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You might remember that back in July I attended the Bloggers Brunch in Melbourne. It’s good I had a great time because it was a long trip to make. On the way to Melbourne we drove during the night, so at least the kids and I got a little bit of sleep but I wasn’t really looking forward to the long journey back. Thankfully I received a fun Bloggers Brunch present that made the trip home a whole lot more pleasant: a Nanna’s Carrots Book & CD set by Aunty Rozzy.

Behind Aunty Rozzy hides a talented Australian musician and educator called Ros, and although I have never met ‘Aunty Rozzy’ myself I sort of feel I know her which is exactly the concept of Nanna’s Carrots. The book was developed to encourage children to eat their vegies, something many mums struggle with. By turning ordinary carrots into special ‘nanna’s’ carrots they become a lot nicer to eat! Kids just love the sound of someone called nanna or aunty.

The second book in the series, The Incredible Edible Alphabet, teaches the alphabet using colourful illustrations of different foods. The Aunty Rozzy books do not only educate kids about healthy eating, they also improve their reading/language skills. Magnificent mangoes, perfect peaches, luscious lemons, there is a lot more to these books than you think. In the ‘Spinach’ illustration alone you will find atleast 6 other S words to discuss!

Each Aunty Rozzy book is accompanied by a CD which contains a catchy sing-along song, an audio version of the book (read by Aunty Rozzy herself) and an instrumental karaoke track so your kids can sing to the tune (you’ll even find yourself humming along!). For a taste of what to expect you can listen to the Nanna’s Carrots song and The Incredible Edible Alphabet song on the Aunty Rozzy Website. A third book called The Family Tree of the Broccoli is in the making.

Aside from the awesome books and great songs Aunty Rozzy has thought of many more ways to improve the eating habits of Australian children. The website is a great place to visit together with your children, they will love the video’s, games and activities and you can come back regularly to browse the ever growing list of healthy recipes to make for and with your kids. Awesome Apple Chips, Stunning Spinach Frittata, there is plenty of choice even for fussy eaters.

To learn more about Aunty Rozzy, to check out the different books ($14.95-$29.95) and to order online visit www.auntyrozzy.com. Postage within Australia is just $4.95 per order.

For your chance to win a Nanna’s Carrots Book + CD set (soft cover) visit www.auntyrozzy.com and answer the following question: Which one of the Aunty Rozzy recipes would you like to try?

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  60 Responses to “Aunty Rozzy giveaway”

  1. I would love to try ‘Nannas Carrot Muffins’ recipe 🙂

  2. Liked on fb 🙂

  3. Visited Avidiva and love the Zuny – Limited Edition Blue Abby Elephant Door Stop / Bookend

  4. The Zingy Zucchini Fritters. So far the kids won’t eat anything green.

  5. Liked Aunty Rozzy on FB

  6. Subscribed to Aunty Rozzy’s newsletter

  7. Following by GFC

  8. I think I will be making the Anzac Biscuits to start with…. mmmmmm…. anzacs….

  9. I’d love to try out the Eight steps to the perfect start tofathers day – what a great recipe for the kids to try out. Hopefully husband finds this website near mothers day!

  10. Liked aunty rozzy on FB using blogpage

  11. Following aunty rozzie on twitter

  12. Am your Google friend

  13. I LOVE that sweet little Georgia headband at Peppermint parade

  14. I can’t get past the minigalleries at arteater – that 30 image gallery would go a long way in preserving my little misses masterpieces

  15. Hipandhot is a fabulous website, and I love the star shaped mobile paper accessories they are currently profiling

  16. I had no idea that there was an australian retailer selling mudpie products – can’t go past the zebra print bloomies at outletshopforkids

  17. Might have a go at the flourless carrot and orange cake. Very different to anything I’ve ever tried but dairy, fruit and veg it must be good for them.

  18. LIKED Aunty Rozzy on facebook.

  19. Have tweeted 🙂

  20. I’d love to make the Orange and Lemon Flourless cake

  21. Have subscribed to Aunty Rozzy’s Newsletter 🙂

  22. Following Aunty Rozzy on Twitter

  23. Sustainababy have great Studio SKINKY Playon Crayons that would be a great christmas stocking addition.

  24. There is a ready, set, go! blue car on Rudy And The Dodo that looks great for little hands. My son loves things with a handle he can carry around.

  25. We do a lot of travel and usually head off before daylight so the Gingerbread Knitted Blanket looks like a winner for warmth and comfort at Shop For Tots.

  26. Bubzyboo have a BellyCo Eco Organic Bamboo Belly Wrap that is used after giving birth that I wish I had after my first bub. I had thought of something like this but never found one.

  27. I’d love to try the ‘Apple Chips’ – they sound easy, healthy and fun 🙂 might give them a go today!

  28. I like Aunty Rozzy on Facebook

  29. And am a subscriber to the Aunty Rozzy Newsletter

  30. I follow Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

  31. Nannas Carrot Muffins sound good!

  32. Love the Mud Pie Ice Cream Tutu Dress from ‘Outlet Shop for Kids’

  33. I’d love to cook the perfect peach crumble. Yummo!

  34. I liked Aunty Rozzy on FB

  35. I Follow Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

  36. I visited Avidiva and liked the BabyLuxe organic terry reversible bibs.

  37. I visited Outlet Shop for Kids and liked the Milky chambray top.

  38. I visited whimsy kids and liked the stun check it out shorts.

  39. I visited since we were kids and liked the paci pouch.

  40. Eight steps to the perfect start tofathers day

  41. nannas carrot and orange flourless cake, ive never actually ever tired a flourless cake, it sounds crazy

  42. liked aunty rozzy on FB

  43. subscribed to newsletter

  44. Back to do the sponsors..

    I visited Rudy & The Dodo and love the ‘Cardboard build & colour your own – boat (by calafant)’

  45. Visited Sustainababy and love the Skinky Playon Crayons

  46. I also dropped in to Shop for Tots and love their Organic Cloth Lunch Bags ‘Graze’

  47. At Bubzyboo I love the Love Bugs Coolaboo Nappy – Wild Thingz zebra

  48. anzac biscuits – would love to have a good recipe for this classic

  49. facebook like

  50. subscribed to Aunty Rozzy’s newslettr

  51. Matilda from Australian girl

  52. Since we were kids – psi bands

  53. Catimini urban dress – Mickey House

  54. Bubzyboo – Little Tee-Tee Zara dress

  55. The Incredible Edible
    Outrageous Orange and
    Lemon Flourless Cake
    Sounds just like magic and tasty as well

  56. Awesome Apple Chips sound like a winner, would love to give them a try

  57. Rudy and the dodo – ‘My Dad’ interview book

  58. Gummy Babies – love the gummy princess gift box

  59. Arteater – fave is the framed wall art

  60. Sukimama – love the litecups

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