. Like Protect a bed on Facebook.

  21. I love that that the mattress protector has Thermo- regulating properties and is a Stain barrier.

  22. Follow Hip Little One with google friend connect.

  23. A subscriber of the Hip little one newsletter.

  24. Waterproof and has a stain barrier.

  25. Love the Mud Pie Ice Cream Tutu Dress from ‘Outlet Shop for Kids’

  26. I love that the mattress stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer- just what our baby needs. Plus I love that it can be machine washable and tumble dried for convenience.

  27. I like protect-a-bed on FB.

  28. I Follow Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

  29. I subscribe to HLO newsletter.

  30. I visited avidiva and liked the babyjo ‘Aiko’ double layer pjs- very cute!

  31. I visited outlet shop for kids and liked the Mudpie Giraffe 3 pc set.

  32. I visited Mickey House and liked the measuring tape and key chain (boy design)

  33. I visited Hip n Hot and liked the hip owls.

  34. My 2 favourite features are
    Soft and comfortable
    Prevents bacteria & dust mites breeding in your baby’s mattress

  35. Protecta bed facebook liker

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  38. Newsletter subscriber

  39. It’s 100% natural eucalyptus fibre and waterproof.

  40. It’s 100% natural eucalyptus fibre and waterproof.

  41. I love that it’s made from natural eucalyptus fibre and safe for baby to sleep directly on 🙂

  42. I like that it has thermo-regulating properties and also has Tencel protect-a-bed product protects children from allergens!.

  43. subbed to your newsletter

  44. subbed to google friend connect

  45. liked on FB

  46. machine washable, and anti-bacterial

  47. I Like Protect-a-Bed on Facebook

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  49. Subscribe to the Hip little one newsletter – done

  50. Its machine washable and most importantly waterproof

  51. My 2 favourite features are allergen protection and the mattress has thermo-regulating properties.

  52. I am a fan of Protect A Bed on facebook.

  53. I am following Protect A Bed on twitter.

  54. I follow HLO via GFC.

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  56. I visited Avidiva and I love the Giimmo Nightlights particularly Indigo the Hedgehog – so cute!

  57. I visited Since We Were Kids and I love the Moodeez Bags – for myself (for once).

  58. I visited Whimsy Child and love the Ada Ada Scoria Wings.

  59. I visited Mickey House Kids and I love the B2W2 Princess Pink Rosette Top.

  60. I like that is hypo-allergenic and breathable.

  61. Following protect-a-bed on twitter

  62. GFC follower

  63. Newsletter subscriber.

  64. 100% natural eucalyptus fibre and Its machine washable making 1 less major chore to tackle

  65. Love that its a fitted sheet style and is hypo-allegenic and antibacterial

  66. HLO email subscriber

  67. Sukimama – love the litecups

  68. Rudy and the dodo – ‘My Dad’ interview book

  69. Arteater – fave is the framed wall art

  70. Gummy Babies – love the Gummy Princess Gift Box

  71. I love that it’s waterproof & prevents dustmites!

  72. I like Protectabed on facebook

  73. I followed protect a bed on twitter

  74. hypoallergenic and antibacterial

  75. liked protect -a -bed on facebook

  76. It’s cool and comfortable (great for Darwin weather) and it prevents bacteria (also perfect for the humid weather up here).

  77. we have a few of these. i love them as they are just so simple to use and healthy for my kids to sleep on 🙂

  78. 100% natural eucalyptus fibre
    and waterproof.

  79. I love the thermo-regulating properties and that they are hypo-allergenic.

  80. facebook like

  81. HLO newsletter subscriber

  82. HLO follower with google friend connect

  83. Matilda from Australian girl is gorgeous!

  84. psi bands – Since we were kids

  85. cantimini urban dress – MIckey House

  86. Bubzyboo – Little Tee-Tee Zara dress

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