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With three small children sickness tends to hang around for quite some time, normally they are not that good at sharing but of course they don’t mind passing on the germs. Of course I want them to get better as soon as possible and I know vitamines play an important part in that process so how do you make sure their intake is up to scratch when they are refusing to eat anything that looks healthy?

When I attended the Bloggers Brunch back in July I was lucky enough to meet a very helpful Blackmores employee who told me her kids happily helped themselves to the Blackmores Kids Multi and Kids Fruity Fishies jars every morning. At the time I had my serious doubts, because from all I know tablets and capsules are everything but pleasant to swallow and as a child I couldn’t run away fast enough at the sight of them. Now two months later I have to agree with her statement, my kids have taken to their daily dose of vitamins with ease and actually ask for it themselves.

Their top pick is the Blackmores Kids Fruity Fishies ($16.45 per 30), a chewable fish oil capsule that supports healthy brain development and helps maintain normal eye function and learning in children. I alternate two Blackmores products for kids but they always try their luck and ask for the ‘orange fishies’ first, it is obvious they really like the natural raspberry-orange flavour. The sweet smell did make me run to check the packaging for added sugar but no artificial sweeteners have been added.

On the other days they get the Blackmores Kids Multi ($14.95 per 60) containing 18 essential nutrients to support healthy growth and development. The Kids Multi tablets are developed to supplement the gaps in important vitamins and minerals that may result from fussy eating, something many parents worry about especially if children are/have been unwell. The yummy strawberry vanilla flavour appeals to even the fussiest eater!

With the twins starting school next year the Kids Mineral Minds ($16.45 per 60) could be very helpful. This mineral formula supports healthy brain development, learning and concentration in children, if these tablets make my children concentrate on listening to me a bit better I will start them on the Kids Mineral Minds tablets today! Some of the contents are iodine which is necessary for IQ development and several minerals necessary for school performance.

Especially for one lucky Hip little one reader the Blackmores team has put together a fantastic kids prize pack valued at $83.85, which consists of the Blackmores Kids Fruity Fishies, Kids Mineral Minds and Kids Multi as well as the Feeding Fussy Kids book by Antonia Kidman & Julie Maree Wood. The book is filled with recipes, ideas, tips, tricks and strategies to boost the nutrition of your fussy child as well as help them overcome their pickiness.

To find out more about Blackmores and the Blackmores range for kids go to or visit a Blackmores retailer near you.

For your chance to win this fabulous Blackmores Prize Pack visit and answer the following question: Aside from the children’s range Blackmores has many products for adults too, name two of Blackmores products for adults you have tried or would like to try.

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Competition ends October 28, 2011. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. I have used Blackmores Pregnancy and breastfeeding Gold and would like to try Sleep sound formula.

  2. I have used the folate and iron supplements

  3. liked on FB

  4. Liked Blackmores on facebook.

  5. Follow on google friend connect

  6. subbed to the newsletter

  7. Following Blackmores on twitter.

  8. Google friend connect follower.

  9. Already newsletter sibscriber

  10. I visited Lastork and i liked the Disney princess – Snow white breakfast set, very cute.

  11. I visited Peppermint Parade and liked the Red Rosette clip,

  12. I visited Australian girl and i love the Matilda doll.

  13. I also visited Badburst kids and i really liked the Girls Retro apron Green/Floral..Too cute!!

  14. I would love to try the Executive Sleep Formula and Cranberry 15000 from the Blackmores range.

  15. I follow HLO blog via GFC

  16. I am a HLO email subscriber

  17. I have used the Morning Sickness Formula and would like to try Women’s Vitality Multi.

  18. I’ve Liked Blackmores on Facebook

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  20. I subscribe to the Hip little one newsletter

  21. I love the framed wall art from Art Eater

  22. I love Matlida from Australian Girl

  23. From Sustainababy I love the amber teething necklace

  24. I love the WillowBlu bags from Little Yoyo Styles

  25. Blackmores pregnancy and breastfeeding and iron 🙂

  26. Liked the Blackmores fb page.

  27. I follow on google friend connect.

  28. I am subscribed to your newsletter.

  29. I visited Australian Girl Doll and LOVE the Amy doll!

  30. Visited Rudy and the dodo and i love the toadstool night light!

  31. Visited Avidiva and i Love their personalised rompers! 🙂

  32. Visited LaStork and I like the baby beanbags. 🙂

  33. I would LOVE to try the Weight-Less and the Everyday Stress Formula. 🙂 I NEED the stress reliever I think…

  34. Flexagil® Pain Relief Cream and Women’s Vitality Multi

  35. Blackmores FB liker as Chon Ky

  36. I follow with Google Friend Connect (chonny88)

  37. Newsletter subscriber

  38. I have tried Blackmores Bio C Chewable and Bio Zinc. Have found Blackmores to be a great brand and their tablets especially fish oil don’t taste icky!

  39. I like Blackmores on facebook.

  40. I follow Blackmores on twitter.

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  43. At Sukimama I like byGraziela 1,2,3 Kids Bedding Set $104.95 – so bright and colourful!

  44. At Mickey House I liker the Ralph Lauren Ruffled Polo Dress $39.95 – gorgeous!

  45. At Whimsy Child I like the SYM Green Robot Cooler Bag $33.00 – very funky.

  46. At Sustainababy I think the Green Toys Eco Saucer $14.95 is a well priced and fun eco toy!

  47. I’d like to try PhytoLife for an annoying condition that has recently started and Peritone, recently recommended to me by a friend.

  48. I am a HLO google friend

  49. I am subscribed to the HLO newsletter

  50. I have used the zinc, and the stress formula multivitamin.

  51. Following Blackmores

  52. GFC follower

  53. Newsletter sub

  54. Currently taking the Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold, but would also like to try the Nails, Hair and Skin product

  55. HLO subscriber

  56. Rudy and the dodo – love love love the ‘My Dad’ interview book

  57. Australian Girl Doll – Matilda is my favourite

  58. Arteater – love the framed wall art

  59. Love my blackmores, as does my 10 year old. While trying to concieve I faithfully swallowed my Blackmores Folate, but I wish I had spotted their Morning Sickness Formula in my first trimester, I didn’t know it existed!

  60. Following Blackmores on Twitter

  61. Am a google connect friend

  62. newsletter subscriber

  63. Avidiva has a seriously gorgeous little elephant onesie

  64. Girls cotton playsuit at Havoc Denim would look stunning on my 10 year old

  65. Hip and Hop is a little different, but those little pink skull and crossbone shoes they promote from rockababy are so cute.

  66. The Christmas Tree wall sticker at brightstartkids is just right for the holiday season

  67. I’ve used the Pregnancy and Breastfeeding vitamins and would like to try the Odourless Fish Oil + Vitamin D3

  68. I’m a Hip Little One subscriber

  69. Follow on twitter, facebook and google connect and am an email subs.

    Super Fruit Smoothie- Creamy Vanilla and Migraine Aid would be what I would like to try as I suffer from migraine and the smoothies sound delicious

  70. I have used many Blackmores products, from the folate and iron supplements, to the Sleep sound formula. Blackmores is a brand I trust with my whole family.

  71. Subscribe to the Hip little one newsletter

  72. I want to try Calcium to see how they taste because the current brand we use tastes absolutely disgusting, making us all retch when we try to swallow them down….and they’re meant to be chewable too!!! Like to try fish oil, heard lots of good things, but yet to pull ur fingers out and buy the product.

  73. Would like to try ‘every day stress formula’ because I’m a born worrier, worrying about everything and if there’s nothing to worry about I create things! Have tried ‘cold and flu day night’ and I can say they did not do a thing.

  74. Email subscriber

  75. Would like to try Vitamin B6 or B12, been advised that Vitamin B increases appetite, a thing I’ve lost with recent surgery. Have tried ImmunoDefence, won’t buy again.

  76. Subscribe to newsletter.

  77. I have used the Pregnancy and BF Gold and would like to try the women’s bio balance

  78. Following Blackmores on Twitter 🙂

  79. Blackmores I-Folic™ and Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold

  80. Follow Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

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  82. I have used the Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Gold and I-Folic

  83. Blackmores Preganancy Gold and Women’s Multi are the ones I have used and have made a huge difference to me.

  84. I would like to try the Nails Hair and Skin and Sleep Sound Formula.

  85. I Like Blackmores on FB

  86. Blackmores Pregnancy and Iron tablets

  87. Women’s Vitality Multi and clacium tabs…:)

  88. I love Blackmores and have used many different products for different needs, Executive Stress – B vitamins has been a long time favourite to get me through stressful times, I also find Blackmores herbal range is great too, especially Milk Thistle – liver cleanse, very beneficial.

  89. I have tried Blackmores Origins Joint Pain Formula and would like to try Blackmores New Omega Daily Liquid Fish Oil and Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula.

  90. I’d like to try Blackmores Detox Program and Milk Thistle
    I think now i’m over my teenage years, my body needs a good detoxing. 🙂

  91. Liked Blackmores on facebook

  92. Following Blackmores on twitter

  93. Blackmores Pregnancy Gold and also the Multi Vitamins are ones I have used with excellent results.

  94. Following on GFC

  95. Subscribed to newsletter.

  96. I love the felt birdie bag and purse set from ruby and the dodo.

  97. I have been using the Blackmores Pregnancy and breastfeeding gold tablets since early last year and continue to have it now while I breastfeed. My doctor recommended it as it is the only pregnancy supplement that also includes assistance with thyroid problems. Because I stayed on it while breastfeeding, I didn’t need to give my reflux son, a supplementary feed with formula.
    The other Blackmores product that I would like to try is the Weightless tablets. I have gained so much weight this last pregnancy and I don’t know how I can loose that much without help. So lad this competition came along, I didn’t know about the Weightless tablets. Thanks.

  98. I’d love to try the Nails Hair and Skin one and the Origins C + Zinc one.

  99. Have tried the iron supplements-wpuld love to try the detox-follow on facebook:-)

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